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[Prime] Sony Full Frame E-Mount SEL50F18F Lens $208.79 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


Compact, lightweight, easy to carry
F1.8 maximum aperture for low-light shots
7-blade circular aperture for beautiful defocus effects
75mm (35mm equivalent) focal length with APS-C sensor

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • great lens and a very nice price

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    • Is 50F very wide? I am planning to buy a Sony Fullframe body in December. So, I have no idea if 85 is worth the extra $400.

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        50mm is the most versatile focal length. 85mm is typically for portrait photography or tight video shots. If you want an all-rounder, go for the 50mm.

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      that is a fantastic buy for anyone needing a portrait lens. I cheaped out and bought the samyang manual focus version for roughly $280 odd. It was an incredible price, but the manual focus is a pain, if I had my time again I would grab this in a heartbeat.

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      Thanks OP and rake. Purchased both the 50mm & 85mm.

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    This is not the sharpest lens in the Sony prime line up. 55mm F1.8 would be an amazing lens but that is alot more expensive.

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    This is a great lens, the results are very sharp especially compared to the kit lens.
    It's just a bit too long for certain shots

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    I dont need this I dont need this I dont need this

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      I'm using this to convince myself I dont need this either. (Sigma 56 F1.4 vs Sony 50 F1.8)

      • But at around half the price…

      • Whoops. Thats a comparison between the sigma and the SEL50F18 WITH OSS. The lens on amazon (SEL50F18F) doesnt have OSS, so probably ignore that comparison.

        (I have a A6600 with OSS built in so the lens in the post (SEL50F18F) is OK for me, but worth keeping this in mind in you want stabilisation)

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        Those are APS-C lenses and the one in the ad is Full Frame lens.

  • Great find! I was about to pull the trigger on this lens from Sony Australia eBay store for $399.20 which is marked as "refurbished".

  • Thanks. I don’t even have a Sony full frame camera yet. I’m and old Sony alpha shooter and now that Sony has announced the new alpha to e mount adapter which suits both screwdriver lenses and oss alpha lenses I will finally make the jump to e mount.

    • +1

      Hey, me too Jeff ! Still rocking an a850 and an a57! The la-ea5 is best thing to come out of 2020.

      • +1

        Yessir!! I’m still rocking my Sony A77 and still have my A580 around. Have about 10 lenses for the A mount so the la-ea5 is massive massive news.

        Started with the A200 back in the day.

        Amazing how a lot of people have jumped on the Sony train now.
        We were the silent minority now We’re pioneers mate lol

        • Haha, a350 was my first. Hopefully an affordable full frame camera that supports the la-ea5 will be released soonish. Oddly though it's not the photos I treasure most from photography, it's the different way of looking at the world!

  • damn i think thats sold eh. i am SO tight in my studio with 85mm for full length shots/groups going to grab 50

  • damn it, i ordered literally yesterday at $272 and amazon doesnt do price adjustments. Super annoying to return and reorder, what a waste of time.

    • +1

      I know hey! I paid 296 about a month ago!!!

  • Bit of a dumb question but I am looking to get my first camera within the next couple months. Would this be a good pickup if I was looking for an entry based camera? Furthermore is this locked to Sony Cameras? (Total rookie when it comes to camera gear ahah)

    • +3

      Kinda the wrong area to ask this question, as most people reading about the deal will already be invested in Sony. It is a good lens for the Sony APS-C and full frame cameras. Yes, it is locked in to those types of cameras, although you might be able to use an adapter to use the lens on a different camera - but it will depend on the camera and usually there are some trade-offs. If you are just starting, then borrow a few different brand cameras if you can and see if there is a type that you feel most comfortable with.

      If you decide to go with a Sony, then the 50mm would make a good portrait lens on the APS-C cameras and later you can also use it on full frame if you want. I would hesitate on buying it just for full frame cameras as the Zeiss probably makes better use of the larger sensor and is probably worth saving up for. If you decide to just go APS-C, then the smaller SEL50F18 is a jewel of a lens, but more expensive and not really for full frame. The 90mm lens I'd hesitate for APS-C cameras due to the size alone, but is definitely great value for the full frame cameras - again, as a portrait lens.

      I know that doesn't really help, but basically - although Sony is lovely kit and definitely not a bad choice, decide on your camera first if you are just starting. Then work out what sort of lens or lenses you need. Then start looking for lens bargains. :-)

      • I'm looking to upgrade from a Sony Nex3N from 2013. Is there anything you would recommend? I already have a SEL55-210 zoom lens, so maybe stay in the Sony ecosytem?
        Thinking Sony A7 range?

        • +1

          Sounds like you've been happy enough with the Sony as you've kept it for so long, so yeah I'd probably stay with that. The newer APS-C models have a lot more features, and it depends on what you use it for, but I'd also suggest having a good look at the A7 series if you can afford it. Or, stick with APS-C but get some good primes. :-)

          • @PlasticSpaceman: Thanks mate. Got the 50 and 85mm lens listed above and will wait for an A7 III sale. Can use them on my Nex3N in the interim (over kill!) Was also looking at the new A7C but the price is bonkers for what you get IMO.

            • +1

              @plasmapuff: Yeah, the A7ii is half the price of the A7c, and definitely is not half as good…. really depends what you want to do, of course. For me, my old A7 still does everything I want it to do. Of course I'd love a new one, but I'm not willing to fork out +$3k ;-)

              Enjoy the lenses! Keep in mind it's the images that matter, not the kit.

      • Thank you for the insight, I will def buy camera first haha.

    • Wouldn't recommend this as your first/only lens. It's too long unless you're just shooting portraits.

  • +2

    Price is pretty good but it's cheap for a reason. Mediocre build quality and autofocus is slow and loud. Optically it is still pretty decent but take the negatives into consideration.

    • +1. Probably better for stills than video

    • I have taken stills with it and pretty happy with the quality. For video yes it not that great but does the job I would say.

  • I’m new to Amazon Prime. On the item page, the price is $208.79. Then when I check out, the lens price becomes $267.05. Why is that? Even the gst added on it's about $40 more. Is it normal?

    • Sold out from the original seller I'm afraid. Higher price you're seeing is because its from another seller.

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