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[Prime] T-FAL C530SC 12-Piece Set $76.20 Delivered @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


Seems pretty cheap for a 12 piece non stick set (though I think a few of the 'pieces' are lids), delivered via Amazon

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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    How many cable ties ?

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    fake tefal.. I might as well buy from Kmart, at least the refund policy is great!

  • Good find OP…nice first post.

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    I think a few of the 'pieces' are lids

    3 lids, 3 utensils, 3 pots, 3 pans = 12 piece

  • We have many sets of pans etc, but this has become our most used.

    In the beginning we though meh (particularly when we first pulled out the box), its light, thin but we gave it a fair go and found them to be great. Steaks are often an issue with most of our frying pans, even expensive ones, but we use the square pan from this lot and it is our best steak pan, even with 4 steaks on it there is no stewing. Pan heats quicker because the material is thin, and keeps the heat as it cooks.

    And we use all the other pans for various things. The small pan is a little unbalanced when you having nothing it in.

    Would certainly recommned this set. (we paid $94 a year ago)

    • Don’t cook steaks on nonstick.

    • Can they be used on gas?

      • WE use ours on Gas only.

  • I have these from last sale. Good quality for the price and quick delivery.

  • Reviews go down hill fast. I’ll skip

  • Thanks op. Got myself one since my current pots/pans are near the end of their useful lives…

    • did u get a chance to read the amazon reviews before purchasing?

  • Was going to buy this cos it's affordable but looking at the reviews on amazing is concerning

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    Plus $100 for delivery? How can this be a bargain?

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      FREE delivery: 4 - 6 Nov

  • I saw the reviews , and I bought two pans for 27 dollars , the other deal n shipping from uk

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    Should have just got cheapies, have only used a Bacarrat iD3 about 3 times and has scratches already (plastic utensils).. $40 for a 26cm hard anodised, meant to be decent. May keep an eye on it have a whinge before warranty up. Remember back in the day swapping Jamie Oliver (Tefal) pans at Myers about 3 times which they honoured ha,

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      • Sorry it was an older deal when robins kitchen were having some sale and 20% off.. seems like those pricks are always shutting down

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    Bought a set, then cancelled it after reading the reviews.

    • Yeh I held off after reading the reviews aswell, the pictures looks revolting

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    Pls note it's some T-FAL and the NOT the reputed brand Tefal. Pls make an informed decision. I think the whole idea behind this type of branding is to befool people.

    • Read the comment above mate.Tefal is called T-fal in US

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      Tefal is a French cookware and small appliance manufacturer owned by Groupe SEB (the world's largest manufacturer of cookware). … In some countries like the United States, Tefal is also marketed as T-Fal.

      You seem to be the one needing information.

      • Having lived in the US for many years, I can confirm this. All of them are branded T-Fal in the US. They are also sold at Target US, Walmart.

  • Is the deal expired? It says $486..

    • Out of stock I guess . Now we need to buy European sustainable Tefal only from myer

  • Yeah looks to be out of stock, good find though

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