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[Prime] Lodge L8SK3 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Skillet with Helper Handle $27.49 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU


Reduced slightly in price by 66 cents from here and with free international shipping when buying just one now, was a deal breaker for me when first on sale.

Originally was $58.95.

  • Unparalleled In Heat retention & Even Heating
  • Seasoned & Ready To Use
  • Brutally Tough For Decades Of Cooking
  • Made In America Since 1952
  • At Home In The Oven, On The Stove, On The Grill Or Over The Campfire
  • Easy Hand wash, Dry Promptly & Rub With Cooking Oil

Credit to Neopet Hunter for the original deal plus description and littlesoldier for the free shipping on this one

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Good one to combine with Shopback's bonus $5 cashback on purchases over $20 in limited categories.


      kitchen & dining excluded from shopback? so wont be eligible for $5 bonus?


        Ah crap. Thought this was part of "Home".

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    i don't need any more frypans… but whatever, I got one more.


    Grrr $0.66


    Can't wait for these to arrive and my new Bernzo TS8000 for some serious cooking.

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    I took the iron pill and bought one of these several months ago. It just incinerated everything it touched and was stickier than Shane Warne's bedsheets in a Manchester hotel.

    Clearly I didn't season it correctly but I tried damn hard to get it right. No idea how people can live with these things tbh

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      Comes pre-seasoned. Sounds like you are running too hot with not enough oil? Best to warm the pan for 10 mins or so before you start cooking, otherwise you tend to crank the heat too much. They take a while to heat up but then they stay hot.


        This. On our induction stove it took some trial and error to work out that you don't run the cast iron on anything past 6 (out of 10) - where the tefal or other pans could easily run on 8.

        If I am doing bacon and eggs I might start the pan out on 6 (to get temp up), then drop it down to 5 and by the time the eggs go on, it's at 4..

        Yes proper seasoning helps (which takes time and effort).


      Might also be what you are cooking. Fatty foods (like sausages) are horrible to clean up.

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    Out of stock? Can't seem to add to cart


    I have been wanting these for a long time and missed it again :(


    I'm waiting for 12" version as I find 10.25" just a little small for 2 steaks at the same time. However I am using regularly for +1 years and it still looks like the day I purchased. Highly recommended.


    Damn it