out of stock Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones $274 C&C (Or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Update 11/12: Stock of the black headphones is back again, and price is the same :)

Union Shopper partnership seems to be excluded unfortunately.

Greetings everyone, I just found this on TGG commercial website, I know it's niche and targeted to TGG Commercial users but it is too damn good to not post! This is a ridiculous price for a newly released product..

This is targeted at TGG Commercial users, from what I can tell, there are many different avenues to which you can get a login. For example, Union Shopper, Senior Shopper, Professionals Australia and many other shopper programs provide access to this website. So if you're part of those programs and haven't signed up yet, check out if you can get access!

I'm posting this to raise awareness, and maybe if anyone wants to help another Ozb'er out, to order for them if they feel generous :)

Including TRS, this is $246.60 ($300 min spend required for TRS), insanity. Just picked up my pair :)

Proof of Price

As always, enjoy :)

Mod: Do not comment asking for access or to purchase the item off another member, use the wanted section of the classifieds. Members who have access and are willing to assist other OzBargainers, please see that wanted section of the classifieds. Whilst we appreciate members offering to help in the comments, it is open to abuse and some members offering to help are actually attempting to resell for profit/a fee when contacted privately, we'll therefore remove all those comments as such.

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