List of Unions / Professional Memberships Who Offer The Good Guys Commercial Access

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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial


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    I'd like to give you a plus one

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      Are you asking for a friend, because I have my doubts you are in university.

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    Nice work OP

  • Whats the benefits of good guys commercial access?

    Also senior shopper link says regestration for commercial access temporary disabled

    • Whats the benefits of good guys commercial access?

      Here's one

      and an expired one

      • Oh i see. Thanks

    • Senior Shopper registration for Good Guys Commercial seems to be working again but have to call to register

      • @Ozitravel


  • CPSU does as well

  • Don't think SunSuper does offer anymore after the recent deal that was posted here

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    Confirming commercial access for Vic emergency services volunteers (CFA, SES, Ambos, St. John, and Coast Guard) through Emergency Memberlink.

    Well deserved because of the number of incidents we turn out to? NO.

    Well deserved because of the number of bureaucratic mtgs we have to sit through.

  • This should probably go in the wiki?

  • The IEU offers access to the good guys commercial discounts, can’t find anything for the NSW TF

  • just moved out of sun super :(

  • I'm also interested in how to get JB Hi-Fi Solutions, aka JB Commercial

    • Same as above for most part of it (especially via members advantage). but nothing special on there.

      • Ah I see it. Had to select 'ACTU' for a union. Thanks.

    • edit: just found it on Westpac internet banking. Can't see it on any other site.

      • The Westpac link still requires an organisation code & password - does this mean you still need to be a member of one of these organisations (i.e. just a Westpac customer isn't good enough)?

  • I feel sad for the society upon reading the intro.

  • I am with Sunsuper. How do I get access to TGG Comercial

  • Confirming access for Professional Pharmacists Australia members.

  • Great list +1 OP

  • Does anyone know if any of these memberships are free without paying? as i want to buy some stuff from TGG but not assosicated

  • State Custodians - home loans, now give customers access to goody guys commercial and JB commerical through members advantage for free as benefit for having a home loan with them.

  • Is Finance Sector Union no longer valid? Link says not valid

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      • Just go through Australian unions and use details from your union

  • Great post. Thanks for so much effort

  • Didn't even realise the Queensland Law Society offered that access.

  • Anyone know how long it took for them to receive login details from the good guys after signing up?

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  • Would really appreciate it if someone with access can check the price of the various 75" TV on the The Good Guys Commercial website. Cheers.

  • CPSU members should note that the CPSU link here is for Commonwealth only. Victorian branch CPSU should go use the #1 union shopper signup instead.

    Anyone know how long it takes Good Guys to approve a commercial membership request?

    • Good question. Just signed up now and hoping it's quick enough!

  • dont think this does it anymore
    Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation(

    • Did you ever figure this out? Checking with my partner now but we can't find it on the ANMF site

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    Can you pay with gift cards on Good Guys Commercial?

    • No - credit card or PayPal only.

  • Any Free/Cheap way to get. Now wanted after that xm4 deal.

  • Does anyone know if all these memberships offer the same tier discount to TGG?

    Any of them approach the staff discount tier?

  • Is anyone can help me get price through tggc

    Panasonic 3.1Ch Soundbar 300W

    JBL Bar 5.1ch 550W Soundbar

    LG SN6Y 3.1Ch 420W Soundbar

    JBL Link Bar + 10" Wireless Subwoofer combo


  • Any for Teachers Federation NSW?

    • Not sure if you ended up figuring it out, but I was also looking how to get access with a NSWTF membership and saw that Australian Unions lets you set up an account linked to your NSWTF membership. Once set up you should be able to register for TGG Commercial.

      There's about 30 other unions on that list, might be worth checking out.

  • Telstra employees can now get access

    • Hey mate, just saw this. How do we actually do it?? I’m Telstra

      • Check out the work yammer. There's a URL and you sign up with your telstra email.

  • I am 58 and have access to none of these. Bummer.

    • You can join Sunsuper. It will also give you access to heaps of discounted gift cards.

  • Has anyone been successful getting access via GDay Rewards, tried twice but never get contacted by TGG

  • Thanks OP. I have been wondering from last few months on how to get access. Your list helped me realise that Union Supper members are able to register.

  • How long does it actually take ?

    "The Good Guys Commercial registration
    Thank you for registering for The Good Guys Commercial program. You will receive an email from The Good Guys with your account details within 10 business days."

  • I heard that you could get it through AAMI via suncorp rewards, but looks like its just sunsuper specifically? Can anyone confirm if thats right or not?

  • The Australian Psychological Society no longer offers access to Good Guys Commercial unfortunately.

  • Volunteers and staff of CFA, SES, St John Ambulance, Ambulance Victoria, ESTA 000 and Australian Volunteer Coast Guard can get access via Emergency Memberlink:

  • Not getting access to TGG commercial via memberadvantage, only to JB HIfi Commercial which is poor offer. I thought we could use unions and then from there you'd get access to this?

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      Please email [email protected] to request a login to the Commercial Website. Should you require training on how to use the website we would be happy to help.


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    I found out today that REST super annuation has access to TGG Commerical, not yet listed on this page.

    • how do you get access as my wife has REST account

      • I logged into REST via my android REST app, in the app go to Menu > Rewards then you should see on the top of the page the TGG picture and "Save on a range of electronics and whitegoods". Click on that, redeem the code, copy it and register for your commercial account

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          Thanks just signed up to rest to get access!

  • Is the cheapest option for normal folks who are not part of these unions?

    $50 for 2 years.

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      I think so. If you have a senior person (60+) in the family the senior shopper is free.

  • Anybody have their GG commercial membership cancelled or locked after joining through Sun Super?

    • Yep looks like they canned my account

    • Nope scrap that, just sent a reset password link to myself and managed to log back in

      • I tried that but it gave me the same message "You do not have the proper authority to sign in. Contact the store for further information."

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          if you signed up using say 8azinga @ just drop the bit and use 8azinga

          • @smokie1: Doesnt work and I tried that before my email. The username error is "Either the username or password entered is incorrect. Enter the information again." or if I try the forgot password with username, I get "We do not have a record of a registered customer with that username. Enter another username and try again."
            Using email as the username at least sends me an email to reset password but when I go to log in again after resetting, I get the error to contact store.

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    I'm a member of ASU which should be through number 5 on the list ( but when logging in to the member website I can only see JB hifi, no Good Guys. Something I'm missing, or is this no longer available?

    EDIT: turns out there's another website for ASU discounts as well,
    Just submitted my request for Good Guys commercial, should be approved in a few days.

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