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[Prime] LIFX A19 1100lm Wi-Fi Smart Bulb $48.54 Delivered, A19+ $55, Z $60, Beam $162 & More @ Amazon UK via AU


This is the full size version of LIFX lightbulb, 1100 lumen. Current version. (It's not the + version with IR boost, see below)

Pros of LIFX:
* No hub required
* Brighter - Hue typically is 800 lumens - also Hue colour range is not as bright
* Full compatibility with smart home stuff

* Whites are not as accurate as Hue
* If you get a lot, then your ISP wifi router won't handle it

RRP is ~$89

I have 10+ LIFX bulbs in my house, AMA.

Both E27 and B22 mounts available.

LIFX Z Starter Kit $59.86 (RRP $129) - International version (multiple plugs as per user feedback)
LIFX Beam Kit $161.82 (RRP $299) - International version (multiple plugs as per user feedback)
LIFX A19 + Bulb $55 (RRP $110) - can emit IR light to boost range of IR security cams
LIFX Mini Day & Dusk - $25.87 (RRP $44) - tunable white colour temp, cheaper than standard white lol

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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    International version most likely means it ships with multiple plug adapters including Australian. The Lifx Z kit I received from Amazon AU came with Australian, UK and some other plug so it is most likely the same.

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      Yep, and the same version (which I bought) from Officeworks with the variety of international plugs.

  • Can you control them with the hue app/bridge? As in having a hybrid system with both hue and lifx

    • No you can't use the Philips Hue official app to control LIFX lights. You can either put them all in Google Home, Alexa, or Apple HomeKit; or you can use some 3rd party app which might control both.

      • Just a note on this that the Google Home integreation is pretty glitchy and less features than the standard app so I don't recommend it if you can avoid it.

  • Awesome thank you.

  • +1

    Dusk one is also $26

    • Cheers, added.

  • why careful if its international?

    • I didnt know what it means exactly at the time. I'll remove it since I'm up to 5+ people saying INT = multiple plugs.

  • should I get the beam or the strip feel like the beam looks nicer

    • +1

      Beam if shown out in the open. Z should be hidden somewhere out of direct line of sight, and the light should bounce onto something.

      • so would it be better off to get the beam then

        • Get the beam. I have one, can be hidden dependant on your situation. But looks very nice either way.

  • will these be ops by the end of the day

  • +1

    This product is great - thanks!

  • +1

    what is the beam angle on A19? Can I use it as my main light in the room?

    • The kogan ones cost 40 bux for 4. I dont see the advantage of using this.

      • 806 lumens vs 1100 lumens is a pretty big deal - I'd know, I have the 800 lumen LIFX models too. Also LIFX colours and brightness are proven.

        • I have kogan RGB ones and they are as bright or probably sligthly brighter than the philips ones I have so no complaints there. And the kids love changing light color with Alexa.

          • @John Doh: That's because Philips Hue were (there is one upcoming white-only 1300lm model) all 800 lumens too ;)

    • Beam angle 135 degrees, via product page.

      Yes, can use these as main lights. Make sure it is the 1100 lumen model. The 800 lumen one is fine for living spaces but is not standard 'full strength'.

    • 69 degrees

  • -2

    avoid , the app is horrible and buggy

    • There were some issues with earlier firmware versions and onboarding. Latest is rock solid and smooth. YMMV, esp if you have poor wifi.

    • I’ve found the app to be really easy to use and solid … my 2 cents. ..

  • noob question, will these work with philps bridge

    • +4

      Philips Bridge is zigbee protocol; LIFX is wifi and doesn't need a bridge.

      So, no, you can't link these ones to your Philips Hue app. But if you link Hue, and this new LIFX, both to Google or Apple smart home, you can control them all together that way. Or just use two separate apps. Confirming, you can use Hue and LIFX products side by side.

  • The product on Amazon says the lamp is 800lm.
    Has anyone bought it? is it the 110lms (but with the wrong info on the product descriptions)?

  • LIFX Z Starter Kit is now out of stock. Bloody missed out.

    • +1

      Chin up. Your future is looking bright (just not with LIFX Z Starter Kit)

  • Why if you have a lot your ISP router won't handle it? What is the limit?

    • +1

      I'm talking like the cheap as chips little wifi router you get with most ISPs. They are fine for most people, but it's just not good performance. Wifi is a flaky fickle biatch.

      e.g. if you get like 3 of these bulbs and connect in pretty close range to said router, you should be fine. But if you buy 10 of em in a big house, you're gonna have problems, cos they won't have good signal and there will start being a lot of devices for the cheap router to handle.

  • How do these compare to Ikea's?

    • +1

      The colour Tradfri are 600 lumens. The white-only are 1000 lumens. That's a huge difference for the colours.

      The IKEA are also zigbee protocol I think, not wifi. Needs the hub (like Hue) to control via smart devices.

  • Something to note is that this bulb setup requires 2.4Ghz Wifi channel.

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