New iPhone 11 Prices

Hi all,

I haven’t read all about the new iPhone 12. However the first thing I have noticed is how expensive they are (including the mini) and that iPhone 11 is cheaper.
64gb $999
128gb $1079
256gb $1249

These should still include the charger and headphones, which have been now discontinued in the 12. It makes the iPhone 11 more appealing.

What are your thoughts?



    Almost $1200 AUD for the cheapest one

    • Yes it is! It’s great it has 5g however most of us use mvno (at least I do), hence no point having that feature

      • +1

        AFAIK Optus is opening up their 5G network to MVNOs. Not sure about Telstra.

        • Wow, that would be great!

          • @fozzie: Yep it was just recently announced :)

        • Any news/links on this?
          Maybe $100/year with Aldi :)

          • @Boogerman: Supposedly it’s going to Optus’ wholesale partners, and for postpaid only right now. Some of which are Circles.Life, iprimus, Acurus, Moose Mobile, Dodo, Vaya.

            Honestly I’ve not heard of most of those. Possibly Vocus too.

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    iPhone SE 2020 64GB is $679 ($70 cheaper)

    • Oh true! I looked, but saw the first page which still showed the old price, but yes go to the actual pricing section and its cheaper now.

      Hmm the decisions. An iPhone SE 2020 64GB or a 2nd hand Xr, both similar prices

      • The xr is excellent (my current iPhone). The se has a small screen imo (then again you might want a smaller phone?)

        • I'm still on an iPhone 6!, so i can handle the smaller screen, but the question is do I want to? lol. I think i want to experience the larger phone and better battery life of the Xr, apposed to the faster 2020SE, but I'm still torn, I think it'll come down to weather or not i can get a good 2nd hand price

      • I recently got an SE as my first iPhone and have been enjoying it. No face ID so no funky 3d emojis :(

    • No amount of cheaper can hide the bezel. Bezels have no place 2020.

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    I am still on my iPhone 6S and absolutely no need to replace it. However, the wife is trying to upgrade her iPhone X to iPhone 11 so I will grab her X and pass my 6S to the kids. Still waiting for cheaper iPhone 11 deals at around the $800 - $900 range.

    • Yeah and you can always replace battery on the iPhone X if needed, to increase it's life!

    • How can you deal with poor battery?
      I’m so glad I upgraded
      Never need to carry a charger anymore

  • +3

    $949 with office works 5% price match v apple, if you get in before they change it.

    • Great find. It's very tempting at that price. My plan is not due until the end of this year so I am waiting for one of the big telcos to promote it on a plan.

  • Im still on an iPhone 7 Plus, on iOS 14 it is still very snappy and it hasn't slowed down for me much. Very happy with it, May upgrade next year though

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    My iPhone XS is still as good in my eyes as the last two updates, I'm going to see what changes in the iPhone next year.

    Man Apple are hanging onto the lightning cable!! And pretty rich of them to not include headphones or a power adapter!

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      Man Apple are hanging onto the lightning cable!! And pretty rich of them to not include headphones or a power adapter!

      I know right…. they omitted the charger n headphones for "Environmental" reasons… BS much? A vast majority of devices are using Type C so moving towards a more standardised port would reduce e-waste etc as well…

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    Apple: We didn't include a power adaptor for environmental reasons and everyone already has one.
    Also Apple: Let's put USBC on the other end of our included cable, even though we know 99% of adaptors out in the wild will be USB Type A and they'll have to buy one.

    Scum at its finest

    • +1

      Supplying USB Type-C cables for mass adoption is the best way to phase out USB Type-A/B.

    • +1

      MacBook Owners & The Tech Press for the last 3 Years: Why don't you include a USB-C cable in the iPhone box, we only have USB-C ports on our laptops

      • nit picking, but since 2016.

  • Anyone know the full price drops? I was tempted to do the vodafone SE deal, so want to know what is best value now.
    My 7 is 4 years old now, with our ipad and xiaomi box supporting airplay. not really wanting to go android

    • Just check the Apple au website. It is updated with the new prices.

      Maybe you wanna go with the iphone 11 or XR? With the SE, the screen is too small for comfort. That’s what I’ll be doing when I upgrade from my iPhone 6s Plus.

    • What app do you use on xiaomi box? Is it air screen? Just googling now as I would love to be able to just airplay to xiaomi (have 3 boxes around the house)

  • Unless you can utilize 5G, I don't see why you should go for the 12

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      Not everyone upgrades their phones yearly, some people (self included) hold onto their phones for a long time, i usually get between 3 to 5 years of use, so while 5G might not be a thing now, it could be pretty ubiquitous by 2023; and since there's a high chance of me still using the same phone at that point i'd like to be at least a bit future proof.

      • That completely understandable. I'm usually the same myself (or until when my phone decides to act up). However, at this point in time I personally think your paying a hefty premium just to get 5G. Moreover, my mobile provider (Boost Mobile) doesn't even provide 5G coverage, so I will get no benefit in the near future and I'm not planning to switch telco anytime soon. I don't even think Telstra Prepaid customers are able to utilize 5G even.

        • Boost will get 5g eventually. The same thing happened with 4G and nextG, telstra held it exclusively as a differentiator and then it eventually rolled out to boost

          • @jlien: I agree with you that Boost will get 5G (If I remembered correctly Boost got 4G in 2015). However, I think by the time 5G has arrive at Boost, I will be looking at a upgrade anyway.

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    The new iphones were rumoured to be considerably cheaper than they actually are, no thanks.

    My kids both due for new phones soon, was thinking the new mini might be an option but not at that price.

    • Your best chance of getting cheap iPhone 12 Minis for your kids is to get iPhone SE 2020s and tell them it's the former.

      • I wish they were that gullible.

    • How often do you let your kids change their phones and are they high school age?

      • My kids have second hands iPhone 7(both have slight problems, but they are still fine). I let them keep them until there are not usable now, as I have realised they don't look after their phones properly. Not worth upgrading unless they are unusable

      • Daughter 17 and her iphone 8 is nearly 3 years old. Son 14 iphone 6 he's had for 2 years. Both still working fine. Was considering the SE but the bezel… Have to get them something for Christmas anyway.

        • Yes, that’s fair enough. Se it’s a good upgrade from iPhone 8 imo. Esim and new chip make it worth it.
          Btw if your 17 yo uses a lot of data you can set up a $15 Telstra esim so she gets 5gb full speed and the rest slowed down unlimited. I am on that plan and can perform all my daily tasks with slowed down data no problems
          Then as the main sim have a cheap one year like catch

        • How about getting 2 iphone 11s? I would buy jbhifi vouchers with 5% off, sign up for a new Citi Rewards card to pay for the phones. Preorder all the screen protectors and transparent smash proof cases from AliExpress for $8.

          Citi gives a free $500 voucher for spending $3k within three months, with $99 annual fee. Great way to buy something for the kids, partner and the $500 voucher would be my present.

  • +1

    I just got the iphone SE 64gb, upgraded from 6S.
    Did not think that iphone 11 would drop down in price due to iphone 12 coming out, otherwise would've waited a bit more and bought iphone11.

    • Don’t the prices of the previous model usually drop? But I agree the iphone 11 128gb is looking more attractive now.

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    What are your thoughts?

    Buy Apples shares

  • I've been an Android user all my life but bought a MBP about a year ago and tbh I really love it. So I was thinking about going to iPhone (still have Samsung S9) but I don't know about the new 12's…
    No USB-C (which is all I have), no wall charger (I don't have a USB-C wall charger), no headphones (I don't have lightning headphones or adapter) so I am very unsure if it's worth it.
    On the plus side, I am on a 5G plan with Telstra so I would actually benefit from the 5G and the new camera looks pretty sweet.

    Anyone have a MBP and Android and deal with them regularly? My current S9 is quite painful to get photos off - the attraction of the MBP and iPhone compatibility was a big attraction for me.

    What does everyone think?

    • I think the apple laptops are great but the phones are meh for me. I'm the only one in my family who doesn't have one as I see nothing in theirs to justify the price.

      • I dont like how incompatible an Android phone is with MBP though. I had to download some 3rd party software that is very buggy just to get photos off my S9. Have you got around this?

        I'm not sure how much importance I should be putting on the compatibility and connectivity aspect of an iPhone and Mac.

        • +1

          I actually use a windows laptop (work laptop) most of the time. My wife and kids all have apple laptops and they perform really well. I find them weird to use because I'm not used to the mac OS but its second nature to them.

          Kids have Macbook airs for school which are durable enough to survive constant use (both for school work and other stuff) and being carried around in their bags every day. My daughter's has been going almost 3 years, very impressed with how well its lasted. The HP she had before (leased from school) was hopeless in comparison and deteriorated quickly.

          I know my family love how their phones and laptops work together so well and that's part of how Apple hook people into their system. Given you have the MBP then iphone would probably be a good fit with that.

          • @Brianqpr: You pick up the Mac OS pretty quick, I just learnt some basic shortcuts and I'd say I am pretty proficient with it now.

            I think I need to do some research on what is actually good about the Mac/iPhone pairing.

            Bummed the new iPhone isn't USB-C, probably wouldn't be so torn about this haha

            • @JoKing: I suspect iphone 13 won’t even have the lightning port. it will just skip usb-c and go straight to wireless only.

        • +1

          I suppose dropping photos and files from iPhone to Mac it’s absolutely incredible.
          I have a MacBook from work and my iPhone and they are flawless.
          However, I’m changing job and bought a super cheap Surface pro 3. I know it won’t be as good working with the iPhone, but I can’t justify spending more money atm.
          No long ago I bought the ipad air 3, can’t justify spending another 2 grand on a laptop

    • I'm using Mbp and a Samsung phone. I use Dex or Smart Transfer if i want to share photos from Phone to Macbook.
      I want to have an iPhone to have a better fit with my Mac and Airpod Pro but iPhone price is just insanely high

      • I couldn't get DEX working. Do you recommend it? Would love to see an easy way to get from my S9 to MBP.

        The new S20 Ultra impressed me more than the iPhone 12.

        • Dex is honestly a novel feature at the moment. It can be quite slow when having a lot of apps/browser tabs open. It is much easier to use a desktop OS right now. It may get better and it could be useful if you are not at home/work and need to access something desktop-style, but right now there is very little reason to use Dex if you have to choose between using Dex and a computer that is right next to you.

        • Also try out smart Transfer. It's samsung's own software for transfering files. Its better than using some buggy third party program.

          • @ozziekhoo: Yeah okay, thanks. I will have a look. And that will work for Samsung -> Mac?
            Here's hoping!
            The wireless DEX with the new S20's seems like a cool idea. Wonder if that is any different?

            • +1

              @JoKing: Yes works for Samsung to Mac as well as Mac to Samsung.

            • +1

              @JoKing: i though the wireless Dex only for TV??
              Well to be honest, I dont think you should give high expectation on the ability of Dex on S20 or Samsung phone in general. I owned a S20+ and I only use Dex for quickly transfer photos to Macbook. For other documents, videos, i prefer using Smart transfer.
              I barely use android apps via Dex on Mac because the resolution looks really bad, it makes my Mac looks like a non-retina Mac one.
              If i could have the extra money, i would go for an Iphone.

              • @anhtram222: Yeah looking at it now you may be right. My bad.

                The hardware on the new S20's just seems to be so much better. I think I'll wait for some reviews from iPhone 12 users.

                • @JoKing: If you like the S series, maybe wait for S21 or wait for the price of S20 Ultra to reduce, Samsung phone specs are only good on paper in my opinion. It's only good when you can buy it for cheap.

                  • @anhtram222: Didn't even realise the S21 had begun development or been speculated. You just think Samsung's aren't as coherent as Apple?

                    • @JoKing: Yeah S-series usually release in March.
                      like i said, Samsung phones are only good if you can buy it for cheap, the resale value of the phone drop real fast.

    • I think you should follow your heart.

  • Need a pro size screen due to my vision. Still on a iphone 6s plus that is still perfect. Was hoping the 11 pro size would become more affordable, but looks like I will be hanging onto the 6s plus even longer.

  • I don't see why a charger and some crappy headphones would make the iPhone 11 more appealing. I've got a bowl full of Apple chargers and a pile of unopened Apple headphones. The biggest difference between the 11 & 12 are the display's. The 11 has LCD while the 12's have OLED and of course the 12's have 5G radios.

    • Is the OLED screen worth an extra $400 in your opinion? Comparing between iPhone 11 128Gb and Iphone 12 128gb. Stuff the 5G and MagSafe magnet.

      • RRP the diff is $350. Is it worth the difference for a OLED and 5G radio probably not if you're not in a 5G coverage area often and you don't already have a OLED phone. I've got a iPhone X and I wouldn't want to go back to LCD after the OLED. My iPhone X has been off contract for a new and it's still like new condition so there's no real reason for me to upgrade as the camera difference is that big of a deal to me either. However my daughters got a aging 6s that's got a battery that in bad shape and minor crack in the screen so might upgrade in the new year and pass mine down to her.

        • I’m coming from a 6s plus so anything really is an upgrade. Thanks didn’t know iPhone X was OLED. I’m going to watch a couple of videos iPhone X vs 11 to check the difference. I’m sure your daughter would be really happy for you to upgrade haha!

          • @Flowerbomb: To be honest she probably couldn't care less. She's not glued to her phone at all. It typically runs out of battery because she hasn't touched in it a couple of days rather than use.

    • 12 has vastly better screen, 5G (meh), big improvement in camera performance, MagSafe wireless charging, which I suspect will be bigger and bigger over time.

      that said, I will be buying an 11 next few days. if it was a month’s time I might think very seriously about the 12 mini, but Miss entropy’s birthday is this weekend and it is time to retire the 6+. And the 11 comes in yellow.

      • I like the 11! I’m thinking of upgrading but I don’t know yet to which phone. I currently have an xr, which would go to my husband. I don’t have to though as my 2 years old xr performs well and still 89% battery

  • +1

    Best way to get the iPhone 11 as discounted as possible?

    With Suncorp I think the best options are 6% on Apple Store gift cards (+$3 delivery) or 7.23% on HN gift cards (+$4 delivery) - with Apple Store gift cards the good thing is that you can purchase any amount you like, whilst with HN you can only buy in increments of $100 or/and $500.

    Anyone has tips on how to maximise the bargain?

    • Thanks Luketech I will have a look! I was thinking of using my Amex though as there is a screen replacement free warranty.

      I’m very good with my phones but you never know

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