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Google Nest Wi-Fi 3 Pack (1x Router + 2 Wi-Fi Point) $244 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


Google Nest WiFi Mesh Router 3 Pack GA00823-AU - 1 Base Unit and 2 Wifi Points Unit

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  • I got this for ~$350. Its pretty good, getting 200+mbs throughout different areas of the house (my FTTP point is in the top corner of a double brick house). Just need one more extender/wifi point to reach one of the bedrooms, can't find individual ones for sale thinking I have to buy a stand alone router to act as an additional wifi point (?)

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      I'll sell you mine, I'm only using the base because you can't use the wifi points in AP mode.

    • Also got one. If you get another router you can use that as AP and use the ethernet to a switch and connect more devices to it. I went to unifi APs instead. Mostly because Google nest couldn't split the 2.4 and 5. So smart devices didn't like it. Best obviously is to Ethernet them. Got cabling licence but cannot be bothered and also because renting. Getting around 500mbit on wifi. Main office Ethernet so getting 900+ there

  • Worth noting that this isn't compatible with the Google Wifi Nest Pro. You won't be able to combine systems if you later discover a dead spot within your home,you're limited with the Google Nest Wifi points.

  • Is this Wi-Fi 6 compatible?

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      It is a WIFI 5 router

  • Have these at home and they are fantastic. Love how the points are Google assistant speakers! I don't want to upgrade to the pro version as they don't have this feature.

  • I've had these for about 4 years and I'm very mixed on them. When something goes wrong it's very hard to diagnose and fix because you can only use the google home app, and it's very limited. There's no web login to them. I pretty regularly just get a notifiction saying one of the wifi points is offline, then it will just come back online 10 mins later sometimes, other times I'll need to unplug it and plug it back in.

    One massively annoying thing is you can't choose specifically to connect to the 2.4ghz connection, meaning getting devices that only work on 2.4 to work can be an absolute nightmare. I've had to literally walk down the street to get out of the 5ghz range to where it can only connect to 2.4ghz in order to connect some devices, and this just isnt possible with anything that isn't completely wireless.

    I do love how each point acts as a google home so you can play music etc through them though. When it all works it works well.

  • I am getting weak connection in the living room with them. If I buy and add more points, will it resolve the issue? I probably only need one but its around $180 anyway.

    • Maybe. The way these work is there is one router and the rest are mesh points. The mesh points connect to the router and not to the other mesh points.

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