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Chromecast with Google TV & 6 Months of Netflix ($95.94 Worth of Credit) for $139.99 @ Google Store


Google just announced the Chromecast with Google TV for $99, but a little less known is a deal that allows you to tack on 6 months of Netflix ($95.94 worth of credit) for a grand total of $139.99, bringing the effective price of the Chromecast to $44.05.

Seems to be a long-running deal (through to December 31, 2021).


  • If you're a Google One subscriber, you'll get 3% back in store credit if you're on a 200 GB plan, or 10% back in store credit if you're on a 2 TB or higher plan.
  • You can purchase three of these bundles per Google account.
  • The deal is available to both new and existing Netflix subscribers.
  • The 6 months of Netflix offer is based on a Standard plan ($15.99/month). Netflix works off a dollar-based credit model, so if you're on a Basic plan ($10.99/month), you'll actually get 8.73 months worth of credit, but if you're on a Premium plan ($19.99/month), you'll get 4.80 months worth of credit.
  • If you've redeemed the Netflix offer, but end up returning the Chromecast, Google will refund you $99; meaning you'll still have scored $95.94 worth of Netflix credit for $40.99.

Note: Previously out of stock, and now back in stock! If it goes out of stock again, keep refreshing the page as Google has progressively added stock on previous occasions.

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        • +1

          I just changed the channel as suggested here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/9459559/redir

          …and it now works perfectly.

          Have to change the setting on by logging on to your router 5ghz wireless channel.

        • 2 week grace period doesn't matter. If 5ghz doesn't work that means it's not fit for purpose and you are covered by Australian consumer law

  • Gaming thread if anyone is interested:

    • Not sure how many buy a Chromecast for Gaming as not exactly a beast of a machine for that purpose!

      • It plays some good casual games and also retro games.

        • yeah it doesn't take much to run 8-16 bit retro roms with an emulator, even works great on built in android and DS4 controllers over bluetooth

  • +1

    cheers. just ordered one.

    I've only made the change from appleTV to chromecast recently and miss having a remote, especially for the kids who don't have phones handy to browse content. 4K will come in handy too one day, if my plasma TV ever dies.

  • ^Agree would be nice to leave the phone alone and use the remote.
    I'm still keen to get one, not totally necessary but the voice commands may be handy and my 2015 bravia android TV can get a bit sluggish/clunky at times. Google home can't power it off either.

    Wonder why the estimated delivery time is a month longer for the netflix bundle than for just the $99 device?

  • +2

    Can anyone please help confirm if these work well with optus sports and kayo sports.

    Planning to buy it only for these 2 apps.

    Thanks for the help.

    • +2

      Yes and yes

      • +1

        Thanks for the reply.

        I could not find any info regarding this and someone in this post above mentioned that they dont work very well.

        • +1

          Kayo even does picture in picture.

  • May have to bite the bullet and order one soon, just tested asking to play a netflix show on a device via google home:
    "Sorry, i can't play netflix on Android TV yet. Try using your Android TV remote instead.

    I suppose it would work with this chromecast, or do you need to press the button on google tv remote then talk?
    Currently can't turn the tv off either, thinking the hdmi/chromecast may be able to with the audio return tv input?


  • Ordered in the 20th Oct, still not shipped

    • cancel get one JB hi-fi?

      • Why do that (if not in urgent rush) as only costs $44.05 if one waits.
        When ordered, what date did they say it would ship. Mine says 12 Nov.

        • Yeah if you're not in a rush it's prob a better deal
          Still don't know why the non bundle ones are like 2 days delivery time and the Netflix ones are a month. Must stores don't have stock i guess.

          • @G-rig: I agree, that part makes no sense at all and whether it be the Netflix or the Google Credit deal, both are virtual codes. It's not as though they ship a Voucher or that packaging is any different to the Stand alone product! The only thing I can think of is that they have to link the devices to a code/account prior to shipping?

      • Not in a rush, Netflix is worth it. Just thought I would let peeps know about the delays

        • -1

          Could always get one from JB hifi (~$91) and return the google one when it arrives since it's taking so long.. ordered the bundle, 27-28 Nov.

    • Ordered mine on the 7th, still not shipped. Not sure if I'm unlucky or you'll be waiting even longer.

      • Shipped today.

  • +3

    Well recommended for your new device:


    $1.69 for 60 games. I just found it.

  • Hmm The Good Guys have $40 redemption when spend over $200 (plus 3% cashrewards), may be worth getting one there if you need something else. The Google one may be a while and could return anyway (ends today I believe).
    Actually you only get store credit and it expires 18th Nov.

  • +1

    just a heads up that that the payment gets charged by Google London, so you might get stung with an international fee.

    I had to request Citibank to reverse it because it doesn't get shown anywhere.

    • Interesting and will certainly watch for that and be questioning it if that occurred. I have purchased from Google in the past and was AU$ and no FX rates or fees.

    • You are still paying in $AU. If you didn't then your account probably isn't set to Australia or something. I didnt extra charged

      • That's not the point - other countries charge in AUD, but because they are not based in Australia, your bank can and usually will charge a transfer (XFR) fee.

        It happened to me as Google Reseller when they were invoicing out of Ireland, and I suspect this is also the case here.

        VERY annoying. I believe if big multinationals want to charge AUD from overseas, it should be THEM wearing the XFR fee, not us.

        The rich get richer :(

        • -1

          Who cares dude but I don't get charged ever if its in AUD

          • +3

            @Dezeption: Well you obviously you do as you made a reply :)

            My point is it has nothing to do with how your account is set - there's really nothing you can do if a supplier is overseas and you bank charges international transfer fees.

            I'm with CBA and I get charged and obviously Citibank mentioned above does. The bank you're with does not. That is good I believe banks make enough money without charging these little stupid fees.

            It might pay for you to let us know which bank your card is with, then we know for future which banks don't charge stupid fees. Could be helpful.


    • +1

      Yeah not sure how that would be possible if buying it for say aud$99 from an au site

  • I asked this one over on Whirlpool (no response as yet).

    Hey all

    Interested in picking up one of these devices. Just a quick question. Have watched a couple YT vids that suggested you could control the volume of a soundbar.

    However, I have an old home theater amp when I say old I mean old, a Denon from around 2005 (doesnt have HDMI so no CEC).

    Can the remote learn functions so that it could turn the amp on and control the volume on the amp? Pretty much like a logitech remote would do.

    If someone could check the devices it supports the amp is a Denon AVR-3805.


    • No, it is not a Smart remote that one can program commands like Logitech ones. In fact if anything, and if you have a Logitech, I would recommend using it and sticking the Chrome cast remote back in the box unless you plan on using the "Hey Google" feature on it?.

      • Thanks mate. Don't currently have a harmony, will look at buying one.

      • Everyone has different requirements, I thought The remote with mic is handy and quicker than typing in a letter at a time with the on screen keyboard?

        The Google TV remote would also be more responsive, assume it is WiFi not ir

        • This is about using the remote and programming it for "Denon from around 2005 (doesnt have HDMI so no CEC)

          • @Borg: Ah sorry got it.
            I had a harmony remote back in the day. Even a simple 5.1 component avr setup would leave most sound bars to shame, even if they have whatever the latest decoding is, no point if the speakers are cheap crap

  • Excellent deal! Thanks OP. Ordered one :)

  • +1

    Delivered by
    18–21 Dec

    awww, why so long to arrive?

    • +1

      Who knows.
      For what it's worth, that's normal. I ordered on 09th Oct and ETA when placing order was 11-12th Nov so still awaiting any movement on the order. As not in a rush, I will start frothing, checking after 12th Nov if no movement.

      • +1

        Surely yours got dispatched yesterday?

  • Although barely need this device, probably a lot less annoying than the android TV - the wifi connection and Netflix/ apps play up a bit.

    Long delivery time, thinking of getting on locally if I can negotiate the price down and return the Google store device ( unused). Is it free return shipping? Just want to make sure I can capture price drops with the 28 degrees card and bit sure if can with the bundle.

  • +1

    Ordered 9 October. Only just shipped today.

    Just as an indicator.

    • +1

      Yeap. Exact same. Seems like they like to stick to their guns i.e. not ship earlier than original ETA at time of ordering.

      • Mine shipped today but was estimated to ship on the 13th

        • Me too!

          • -1

            @antman: (not directed at you @antman)
            And exactly what idiot negged me for just stating what is true and accurate in my case. Just because it doesn't match your own does not mean my statement isn't true. Not that I care about negs, I don't …I just hate the idiots who neg for no good reason (not just mine). Pfft. :-)

            • -2

              @Borg: I downvoted because you are wrong and you are providing false information. Just because it happened to you doesn't make it a certainty.

              • +1

                @joshr1pp3r: Huh, how is it false information when it is exacly what occured?
                ALSO, I never said it was a certainty for everyone and wrote "seems like" which by defination "appears to be or give the impression of being".

                A petty neg (in my opinion). Even if not to the exact date in your (or others) case, it was close enough to the original date noted by Google.

    • +1

      Same, delivered today. A week earlier than estimated delivery date.

  • Why are there electrical contacts in the battery compartment of the remote?

  • -1

    Mine got delivered today. I thought they include the Netflix credit as a physical voucher/card so it took me a while searching the box before realising the credit is sent via email once the setup is completed.

    The Netflix credit is valid only to the email that is used to set up the chromecast and this email must also be the same email that you use to log in Netflix, so please take note if your google account is different from Netflix account.

    • Wait really? That's dumb. So I got to set it up with the Netflix email then reset it with my actual email

    • +6

      You CAN use the Netflix credit on ANY account, It does not have to be the same as your Chromecast account.

      How to receive and use the voucher.
      - 1 Setup your Device and whatever account you use to initially set it up on will receive the Netflix Voucher to. It might take an hour to get it.
      - 2 Click on the link within the email and it will ask you to log into your account (the same as used when setting up your device. That's fine.
      - 3 You will now be asked to either "Setup a Newc OR "Sign into EXISTING" Netfix account.

      I can confirm above as did it earlier and applied the credit to a friends Netflix account who in turn gave me the cash.

      • +1

        Ah I see. Thank you. I've misunderstood the below troubleshooting from Google as I assume "redeem" happens after the Netflix log in

        "What if an error message appears after I select "Redeem now"?

        You might get one of these error messages:

        “The signed in account isn’t eligible for this offer. Sign in with the account used to set up your Chromecast with Google TV. ” This message means that you’re not signed into the account you used to set up the Chromecast. On your web browser, try signing in with the account used to set up your Chromecast with Google TV."

        Sorry for the wrong info guys. All makes sense now.

        • It's a good point you make there and one I brought up with Google Support of which they could not answer.
          So to save others the worry or doubt. Alll is well and you CAN use it on any account.

          • @Borg: I jumped the gun and purchased one without the Netflix offer. I am using it.

            I also then ordered one with the Netflix offer once it became available.

            I want to redeem the Netflix offer and return the second device.

            Would I be able to set it up on my current device? Or must I remove the new one from its box, do the Netflix set up and then return it?

            • @mattelinc: You need to use the new one. It's tied to the serial number. Once you log into your Netflix account on the chromcast with Netflix offer you get a emailed pushed to redeem the credit

              • @Dezeption: Thanks for this.

              • @Dezeption: Not quiet true. One does not need to log into Netflix at all on the new device to get the Voucher.
                It by default (the voucher email) is sent to the (Google) account that you associated with the Device.

                You can then use/register this Voucher on any Netflix account or device. Hope that makes sense.

                • @Borg: Well I have 2 of them I only got the link to redeem the voucher once I signed into Netflix. Sooo its my take and experience on it

                  • @Dezeption: I haven't logged into Netflix (happy with prime for now) and yet I've received the voucher mail to the email I registered the Chromecast with.
                    Correlation does not imply causation 😉

                  • +1

                    @Dezeption: Likewise. Have done a couple for friends and is the experience I have found. Strange your experience was different and I am not at all doubting you.

                    To perhaps save confusion for others. Even if you do log into Netflix on your Device, that's fine. One does not have to apply the voucher (once received via email) to that Netflix account. Just click on the link supplied on the email and it will ask you to log into your Google Account that you registered the device on. Once logged in, you will be prompted to choose:
                    - Create a New Netflix Account and use the voucher/credit on to it
                    - Sign into a preferred existing Netflix Account (can be any) and apply it there.

                    • @Borg: Possible reason could be is that my email for the chromcast and that for Netflix isn't the same. But when I set them up I waited for the code then looked through paperwork for one and nothing come through till the sign in or opening of Netflix app

      • Does the credit appear straight away? I applied to my account but it is still not showing.

        • Yes it should as you just applied it.

          • @Borg: Yeah. I got it. Had to go to the transaction history

  • Anyone using this with an LG 4K TV experiencing issues? I was so happy to see Kayo was an in built app (which is what I bought it for) but so far devo that it seems to have major issues with half the screen have artifacts/problems. Not sure how to tell if it is the Chromecast or the TV (plugged into the same HDMI slot the old version was on that was fine)…

    • +1

      Edit: I unplugged it from the TV, powered it off, connected all back up and now seems fine. Just in case someone else has a similar issue.

      • Ok cool. I'll be using mainly for Kayo on an LG 4K OLED so fingers crossed ( I haven't opened yet)

  • -1

    No Dolby vision on this box on Netflix.

    • Assume you need a Netflix HDv subscription for Dolby Atmos? This soundbar apparently has it and got the gtv plugged into the HDMI input. Doubt your really hear much difference on these all in one speakers, people worried about that should probably have a proper surround sound system. The content has to broadcast it, not sure how many titles have it on Netflix.

      • Dolby Vision? Quite a few it seems. Most of the newer series I'm watching all come up with Dolby Vision on the menu and the LG OLED recognizes them top right corner by displaying the logo when I start the playback.

        Was pleasantly surprised.

        • My soundbar has True Dolby ATMOS & DTS:X audio, still need to test these formats, assuming the Google TV supports them?

  • +1

    it adds a 14 gst to the total payment before I confirm the purchase

    • Total should be $139.99 inc gst.

      • The checkout page now shows $139.99 without GST. Anyone ordered paid more than $139.99 so far?

        • Interesting.I added one to cart to check and went to check out. I see what you mean, it now adds GST making total $153.99
          My invoice for origial order in Oct is $139.99 and shows includes $12.73 GST. Mmm, strange indeed.
          Wonder did they stuff up and forget to add GST to all origial orders. Might be worth calling or chatting with them to ask?

          • +2

            @Borg: Looks like it's fixed now, back to $239.99 tax included.

            • @wesker: What a bargain! /s

            • @wesker: back to "$239.99"…………….I hope not :-)
              Good to see that they sorted the issue though. $139.99 now shows as incl GST.

              • @Borg: Oops, just noticed the typo.

  • I had to apply a change of address for my order, and the google store placed yet another authorization on my paypal account, apparently the account hasn't been charged yet but it's weird that they place two different charges for the same order.

  • For those with a Kogan TV, which brand of TV do you use to enable the google remote to control the TV?

    • Mine worked with Samsung

  • +1

    Finally arrived.

    • Why is is so slow to ship?

      • No idea, waiting for stock may be.

  • Anyone who ordered that has ETA of 18th/19th Nov, did you guys received any shipping info yet? My order still hasnt been dispatched.

    • +1

      Ordered Oct 29, still no dispatch updates.
      Ended up buying one anyway, so will have to send it back (but keep the NF credit for my troubles)

    • +2

      I ordered on 20Oct and said Delivered by 17–18 Nov and received it today.

      • Thanks. Did you get a shipping notification?

        • +2

          Yes I did receive dispatched email on 16Nov and arrived on 17Nov early morning.

          • @superforever: Contacted Google, and found out there was an issue with my order. So there has been a delay. Still not dispatched for me as of today.

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