Smeg PGA96 Cooktop

Hi guys,

Looking to purchase a Smeg PGA96 Cooktop at the best price..
At this stage, the best price I have been able to find is $1749 @ Powerland
$1940 currently @ Goodguys. Does anyone have access to Goodguys commercial for pricing?



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    I personally find Smeg product are good buys.

    They market and price themselves as prestige but their products aren't.

    For a gas cooktop, you're better off with a Bosch PCT9A5B90A

    The main feature of any gas cooktop is output of the wok burners. The Bosch has 2 x 19.5Mj/hr burners vs 15.2mj/hr (Smeg).

    Bosch is also cheaper ($1,300 from E&S)

    Here's a customer review of the Smeg, seems like poor design 'You cannot got any large pots on any hotplates. The knobs are positioned poorly and heat up from any pots near them resulting in burning your fingers unless you use tongs to turn them.'

    • Its for a new kitchen, with all other Smeg products, so it only makes sense to get a cooktop that goes with all the other appliances (already purchased)

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        Fair enough, but no one but you is going notice that the knobs on the cooktop and oven doesn't match.

        While it's nice to have everything matching, it's even better to get the best product of each type.

        If you haven't already, consider induction instead of gas.

        Good luck with the reno.

      • Made this mistake too when reno-iong our kitchen. Many manufacturers differentiate themselves with distinctive knobs instead of producing a better quality product- I guess it reduces costs and increases consumer stickiness- and maximises returns to shareholders.

        Doesn't sit too well with the aim of the common garden OzBargainer though.

        The 4-burner $300 gas cooktop we bought lasted 6 months before I found a better (5-burner, used) one for $50 on Gumtree, with a real wok-burner. They are both stainless slabs, and the knobs are the same colour, this is definitely good enough now we're living in the kitchen, i.e. not 'imagining' it.

        An OzBargainers kitchen is full of various appliances. For me, it was about optimal use of space and not over-spending.

    • Can confirm.

      Current rental has SMEG appliances (freestanding 900mm over / cooktop and dishwasher) and I hate them. Previous rental had Bosch and it was hands-down the better product. SMEG dishwasher does a terrible job of cleaning everything, and most times I have to rewash the cutlery by hand. The oven doesn't heat evenly, or have pull out shelves on rollers, and the cooktop has very odd sized burners that either are too big, or too small for my saucepan set.

  • Our house came with smeg product 14 years ago, oven still good, microwave oven still good, induction cooktop died after 5 years. Have a Lg now.

  • Anyone able to help with GG Commercial purchase?