Chromecast with Google TV & 6 Months of Netflix ($95.94 Worth of Credit) for $139.99 @ Google Store


Google just announced the Chromecast with Google TV for $99, but a little less known is a deal that allows you to tack on 6 months of Netflix ($95.94 worth of credit) for a grand total of $139.99, bringing the effective price of the Chromecast to $44.05.

Seems to be a long-running deal (through to December 31, 2021).


  • If you're a Google One subscriber, you'll get 3% back in store credit if you're on a 200 GB plan, or 10% back in store credit if you're on a 2 TB or higher plan.
  • You can purchase three of these bundles per Google account.
  • The deal is available to both new and existing Netflix subscribers.
  • The 6 months of Netflix offer is based on a Standard plan ($15.99/month). Netflix works off a dollar-based credit model, so if you're on a Basic plan ($10.99/month), you'll actually get 8.73 months worth of credit, but if you're on a Premium plan ($19.99/month), you'll get 4.80 months worth of credit.
  • If you've redeemed the Netflix offer, but end up returning the Chromecast, Google will refund you $99; meaning you'll still have scored $95.94 worth of Netflix credit for $40.99.

Note: Previously out of stock, and now back in stock! If it goes out of stock again, keep refreshing the page as Google has progressively added stock on previous occasions.

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  • finally snagged one! :D

  • Ordered white(snow) eta 17-18 Nov

  • Ted has scored finally. Yes. Yes. Yes……..
    I have refreshed the page more times than there are digits of Pi.

  • Can this be power up by USB only from the tv?

  • Why is google basically giving away free money allowing people to return the chromecast? Am I missing something?

    • +5 votes

      You mean if one returns (after redeeming Netflix Offer), that they still refund you $99 and in turn you gain $40.99 of Netflix Credit for free?

      My guess will be along the lines of:
      - Most people do not buy with the intention of returning (perhaps some OZB do because they are bored).
      - The deal would be a combined Google & Netflix loss and keep in mind the device doesn't cost Google $99 to make.
      - The extra sales that they do make by these types of incentives most likely would absorb any returned items by:
      Netflix gaining new customers & Google getting more people into their Eco systems which means more Ad revenue.

      It's a marketing thing which usually balances itself out. In the long term both gain more customers which means more long term revenue.

      Oh……….and then there is the "Word of Mouth" extra sales that these promo's attract. I for one would not have purchased had the Promo not existed as it would not have shown up on OzB, I was in the market for one so one extra sale for them thanks to Ozb.

    • Alot of companies do things like this to get their adoption rate up and get people into their ecosystem.

  • Guys, please suggest. I have 1st gen apple tv.
    Q1: Can I use turkish netflix on my apple tv? If so, how?
    Q2: what extra benefit will i get from google tv apart from netflix credit. I use the basic plan 10 dollar per month atm.
    Thanks :)

  • I've got a 1st gen chromecast, would it be worth the upgrade?

    • Yes and especially if you are a Netflix subscriber as it means that your are only paying $44.05 for it when all said and done.
      The Gen1 is very sluggish and not supported well for certain things (Kayo is just an example). Gen 2 is better but this is like the Ultra. Comes down to what you use it for. Gen1 is still fine for some streaming.

  • Was going to pull the trigger on this until I saw it said delivery Dec 10-11.

    Has anyone ordered this and received it? Or got an earlier delivery estimate?

    Also, is the Netflix credit sent first? So you can use it straight away.

    • Mine is due delivery end of the month

      You have to redeem the netflix credit via the chromecast so im thinking its tied to the serial number of the chromecast

      • google authorise the credit and so when its used they automatically limit any refund sought on the serial number

  • Gosh, just learned it can play games such as Crossy Roads. What other games are worth playing on this Chromecast?

  • 30 mins ago I managed to get the White/Snow with Netflix bundle, randomly popped up after refreshing about every 10 mins over the last hour, would only let me select 1, seems to be random and limited when it does (hasn't reappeared since for me)
    Delivery: 12–13 Nov
    Netflix bundle Snow/White

    To save anyone else going to the effort
    I added one of each to cart after to check the shipping dates (not sure how accurate or if they are worst case, possibly to ship earlier etc)

    Delivery: 19–20 Oct
    Chromecast only - Snow/White and Sunrise/Red
    Delivery: 26–27 Nov
    Netflix bundle Sunrise/Red and Chromecast only Sky/Blue
    Delivery: 10–11 Dec
    Netflix bundle Sky/Blue

  • It says it ships dec 11-15 but it's meant to release on october 15. Does this mean it's on back order?

  • I pay $13.99 on a standard plan. Am I grandfathered or something? #notcomplaining

    • I still pay that as well. I have alot of credit in my account and the other plans are the new price. Maybe when the credit runs out it will go up??

    • From what I have found on the www, your current credit will give you the equivalent months at the price you purchased it at the time. Once that ends, you will start paying the increased cost of $15.99 per month.

      Those of us still paying $13.99 will be getting the increase with the next 2-3 pay cycles apparently.

  • I am a Netflix member and pay via iTunes (and get the benefit of 15-20% off iTunes gift cards)

    Can I use these credits on the same Netflix account ?

    • I don't believe you can unless you cancel the iTunes sub. Same boat so I am going without the netflix bonus.

  • Thanks OP!
    Got one, upgrading from Gen 1 Chromecast.

  • Will keep refreshing for 24hrs in hopes of snagging the white one

  • Has anyone confirmed the netflix credit could be sold? I am billing through iTunes so won't be able to use it.

  • White is back in stock…just ordered

  • Back again, ordered one (Netflix offer) delivery 26-27Nov

  • All colours back in stock with Netflix offer at 12:00pm today.

  • Delivery dates as of 1:53pm 12/10.

    Delivery: 12–13 Nov
    Chromecast with Google TV and Netflix bundle (Snow)

    Delivery: 26–27 Nov
    Chromecast with Google TV and Netflix bundle (Sunrise)

    Delivery: 10–11 Dec
    Chromecast with Google TV and Netflix bundle (Sky)

  • Would anyone recommend purchasing this for use with an actual SmartTV (e.g. LG with WebOS) that actually has majority of the apps? Would there be anything different/additional that the CC with GTV could do that these current/new line up of SmartTV's could do?

    • No. It's just Android TV set-top box in a nutshell. If you have smartTV that has Netflix, YouTube etc, no reason to get this.

      • Well I know I can't get Kayo on the LG natively so have to use Chromecast and my v1 doesn't support 1080p so I have grabbed this deal… sure Netflix, Prime and others are on LG already.

        • I had a Telstra TV2 (Roku) before I upgraded to my LG WebOS OLED. I tend to do all of this in a week:

          • Use the WebOS apps for Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Now, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Plex, Apple TV (new WebOS app), Optus Sport (new WebOS app), Youtube, 9Now, ABC iView

          • Use Telstra TV for Kayo, Binge, 10Play

          • I also have an older Chromecast that I use to cast Optus Sport (until the WebOS app was released recently) and even mirror my Android screen for a treadmill iFit app I have

          Long story, I get use from all of them, but mainly use the WebOS apps where possible

          One slight advantage I find is that if for whatever reason network signal is faltering on the LG, I can usually switch back to the Chromecast or Roku and get some kind of signal. Weird but useful

      • It is a bit more than just a few streaming apps. It is full Android TV: gaming and many other apps.

  • All out of stock right now.

  • Is anyone else still waiting for it to be shipped? Ordered on the 1st

    • It's a pre-order. The device hasn't even been released yet. They are officially released on the 15th.

  • Thanks OP. I picked up one of these to replace my chromecast ultra for my uhd 2016 sony smart tv with android OS. The onboard version of android OS is slowing down considerably, so to get a programmable remote with google assistant, and 4k HDR all that will be excellent. Very excited to see how well / if the google remote can replace volume and power on functions for my home theatre reciever system using the IR blaster mapping function.

  • The out of stock message has gone on all colours, but the price is also not displaying.
    You can click "Add to basket", but when you go to your basket it will be empty.

  • Mine just shipped

  • I just received my google TV. So far it's been great, and was smooth sailing in linking my TV and soundbar to the power and volume buttons on the remote.

    Foxtel isn't working, however. I have downloaded the 1.4.8 version, but when i go to login it says "we have had a little technical problem. please try logging in again (AF4013).

    I didn't have this issue with the Vodafone TV.

    • Wow sounds like it was easy for you to set up - I've been tearing my hair out because I get the error "this chromecast was manufactured for a different country and may not be compatible with your wifi network". What?!

      • Contact Google. Probably got sent one with international firmware

      • I found this advice elsewhere:

        "I did a factory reset by holding the button on the Chromecast for about 30 seconds. I also restarted my router which may have been the first thing that I should have done. Anyway, it did a factory reset then started working properly."

      • The same happened to me. I just pressed okay and continued with the setup.

        Edit. I used the Google Home app to work through setup

        • Thanks everyone for the advice - going through troubleshooting with Google now as the factory reset didn't work.
          lucycat, did you manage to connect to 5GHz when you did that? It only lets me connect to 2.4GHz if I ignore the message then it gives another message about disabling AP or something. So weird how this doesn't seem to work straight out of the box.

          • @diamond: Yep, I didn't have any issues connecting to 5ghz.

            Could you troubleshoot by using another wifi or even a hotspot to see what happens?

            • @lucycat09: Tried but didn't work unfortunately :( After 2-3 hours troubleshooting with Google support and being unable to connect to 5Ghz I've finally given up and requested a return… I think this is a fairly common issue but no clear answers online.

              • @diamond: Actually, it just occurred to me… Only one of my wireless networks were picked up by the Google TV. I have a dual-band 5Ghz router (Netgear r8000). It picked up the signal with on channel 48, but did not pickup the signal on channel 153.

                Could you try changing your wifi channel?

                I just checked again and it's still not picking up my wifi on channel 153. If you're near Indooroopilly QLD then I am happy to try help troubleshoot in person.

                • @lucycat09: You're very kind, thank you for offering! I'm in Vic but I'll definitely try your suggestions and see how it goes. If it works I'll report back :D Otherwise back to Google it goes…

                • @lucycat09: Oh em gee BLESS you. I just went through another neverending troubleshooting session with Google (wasted so many hours today) and the support rep was very patient but nothing worked… then I tried your suggestion for changing the channel, and voila - magic! Fixed all my issues. THANK YOU!!! You've saved me from a frustrating returns process. I just wonder why none of the reps I spoke to suggested this. I don't even know what wi-fi channels are exactly, but it worked. Wish I could give you a gold star!

                  • @diamond: No worries at all. Glad it worked :-)

                    Changing your wifi channel could affect the quality of your network speed. If you don't notice anything, then I guess you don't have to worry about it. Otherwise find a channel that maximizes speed while also keeping it compatible with the Google tv.

    • Should be supported soon:

      Some good news regarding the Foxtel App from my contact at Foxtel.

      "Foxtel app is currently compatible with Android TV devices running on OS 7.0, 8.0 & 9.0. We are working to support new Google Chromecast/TV and other ATV device running on Android 10."

    • Can you please test if Bluetooth headphones (or speakers) work with Google TV?

  • Kept trying but no luck so decided to get standalone unit. Want it today but hate paying RRP. Finally found a deal at JB hifi corporate sales site (EPP deal) for $94. Ordered and picked up today.

  • It didn't say Out of stock but when tried add to cart, it said your basket is empty.

  • Hopefully they can post it a bit quicker than posted. Living in regional Vic adds 3 weeks to deliveries apparently. 2 to 3 weeks to get through the Melbourne sorting facility plus the time to turn be trucked back north plus however long it takes to get to Melbourne.

  • Just got debited for it now. How excitement.

  • Shipping notification received - ordered the day it was available (1/10)

  • Just got my shipping notification, my original delivery date was Nov 4-5 but now its Oct 19-20, happy with that!

  • Anyone got theirs with the netflix credit and successfully applied the credit to a non-australian netflix account…? Also, are you able to give the code to someone else to use?

  • Just got mine delivered now.

  • Has someone being able to buy the Chromecast with Netflix bundle recently (say since last week)?

    I have tried in different times of the day from last Thursday and cannot put it in my basket, regardless of the colour selected. It shows the same error:

    Your basket is empty.

    Has someone else have the same issue?


  • Anyone that has received their bundle, did you get an actual code that can be redeemed on any Netflix account?

    • +2 votes

      The email you used to signin to the chromecast gets an email to redeem the Netflix offer.

      You click the redeem now button in the email, sign into an existing account or create a new one, then apply the credit to the account ~$95 worth.

      I have an AU Netflix account so no idea if you can sign in to an overseas account. Also when I signed in, it errored twice. Refreshed the page and I was able to apply the credit.

  • The website is working again, just ordered one!

    • Thanks for letting me know mate. I just ordered mine too!

      For everyone’s reference, these are the new delivery times for the Chromecast + Netflix bundle:

      • blue: 9-10 Dec
      • pink: 26-27 Nov
      • white: 12-13 Nov

      Thanks again!

  • Ordered white Delivered by 17–18 Nov for me.

  • Just got mine yesterday. A couple of things that are a little annoying

    1 - You have to setup the device before you can get the netflix voucher. I wanted to give these as gifts and keep the netflix for me but this is impossible without opening the device
    2 - For some reason it will not see my 5GHz wifi network. Apparently this is a known issue already that Google is working on fixing
    3 - The remote does not work with Kogan TV's, well it is not listed on the list of TV's
    4 - Can side load Optus Sport and Kayo but only Optus Sport will open but in phone mode (shrinks the screen)
    5 - The NBA League Pass app is available but is region locked in Australia. I have no idea why that would be

    • 3 - The remote does not work with Kogan TV's, well it is not listed on the list of TV's

      You mean to use it to turn TV on/off and select source?

      • Yeah, when setting up the remote to control volume on the TV etc. Kogan is not listed in the brands.

        • OK, Kogan not a known brand.

          BTW, I assume the remote is both wireless & infrared, right? Because the Chromecast TV stay at the back of the TV.

          • @superforever: Nah,not a known brand but there are also some random name brands in the list the give you LOL.

            Not sure about the remote but I am going to try and hook it up to my Harmony

            • @czechboi: Going to update some of my points

              Have been able to install Kayo for Android TV and Optus Sport for Android TV by going through the playstore on a web browser

              NBA for Android TV is region locked but the regular NBA app can be installed by going through the play store on a web browser

              SBS on Demand can also be installed by the same method as above

    • 2 - For some reason it will not see my 5GHz wifi network. Apparently this is a known issue already that Google is working on fixing:

      I read on previous comments that this could be related to the channel used by your 5GHz Wi-Fi network. Check your router settings and try to change this channel until the Chromecast can detect it.

      This would not affect the configuration of other devices in your network; though it might affect the overall network speed.

      Are you able to download the Foxtel Now / Foxtel Go app in the Chromecast and check if it works?