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Chromecast with Google TV & 6 Months of Netflix ($95.94 Worth of Credit) for $139.99 @ Google Store


Google just announced the Chromecast with Google TV for $99, but a little less known is a deal that allows you to tack on 6 months of Netflix ($95.94 worth of credit) for a grand total of $139.99, bringing the effective price of the Chromecast to $44.05.

Seems to be a long-running deal (through to December 31, 2021).


  • If you're a Google One subscriber, you'll get 3% back in store credit if you're on a 200 GB plan, or 10% back in store credit if you're on a 2 TB or higher plan.
  • You can purchase three of these bundles per Google account.
  • The deal is available to both new and existing Netflix subscribers.
  • The 6 months of Netflix offer is based on a Standard plan ($15.99/month). Netflix works off a dollar-based credit model, so if you're on a Basic plan ($10.99/month), you'll actually get 8.73 months worth of credit, but if you're on a Premium plan ($19.99/month), you'll get 4.80 months worth of credit.
  • If you've redeemed the Netflix offer, but end up returning the Chromecast, Google will refund you $99; meaning you'll still have scored $95.94 worth of Netflix credit for $40.99.

Note: Previously out of stock, and now back in stock! If it goes out of stock again, keep refreshing the page as Google has progressively added stock on previous occasions.

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  • +5

    Great deal, just ordered. No-brainer upgrading from a ChromeCast Ultra that I can probably sell for $40-$50 on marketplace

    • I've got the 4K Ultra - whats the benefit in the upgrade? Apart from the TV interface (which I doubt I'd use) what else is better?

      • +5

        You also get the remote. I guess where it's a no brainer for me is that I'm already paying for Netflix regardless, so getting the new one for $45 and selling the old for probably the same. Free upgrades are always a no brainer 😁

      • -7


      • Built in 8GB (4GB usable for apps) no need for phone.

    • Sold my chromecast 3 in new like condition for 40 and bought this, will hardly use it but can give netflix voucher to someone else in family who uses it way more than me.
      Also Still have not received my order from google yet, Website shows delivering in Late November

  • Can the Netflix credit be applied to any plan?

    • +2

      "To redeem the Netflix offer, customers must set up an eligible Chromecast with Google TV device and follow the instructions to apply the offer value to a Netflix account by 1 March 2022. Available to new and existing Netflix subscribers."

      It looks like it

    • +3

      Yes, Netflix works off a dollar-based credit model. I've updated my post with calculations on what you'd get on a Basic or Premium plan.

      • +5

        what if i have a argentinian or turkish netflix based account? can i use the credit for those countries

        • No, the credit is only transferrable between countries if they use the same currency.

    • +2

      Looks like it's just credit applied to your account, so shouldn't matter what plan you're on:

      "Offer value may be applied to a different Netflix streaming plan under the same account "

      "What happens if I have a different Netflix streaming plan?

      You’ll still receive the credit applied to your account. The monthly cost of your service will be deducted from the balance in your Netflix account."



  • +12

    Wouldn't mind one of these devices, but not sure the credit will be of use. Am still enjoying the fruits of paying in another country/currency.

    • How many months is it in Argentinian pesos?

      • +7

        Lira mate :)

        • Which card did you use? I tried up and didn’t work :/

          • @chankaran: Yeah all my cards had issues too, or at least thats what it seemed like at first. It randomly worked for me after repeatedly trying different VPN connections and incognito etc. I dont think it was the cards that were the issue, I suspect Netflix maybe blocked by way of IP ranges or similar, even for VPN providers, as playing around with that is when it (eventually) worked.

            • +1

              @Xizor: I simply had a friend get one in India and sent him the money for a year through transferwise

            • @Xizor: Ah that makes sense. Will try it out.

          • +3

            @chankaran: Order a Transferwise credit card.

            Edit: technically it's a debit Mastercard.

            • @Penpinch: 👍🏻

            • @Penpinch: Is that all you need or do you need to add foreign currency to the app?

              • +1

                @Korban Dallas: Ideally you can open a Turkish Lira balance and it'll automatically debit from that. If you don't it would do instant conversion from the base currency (AUD) at the usual very good Transferwise rate. To me there's not a major difference other than easier accounting.

                Edit: I just realized I skipped an obvious step: you do have to transfer AUD into your Transferwise account to maintain a balance.

    • +4

      Looks like it applies a $96 credit, so assuming that works for a non AU account you could get far more than the 6 months….

      • Interested to hear more on this!
        Like many other I have a couple of Chromcast 4K Ultra, and have been thinking about Netflix (currently on 12 month-free BINGE from Telstra deal).
        Does it worth biting the bullet and sell one of my Ultra's to get this? Suggestions are welcome.

      • Can someone confirm this? Would be interested to know!

      • Does it work that way even for non AU accounts? I signed up back when I lived in Singapore and never converted to an Australian plan after I repatriated back.

      • +1

        Looks like it might, or it might use Aus pricing as soon as it charges in AUD (the credit is in AUD afterall).

        One way to find out, anybody game to volunteer?

    • i would assume that in that case, you will get more months of netflix, so if the premium plan is 4.8 months, then you would be getting something like 9.6 or so.

      • +1

        I wouldn't expect it to work that way. I would imagine the credit would be in Aussie $ and you could not apply that credit an account with payment registered in another country, although I'm happy to be proven wrong.

    • Yes, I'm on the Turkish top plan at about A$7.40. If I buy 3 of these that's 3 years worth IF it stacks and IF it can be used for the Turkish plan.

      • Do you always have to use a vpn to use it? Or only during signup?

        • +2

          Only during signup. You also need a credit card that works in foreign currencies. 28 Degrees Mastercard works for me.

          You only need a VPN to get Netflix of a different country for their content, but I don't bother as the Australian is ok. Chasing a VPN that works for that is a pain.

      • The more variables, the more chance for something to go wrong.

      • yo i thought Argentina was cheapest? i checked last time for my 4k plan it was like 12 bucks lol i guess their currency recovered, how much are you paying for the 4k plan with turkey?

        • @ $8.40

    • How much are you paying in another country/currency for Netflix? What’s the process of doing so? Will I need VPN to access the content on my overseas Netflix subscription on my smart tv? I am paying regular Australian price on my Netflix and want to cut that down just like I did with Youtube Premium by signing that up on Youtube India. Thanks

      • +2

        It varies according to exchange rate, but about A$8-9 for the top plan. Process described in a post above. Then get some other users to share the cost.

      • +2

        It ends up being $9.XX per month for a family level plan from memory after conversion. It fluctuates because of currency changes. I can't remember which country I signed up via.

        You only need a VPN to sign up for a particular's country's netflix price. After sign up, you can access Netflix without VPN, but only for their Australian library/content.
        If you want to access overseas shows, you need a VPN but might be a bit slow if your VPN provider isn't good.

        There's another ozbargain thread somewhere in the past that goes through more detail. Do a search and there will be more tips and tricks to help you.

        • Thanks for the explanation. Since I have an existing Netflix account in Australia, do I need to create a new account to sign up using VPN on Argentinian one or can I just convert that to Argentinian?

          • +1

            @Yankyviking: You can convert after your subscription expires. Any AUD credit on your account cannot be applied to the Argentinian account is my understanding, since the currencies are different.

            • @Poppin: That's great!. I have cancelled my Australian one ($13.99) which will end on Oct 17th and then I will sign up for the Turkish Standard Plan @ 5.41 Australian Dollar (approx).

    • +3

      This deal would be gold if AUD$96 can be used for foreign currency Netflix accounts. Unfortunately I don't think this is possible as I've looked into Netflix's T&C.

      If I purchase a gift card in one country, can I use it in another country?
      *Yes. You can use a gift card purchased in a different country as long as the gift card is for the same currency as your Netflix bill.

      • Thank you for clarifying

      • Is it a risk stocking up on Brazilian reals, would cover the standard plan for a year

    • TRY

  • I have a Chromecast Ultra. Would it be worthwhile getting this? Not sure if it would be an upgrade or downgrade.

    I don't care about Netflix.

    • +2

      probably don't need to upgrade if you have no issues and don't use netflix. But if you don't have either and non-smart tv its a good buy.

      I don't have etiher but don't think I need it, save some dollars and just get a chromecast. Smart TV already has the buttons/apps for viewing paid tv

    • +2

      I'd say yes because you're getting the Google TV experience as well as all the 4k chromecasting-ness you had before. You don't need another device now to control the CC, just use the remote included.

    • I had chromecast 3 sold mine for bought 40 barely used. And got this one givin the voucher to sister ( i dont use netflix) hence works out a really good deal upgrade.

  • +2

    is this pretty much buying a chromecast ultra (discontinued) + remote (+netflix)

    Also in the US store you can get a new power adaptor with ethernet connection https://store.google.com/us/product/chromecast_ethernet_adap...

    • Can we purchase that in Aus?

    • +2

      Think Android TV, an O/S, install apps etc Kodi, Plex, IPTV, some games.

      • Can you install those? I can't see any mention of storage size, and the t's and c's mention you must have a mobile device to cast to it?

        I was thinking this would be great for my parents, but not if a phone/tablet is required for it?

      • +2

        With just 2G memory, I'm not sure that it'll be all that great running Kodi.

        But I may be wrong, I often am.

        • +1

          2GB of RAM
          8GB of flash is being reported with about 4GB free. So definitely not a lot of room for apps as is.

        • +2

          The VodaTV box only has 2GB ram and 8GB storage. It runs Kodi/Plex(client) OK. Same for IPTV. Granted yes this definitely lacks storage otherwise, but thats what streaming from the internet or your network is for.

          • +1

            @Xizor: Yup I'm waiting to see what this device is like… I've got the VodaTV and I get frame rate issues playing 1080p h264 via Plex (h264 is perfectly smooth though!). I only use my VodaTV for streaming and Plex, so storage space is a non-issue

            • @webbiegareth: Yeah cool. I use VodaTV and Shield on main TVs. I dont recall frame rate issues with 1080p on the VodaTV, but i mostly use Kodi only Plex as backup if Kodi has issues. Then again with these things there can be so many variables.

    • +1

      I wonder if the ethernet PSU from the Chromecast Ultra would work with it…

      • Chromecast Ultra is micro USB
        Chromecast with Google Tv is USB-C

        • I was wondering the same thing. What about if you used this.

  • If the chromecast is the device name, what exactly is 'google tv'? Is it like YouTube TV?

    • the updated interface

      • Isn't that Android OS?

        • +1

          If your TV is an Android TV this is the same. Unless your TV runs crap you don't need this.

    • +2

      It's just Android TV, Google being Google again and renaming everything

      • I came here because I saw Google TV and wondered what it was. Google TV happens to be what they're renaming Google Play Movies & TV to as well. America has something called YouTube TV.

        It's like how they renamed Android Wear to Wear OS. Google similarly messed around with casting in Chrome and now you need the Google Home app on your phone. And still no Miracast…

    • +1

      Google TV is their version of Android TV. While most modern TVs come with the standard Android TV, Google has created a new skin on top with new features.

      • I see. I have an Android OS Sony TV and never heard of 'google tv' so wasn't sure.


    • +1

      It's an Android TV dongle.

      The Chromecast and Ultra were always waiting for a 2nd device to send the stream, ie a Phone, Tablet or PC to connect with the CC dongle.

      Now it's all in one with a remote,

      or HDMI CEC sync for the remote ( if the TV is new enough to have that… It's probably new enough to already have chromecast built in already)

      • +1

        Are you certain? This is in the terms.

        Chromecast with Google TV requires a TV with an HDMI port, a Wi-Fi network, a Google Account, a nearby electrical socket and a compatible mobile device.

        It also makes no mention of storage size on the device, that I can see?

        • +2

          You need an mobile device, android or iOS phone to set it up. Has about 4GB space inbuilt to download and install apps. Because it’s USB C, you can plug in an USB C hub and get Ethernet, USB ports for external HDD’s, just make sure you have a powerful USB C power supply. The device leaked about a week ago, people in US have purchased and tested all the features, just check out Reddit to learn about it.

    • They plan to Rename Android TV to Google TV
      Same thing, New Name .

  • Would it matter if google home is my account, and Netflix is under the wife’s email and name?

    Also, is there a Foxtel app? (Rather the chromecasting?)

    I was looking at a Foxtel now box for around $59

    • No.

      Yes - but it doesn't work with ALL Google TV devices. I'm guessing it would on this one, but I'm just guessing - the device is too new to have feedback.

      Foxtel Now box is very limiting - full Google TV experience - do whatever you want with all the apps available for Google TV.

    • I don't see why it matters. The logins are not integrated.

      Foxtel APP if not official should be able to be sideloaded, but wait for someone to confirm.

    • Nope, use my missus Netflix on my Nexus Player and Shield.

  • Was probably going to buy one anyway, so for ~$40 nett after Netflix credit which I also spend anyway, no brainer

    "Delivered by 6–9 Nov" though…

    Interesting that the normal one with no Netflix for $99 is out of stock (edit: white only in stock for both variants)

    • My order confirmation states Delivered by 23–26 Oct

    • JB Hi-Fi i went to today didn't have any stock, keen to get for $91 as someone did (and use a VPN netflix anyway). Although 6th is only a bit more than a week away.

  • It shows Out of Stock now. OP please update

    • Not for me it doesn't in White.

    • The Snow variant is still available.

      • Neither is the Sunrise

    • wrong.. White is in stock. Others are not. And white is probably the one I want anyways so pre-ordering now with the netflix bundle.

  • So I've got an old Chromecast and cast from my phone. Does this having a remote and interface mean you don't need the cast (like Apple TV)? If not, then isn't your phone/tablet the control anyways?

    • +3

      It's actually Android TV which has Chromecast built in. So allows you to run apps directly on the device rather than just cast to them.

      Having a remote is much nicer than getting your phone, unlocking, re-opening app etc.