List of Unions / Professional Memberships Who Offer The Good Guys Commercial Access

Since many of us here are lazy and find it hard to do a Google search, but find it easier to neg a deal and want everything banned, that we can't access. I have done some work for those to save their precious little fingers from moving a little more than they want to.

So here we go, below is the list:

  1. Union Shopper
  2. Senior Shopper
  3. ASCA
  4. Members Benefits
  5. Australian Unions
  6. Australian Property Institute
  7. Professional Engineers
  8. G'day Rewards
  9. Church Resources
  10. Your Salary Benefits
  11. Victorian Railways Institute
  12. MemberPlus
  13. Optometry Australia
  14. Finance Sector Union
  15. Australian Dental Association
  16. The State School Teacher's Union of W.A.
  17. Australian Psychological Society
  18. SunSuper
  19. REIV
  20. RACGP
  21. Electrical Trades Union
  22. RSL NSW
  23. Queensland Law Society
  24. ASMIRT
  25. Speech Pathology Australia
  26. RANZCP
  28. MEAA
  29. RFSA
  30. Australian College for Emergency Medicine
  31. Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine
  32. Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation
  33. Community and Public Sector Union

Also any union / Business listed here and if you are member of any union check the list here

and many more. I will update this list as I go.

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