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Sony STR-DN1080 7.2 CH 4K UHD AV Receiver with Dolby Atmos $736.48 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Lowest price in history. Showing as Temporarily Unavailable but orders are being accepted. International delivery is free today. Will need a travel plug or similar to allow the UK adaptor to work over here.

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  • Noob with this stuff. Is this powerful enough to run dali zensor 7 or should I look for something better?

    • Yes and you won't find better for less than double this price

    • I wouldn't have a clue. I like Sony TVs and consoles, so I felt safe sticking with the same brand. Plus this is Sony's top of the line model.

    • will be fine

      those are budget speakers and are not very demanding

      The sony in the sub 1200 bracket probably has the best dynamic sound field short of getting a refurbed 1080 or denon clearance line

      It's room correction is not the best out there though,but if you manually tweak it it's gonna run pretty much anything till u get into the mid range of speakers

  • Real shame it's not hdmi 2.1, apparently

  • Dangnations!! That's $400 less than I paid in August :(

  • This might be an odd question, but could this amplifier be region encoded/restricted in any way - or does that just apply to the discs?

  • I've got a budget of about $1500, is there anything else notable on sale that would be good? I was originally looking at Marantz/Denon. I wouldn't mind something with advanced room correction. As long as eARC is supported it should be fine for my 55C9, ill just run the new consoles directly to the TV.

    • Have you looked into Yamaha RX V6a ?
      It has HDMI 2.1 although I am not sure if the room correction Yamaha has is better than Denon (but it is the new YPAO RSC multi point)

      • This.

        My friend has one and it's great!

        • Please ask your friend to make a review as I've been dying to pull the trigger on this one but don't want to do so until I read/watch the initial reviews

      • Thanks, I looked it up and it just about ticks all the boxes. I think that eventually I would get a dedicated amp. I just wonder whether I'd want more channels down the track and if I could get something with more pre-outs. It looks like Yamaha has only refreshed the V6a and the V4a, I wonder when their other models will come out for pricing comparison.

    • Good question, and something that I'm contemplating too. The Denon AVR-S750H Receiver might be an alternative to the Sony, with some reviews holding it more favourably. The former is also on special today at $899 from Amazon AU.

      Has anyone tried either of these? Any feedback greatly appreciated.

      • The Sony is definitely the better buy out of those two options. This is Sony's highest end receiver, while the Denon is on the lower end. The Denon lacks Dolby Atmos for instance.

        • Sorry, that's incorrect. The Denon also supports Dolby Atmos. Still price wise, Sony is the better choice as the Denon was much cheaper back in June.

    • One downside is arguably the age of this model, released in 2017. The Denon AVR-S750H was released in 2019. Plus the warranty is 2 years on the Sony vs 3 years on the Denon. But in terms of price, the Denon has been cheaper on Amazon ($729) back in June.

      • The Denon looks good also. Arghh, I'm so confused, i've been looking for months and my budget keeps fluctuating cause I don't know what the hell I want/need. I start looking at 7.2 channels and before I know it I look at separate processors and amps in excess of 6k total. This is such a money pit. I thought TVs were bad….

    • The only room corrections worth their salt are Dirac, Audyssey XT32 and Anthem Room Correction. All of the other will be good for levels and distances but that's about it.

      If you don't want to pay the ridiculous premiums for models sporting one of the above you may as well just go for the most power and relevant featureset your budget will allow.

      • I have found that the power is lacking in all of these newer amps, I am still using a pioneer vsx-lx60 i picked on gumtree for $120 as it has quite a bit of oomph to drive my 2 channel set-up at the moment. I am however looking for a good amp and then I will add speakers as a I go along. I am even thinking of getting a dedicated amp for the front 2 channels and letting the AVR drive the rest. I wanted some solid advice, but I don't trust most audio places as I feel like they will just try and sell me whatever is in stock.

        • Unless you are chasing massive, cinema level volumes most amps will be up to the task. For sane listening levels, amplification and digital to analog conversion are mostly solved problems, you pay more for wank factor and pointless features and inputs you'll never use.

      • Not true. If you are referring to Yamaha YPAO only then yes room correction might be lacking (or non existent as you claimed)
        A step up from that is YPAO R.S.C which is comparable to Audyssey XT.
        And then another step up from that is YPAO R.S.C multi point which is comparable to Audyssey XT32

    • For this price

      there is nothing as good

      No even close

      Earc is supported

      Marantz has a more musical tone,but all the good marantz stuff is overpriced as shit right now

      denons don't get good till you hit the 3000 series

      The setup of the sony is really simple it is done VIA a GUI

      KEEP in mind,that the room correction in the sony is not "great" it's probably on par with yamahas YPAO

      If you are running any budget speakers to mid range it will be fine,just it starts to hit a wall at aboe 70 percent volume,but thats because the power supplys not up to task

      • I just bit the bullet on it, because I actually don't know when it will comeback in stock, so I have time to look for something else. Do you think the room correction on the Denon would have been better?

        • which denon?

          Dennons multiroom on the basic audyessy is like 7 years old now,but it's still passable

          Audyssey Xt32 which comes with the 2600 and above is where it gets pretty untouchable short of using dirac or trinos AVR but they are like 4k starting

          What speakers are u getting,unless your getting something like some B&W or some Really good stuff like Monitor silvers or mid range gear,you will be fine

          just stick to 5.1

          7.2 is a gimick in all honesty,Most ppl only use it thinking it actually does anything but when less than 2 percent of material has a 7.2 track it's pointless

          • @reader64: Thanks for you reply, I was referring to the AVR-S750H mentioned above. Currently have a 2 SA Mantra 10s. I am looking to upgrade the speakers at some point though.

            My thought was to get a good AVR at a bargain price and build from there, maybe the Sony will do for now and I can upgrade once I get better speakers. (still waiting to pick up a 77 oled as well so funds are tight lol)

            • @giovannip: 750h

              Is like a 575 buck AVR just marked up heaps

              It's pretty basic

              the sony would shit over it

              The DACs and Circuit layout on that sony are for the sub 900 range are very good

              Like i wouldn't buy the sony at 950 bucks,as that's like yama 685 turf,or even the onkyo 685 on sale

              but at this price,it's a ripper

              i mean those system speakers,are "ok" they are markup speakers,tthey use terms like danish enginering and other fancy stuff to place a primo price on them…i mean they shit on pretty much anything u get in a big box shop,but they also aren't to the level of a good set of jamo or klipsch u can get from HN though

              Those systems are 88db

              The sony will drive them fine,just don't try to pump too much power into them..which you wont be able to anyway looking at the specs

              Sonys are great for a starter kit and a good sized home theatre

              Just it does have some Weird bugs,like getting stuck on the menu,needs restart,and sometimes not seeing HDMI devices,but these are like 1 in 100 issues that are fixed with a restart

              Frankly you don't need to go big with speakers right now

              If ur building something for home

              Might i suggest looking into these https://www.eastwoodhifi.com.au/specials-speakers.htm

              The monitors there are probably as good if not better than most of the budget gear you can get.

              • @reader64: Thanks again for the detailed reply. So are you saying those monitor 200 or 300 bundles are better than the Jamo or Klipsch? Or do you reccomend just waiting for those to go on sale again (not in a hurry).

                Also if you think the yama 685 is a better amp, I'd happily wait for it to drop back below $700 where it was previously.

  • Would the UK version work fine in Aus? Other than the power adapter…

  • Surprising to see low rating of 1080 vs Yamaha V685??


  • Excellent amp and price. Too bad my shelf is too small to fit this amp.

  • Awesome amp, well worth this price!

  • "The addition of Dolby Atmos … makes the STR-DN1080 a complete AVR package for a now eye-openingly low price of just £429 ($500, AU$1749)" (What Hi-Fi, 12 June 2020). How Sony can justify this price differential between markets is beyond me.

    • Because margin of sales

      No one really buys AVRs in australia,not enough to justify the shipping and costs

      Take example,JBHIFI will no longer sell AVRS after xmas,as they literally sold less than 35 nationwide this year

    • Probably a combination of aging/expensive supply chain (ie. distributor needs to cut costs), low volumes, freight costs and lack of ideal buying windows.

      Basically the local distributor having NFI.

  • I have a 7.2ch Onkyo amp i got 2nd hand, probably 7-8 years old, experiencing no real issues so far running 5.1 via optical cable from the TV… but for the longest while, I have been pondering whether there is benefit upgrading to a modern amp with all the modern audio codecs and passthrough features for 4k / atmos etc

    my gut feeling is that it really wouldn't make THAT much of a difference to our listening experience. we will be using a chromecast with google tv on a 4k non-HDR sony TV when that arrives. what do you get by having the latest HDMI and receiver passthrough? is my audio generally rubbish because i am running it through my TV via toslink?? or am i fussing

    any advice appreciated !

    • I am in the same boat with my old Pioneer Amp. I even think I would be taking a step back in terms of power output. So I feel like I need to spend around $2k for a notable difference. Hard pill to swallow when I paid just over $100 for this amp (granted remote was misisng).

  • Couldn't resist. How much of an upgrade is this from the old STR DA5200ES?
    Was looking at Denon AVR-S750H for a special member price of $899 but doesn't have the built-in Chromecast.

    • Note the Denon was much cheaper on Amazon AU (in June - $729). At these prices Sony is the far better option.

      • That denons also very shit though

        That sony is a LOT better

        Being frank,all the denons below the 1600h suck pretty much

        They are really meant for budget HT setups

        Not till you get to the 3600h and above with AudesyyeXt32 and the better all channel DAC processing on all amplified chanels do the denons shine

    • 5200ES is a better amp electronically (ie higher quality components), but 1080 is a better amp for connectivity (modern ports) and codecs etc.

      Having said that I doubt you will notice the "worse" electronics in most use cases - speakers, room acoustics etc.

      • You're not wrong there. It's 12 years strong. I'm longing for internet radio and Spotify through my home theatre.

        • i'd go for the new google chromecast with google tv, will give you all of that and more

          • @GenghisGun: Is that right? Hmm…sounds like a good idea, but isn't Chromecast is just a universal device, I don't imagine it is built with sound quality in mind? I could be wrong though. I imagine the DA converter is just a basic one.

            • @craving: sorry, i mean instead of paying the extra for a receiver that has internet radio and spotify, you could just get a different reciever without the internet radio and spotify, but with better specs on things that matter like hardware features. then you just need to spend 50-100 bucks on the new 4k chromecast which will have a tonne of features, dedicated processor, remote, internet radio, apps, games, all streaming services, etc.

              if you manage to nab one, and have a netflix account you pay for, you could get the chromecast for $45 ish after applying the $95 netflix credit from this deal:


  • I am looking to get Polk audio s60 with it? Any recommendations on speakers? Can I mix up speaker brands? Sorry I new to this if it doesn't sound right. I already purchased Edifier s3000 pro and I am thinking of cancelling that order

    • NO



      AND NO

      Do not

      I REPEAT

      DO NOT mix speakers,The only time you can do this is for the rears

      Always,every time have the front 3 speakers the same model,at the very least you can get s60 towers and the small S series centre,as the timbre will match

      The front speakers need to match so the dynamics and the crossover match,otherwise you will be noticing clarity issues

      Room acoustics matter as well,i see a lot of ppl running speakers in a tiled room with heaps of windows and no rugs and wonder why sounds trash

      The s60s are very nice for a budget set of speakers(anything under 5k really is budget to mid range),only time it will let you down is in the high range clarity,but they offer punch bass,good midrange extension

      Polks are good,they are just mass produced name branded speakers,not as special as they used to be,really for the same price Look at some monitor audio speakers if you can,they will SMASH them out of the park

  • I use this one. Love everything about it except one really annoying thing. If you have HDMI control on and switch from TV to a device connected (xbox, apple TV, etc), it will switch to the device, then it'll load the Sony menu forcing you to select the device again. It's not a major issue but it really starts getting on your nerves. Apparently many have complained to Sony about it but they've never fixed it.

  • Short Version: Don't Buy Sony Receivers, Buy Yamaha or something else.

    Long Version:

    I have owned two Sony STR Amplifiers in past and can tell you from experience that I will never buy one again for the simple fact that they will never update their software so that you will have to keep "upgrading" to their new one. (built-in obsolescence).

    1st Sony Amp I bought passed through 4K signal but only at 30hz and was told I needed a new received for 60hz

    2nd Sony Amp I purchased passed through 4k signal at 60hz but not HDR. Was told that I required a newer receiver as Sony refused to release a software update despite the receiver having a network cable.

    I almost bought a 3rd receiver from Sony because the price was good but glad I didn't as their newer receiver at the time passed through HDR but not Dolby Vision as surprising they had a newer model that did this and they also removed their network input ethernet plug so they could tell customers that their is no way to update them.

    I ended up buying a Yamaha RX-V583 a couple of years ago for approx. $600-$700 and their 1st update from memory included HDR and Dolby Vision pass through. Also the receiver supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

    • the 1080 has had 6 firmware updates in 3 years,no idea what ur on about

      The sony is better than a 585,it's equal to the 685 from yama

      The sony is a better home theatre speaker,while the yamas are a better all round AVR yama's vocal processing is always been a bit "OFF" it's not till u get the the 1085 or the aventage that yama REALLY lets it's horses run free

      • I was not talking about the 1080 so it has no relevance to my personal experience with Sony STR Receivers.

        If the 1080 has had 6 firmware updates, then that's great and hopefully Sony will continue supporting all of their customers with updates. Not trying to brand bash or say my receiver is better by any means.

        Also yeah, would love to compare my older receiver with a 1085 or aventage to see the improvements.

  • I've got this and whilst the sound is phenomenal, avoid.

    The CEC function ruins it. Each time you connect to a HDMI device, it will show the home menu. Sometimes, it'll just switch inputs. It's all over the forums and it was driving me insane. I was gonna sell, but I'm living with it now.

    Problem is, as much as CEC sucks in general, if I disable it on all my devices, I don't get any sound from my LG TV through the speakers - so I have to leave it enabled.

    EDIT: Just saw the comment above from Gunner - ditto. It's so bloody annoying.

    Sony refusing to acknowledge it's an issue. Will never buy their AV receivers again.

  • HDMI 2.1 has arrived why bother with these legacy products?

  • All gone. Congrats to those that bought. And you can't go wrong with a top of the line Sony at this price point. Guess my final question is whether the two year warranty will be honoured by Sony Australia?

  • Good timing, my onkyo tx-nr809 suffered the dreaded DSP failure and I tried to reflow the DSP chip with no success.

    • how do you know if you have the DSP failure? cos I have the NR609 just wanted make sure it's not happening…

      • Typical symptoms of no sound output, the speaker matrix doesn't light up.

        In addition the DSP version is no longer displayed when you check the version, can't remember the button combo you need to press to get it displaying.

        Seems to be a very common problem with the Onkyo receivers of that time.

  • Finally received mine today! So good to not use internal tv speakers.

    It's so much smaller and lighter compared to my Onkyo 809.