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Samsung Q80T 75" QA75Q80TA QLED 4K Smart TV $3599 + Delivery @ Buy Smarte/Powerland (Price Match with JB Hi-Fi Possible)


EDIT: Buy Smarte Increased the price to $3599, which is also the same as Powerland deal. Powerland seems to have free delivery btw! Still best to price match imo for warranty/returns peace of mind if you live interstate.

First OZ bargain post, so please be nice.

Best Price for a 75 inch Q80T QLED I have seen thus far… Essentially making it around the same cost as a Q70T (which is decent in its own right). But this is almost $1000 off RRP!
Q80T Rtings Review

Delivery to VIC was $89, but was able get to same deal with my local JB HiFi ($3588 delivered) as it is Local AU stock, brand new, and have a physical shop in AUS.
Hope you are able to get the same bargain.

PS: I reached out to several Harvey Normans and TGG but was unsuccessful in obtaining this price match (quoting it is cheaper than staff price and therefore can't match). Thankfully, JB was able to match!

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  • +1

    Really like this TV, for some reason the software is a massive let down, but otherwise fantastic. Great bright picture, low reflectiveness, and bezels are even and minimal.

    • Heard Samsung QLEDs have issues with Sonos Arc

    • I have this TV, but I use it 100% as my macbookpro2016-15-inch computer monitor for day to day programming work.
      It's the highest rated TV monitor in RTINGS.
      I don't game. I don't watch TV.
      It's 100% dedicated for working in my home office.
      I can get 4K 60hz resolution with it
      or 2K 120hz.

      I have the 75" and got it for $4.6K at Harvey back in August.

      I sit 5 feet away from it though. No, it doesn't cause problems with my neck. It's at my eye level.

      • +1

        We got it for dev too at work. Not great TV for movies IMO, but fantastic as a monitor. We compared to many in a studio before buying for woork. $4100 from Harvey in August for us but we bought a few ;-)

        • Yeah, I had to use the SwitchResX app on macOS to get the 4K 60hz setting.
          I get to have 4 vscode IDE simultaneously on the screen.
          I'm 4X more productive than your common garden variety google engineer.

  • +8

    Forgive me father for I wish to sin…

  • i think from memory jb had a quick online sale of it at this price about 3 weeks ago so they may well match it.

  • +1

    I've had the Q70T and now have the Q80T at this price it's worth the extra money it's a huge improvement in picture quality IMO.

    • -1

      But if you had the Q80T you'd be wanting the Q85T… they all have functional and picture limitiations. Better off waiting for OLED or QDLED or whatever the next pixeltech is called.

      Always better off waiting. If only my old 14" Goldstar portable would suffice with the sound gone, a de-pressurised tube, and its damned rabbit ears all broken off…

  • +3

    Great price. Personally I'm waiting for a deal on the X9000H myself.

    • +1

      RTINGS gives the Q80T the edge:


      Main complaint about the Sony seems to be viewing angles and reflections, but it does have Android TV.

      • if I have the new nvidia shield tv pro, the android tv advantage of the X9000H is effectively eliminated no?

        • Yes, and my understanding is that even though Sony has a reputation for the best upscaling among TV brands, the upscaling on the Shield TV Pro is even better.

      • How do you feel about the Q70T? I can pick one up for $2500 75" and it looks to have HDMI 2.1 and VRR.

        • I took the 75" Q70T for $2499, couldn't justify an extra $1k for the Q80T. Doing some research I realised the Samsungs have FreeSync support (and G Sync compatible). I'll be running either a 3080 (or AMD equivalent depending on the announcement in 2 weeks) so this tipped me over the X9000H.

  • I have the Q80T. Very happy with the picture and TV. The OS is also very fast and responsive for me compared to the android i had on the X95G. Biggest downsides for this TV are the limited apps and the small Ad displayed in the OS.

    • I also have this TV, i second everything above.
      There is also some slight light bleed, on very light on very dark images. an OLED this is not.
      Great TV 8/10

  • My wife's parents have this TV.

    There was a massive problem with audio sync using a samsung soundbar using arc. Foxtel HD channels had a separate sync for UHD and SD channels and again for software apps like Netflix/Stan/Amazon Prime etc. Was a nightmare and they ended up unplugging the soundbar.

    • ARC is a commodity to have less cable and 1 controller for everything.
      Your parents should still be able to use the optical cable. No dramas involved with optical.

      Long story short, ARC is known from being a pain in the a55 to get it working with so many devices. Some people not even try it.

      • My LG arc 2.1 sound bar never skips a beat and turns on / off with 2 TV's I've used.

  • +2

    I bought this from HN yesterday using this same price match. Had to go with HN instead of JB, because JB won't let you use vouchers to pay on their online store. Shall be getting one delivered over the weekend

    • yeah, its really a luck of the draw which local store will match you (my first JB store didnt, but the second one did…) just try each store individually!

  • +1

    $3500 and I bet they still put ads in the UI. Wish I'd known when I bought my Samsung, would have gone with a better company.

    • really?? I have had great experiences with samsung, bought a 65" Q7 QLED(2018 varient) and couldn't be happier!

      • @aayushapatel same here. I still find myself like a kid while watching some 4K content. Looking forward to the next-gen consoles.

      • I love that TV! Why did they get rid of oneconnect on newer models..

        • @mrdavedave oath! Absolutely a must if you want to wall mount!!

  • Everyone know about Tizen having few apps, but people talk about it if TVs are like a bloody smarthphone where you install dozens non-sense apps to slow the whole thing down.

    I have the 2018 Q7FN 65 QLED and what, YouTube, Disney+, Amazon, some default apps, what else people wanna install on a bloody TV??
    My TV turns on within what, 1-2 seconds? No delays. Lots of fun playing 4k Xbox games.

    I have a Raspberry Pi + PiHole on my network so my TV, Xbox, Android, etc, does not display any advertisement, ADs free without losing its smart functions.

    • You wouldn't get it.

      • If I had money, f yeah.

  • I paid $2500 for the 75" Q70T a few weeks ago, via eBay and Appliances Online store

    • You didn't post a deal?
      Pics or it didn't happen…

  • This is the last LCD from Samsung.

  • I am a bit worry 75" on that little stand

  • +3

    Please note that if you play games, avoid this and go for the sony equivalent. Game mode on this TV (and the q90t) significantly hamper the local dimming in this display

    • Interesting. Does the local dimming lag behind the image with game mode on?

      • +2

        No it largely turns it off, check on youtube

  • This is the best price I've seen for this TV outside of the Samsung store, definitely an awesome deal.

  • +4

    I have this TV. Picture quality is great front-on but suffers from significant black raise at angles greater than 25 degrees. If you have a big family and/or a wide living room, this could be a problem for you. I think this is an inherit limitation of VA panels. If this bothers you, consider an OLED.

    If you're planning to use this for gaming and care about both picture quality and input lag, forget it. Gaming mode (which is basically low latency mode) destroys the TV's image quality by disabling or significantly limiting local dimming. This leaves the image looking washed out and unnatural. Other TVs achieve very low latency without sacrificing IQ. Outside of gaming mode input lag is noticeable but, depending on your preferences and what you play, it might not bother you.

    Samsung is the only major TV manufacturer I'm aware of that doesn't support Dolby Vision. Check DV out and see if it's important to you. The Q80T does support HDR10+ which, while technically very similar, seems to be a dead format - at least for now. Very little content is made for HDR10+. Netflix doesn't support it. Despite their technical similarity, it's not currently possible to convert from Dolby Vision to HDR10+, and it likely won't become possible for a very long time.

    The sound quality of the built-in speakers is actually quite good.

    Oh and ads. They're intrusive and annoying and there's no setting to turn them off. Apparently you can setup a local DNS server to block Samsung's ad servers and route your TV's traffic through that, it's that's pretty ridiculous to have to do that with a $3500 TV just so Samsung can squeeze a couple of extra bucks out of you. Most other TV manufacturers also bake ads into their OS but from what I gather they're not as irritating.

    Overall, if I could return my Q80T I would. I'd get a Hisense Q8, Sony X9500H, or LG CX instead.

    The annoying quirks and bugs on this TV alone would make me think again before buying another Samsung product. But the unremovable ads feel like one last giant middle finger from Samsung to their customers. The whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth. I won't be buying another Samsung product again.

    • Just a question. I've read about the dreaded ads on Samsungs.

      Present TV is a Panny plasma and I only interact with it via a Fetch Mighty box. So never any channel changing or using the TV's EPG or built in apps. For Bluray or gaming TV input is never changed as that is taken care of by an AV receiver.

      Will I still see ads anywhere?

      • +1

        No, you should be in the clear. Ads only appear on the main menu and in certain apps.

  • You can stack this with 5% off JB Hi-Fi gift cards, if you have the Entertainment Book (entertainmentbook.com.au).

    Thanks for posting the deal. I'm going to pick one up from JB in Warringah Mall (Sydney) today.

    • I'm going to pick one up

      That is big to pick up XD

  • Can also get it as a factory 2nd for $2999 (Sydney only area).


    From the photo looks like only the box has been damaged. A steal at this price.

    • There was a Q70T 75" for $2499 too, photo looked the same as this so I grabbed it. Hopefully it's all good!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got the q80t 75 inch from local Hardley Normal and they priced match after scoffing at the price and advising "they wouldn't be making any money at that price" :) they also matched the price on the Samsung q950t soundbar that Buy Smarte was doing. Heard mixed reviews on the soundbar but missus wanted all the cables with the current 7.1 setup gone :(

    • +1

      Mate, I was literally researching soundbars the last two days!! They didnt want to price match appliances online's $1506 deal on the q950t?
      It's still a decent deal regardless tho (could try to call HN again for some money back if they have a price promise thing going - if you can be bothered)

      My budget was not as big so ended up going for the q800t: Found appliances online was selling for $629, got JB to price match it again without realising that appliances online stock is on backorder for 3-4 months!! (just pointing it out here, as it is not a 'legit' deal but people can try their luck to price match!

      Bit of a toss up between that and the JBL 5.1 (non atmos) for $493 via TGG commercial- decided to go with sound clarity over bass heavy cinema setup for the living room

      • Didn't know about the appliance online deal… oh well. Will try to get HN to price match that but i dare say they won't. I did use HN gift cards so that got me another 5% off making it 1596 so not too bad i guess. Was almost going to go the JBL 9.1 bar but the decided on the Samsung bar, hopefully it doesn't disappoint :) Did you pick up the q80t TV as well or already had a decent TV?

        • worth giving them a quick ring and trying your luck! If I didn't do the same, I wouldn't have found this TV deal…
          I am getting the q80t delivered today!
          and tbh you're better off with the samsung soundbar because of q symphony too! (TV speaker + soundbar working in tandem for a 'more immersive' experience). Normally I would be sceptical but samsung q80 TV has really good TV speakers (according to rtings), so I'm keen to give it a shot!

          • @aayushapatel: Will give Q symphony a go mate. Let me know how the setup, first use of the TV goes. Getting mine delivered on Saturday, need to move old TV etc first.

            • +1

              @DodgyDavesDiscounts: @dodgydavesdiscounts the tv came earlier today! I'm actually mind blown how big this looks (without mounting) and after tinkering a little with picture settings ive managed to settle on what i like (essentially filmmaker mode with a bit of cool/ vibrant tone + max backlight as it is a lit room). The HDR on netflix is mindboggling!!!! (and I already have a wall mounted 65" Q70 2018, which looks like a baby 40" in comparison)

              The base is EXTREMELY sturdy btw pretty much pure metal and weighs atleast 5-6 kg. As long as you dont have little kids running around touching the TV, I think it is more than fine. Sure, theres a bit of wobble but very happy with it just popping forward of the wall (feels a bit larger and more immersive like that).

              The audio is actually pretty impressive and something that a 200$ 2.0 soundbar would make - definitely not surround and the bass is minimal- but mids and high are actually crystal clear! I can see why they went for Qsymphony + 3.1.2 setup for q800t soundbar instead of a 5.1.2 of the q80r (2019) version… Will get the soundbar on monday, keen to test it out…

              And ads are non-intrusive imo (just in the menu section 1 small title, usually like kayo sports etc) - make sure you dont sign all the privacy policies when setting up to stop them from overwhelming you with personalised ads.

              • +1

                @aayushapatel: Good to hear mate, yeah i have a 65 already so good to hear the 75inch will dwaft it :)

                And good tip for the ads as well, i heard they are a bit of a pain but if its one tile that nothing, my sony has similar ads now where it 'suggests' new apps, services etc.

                Enjoy the new TV champ :)

  • Looks like it expired now.

    • cheeky buy smarte upped it to $3599 will update

      • What was the price previously?

        • +1


          • @aayushapatel: Thanks, do you know if JB would price match Powerland? and did also stack JB gift cards with your purchase? :D

  • JB Hi-Fi (Loganholme, QLD) price matched to $3399 with 2.5 years warranty and Free delivery.


  • Got it for $3299 from JB Hi-Fi with 3 years warranty and Free delivery. Price matched to Powerland.

  • +1

    The QA75Q80TAWXXY is $2888 at JB on the 25/11 with free delivery.

    • Is this advertised somewhere? If not - how do you know?

      • +1

        It's in next week's catalogue for Black Friday sales.

        • That is a crazy price, anything in next week's catalogue about the Sony KD75X9000H?

          • @Mel1764: Not really the best price at $2935 + free local delivery if you're within 25km of a store.

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