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Macquarie Bank - 3% off Amazon Gift Cards


If you are a Macquarie account holder you can purchase Amazon giftcards at 3% discount. This is a new merchant they have added, and might be useful for some for the 2nd day of Prime sale.

You can signup for a new account here - https://apply.macquarie.com.au/MacApp/Package/Application.ht... if don't have one.

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  • Always get my gift cards instantly using this as well FYI.

  • Amazon suspended again, saying cannot verify my credit card 😅

  • You need to pay from your macquarie account so this is unlikely to work today for anyone that doesn't have an account already.

  • Thanks OP, wish I knew this yesterday. Just purchased a gift card to try and it was instant.

  • Gift cards don't qualify for cashback right?

    • Purchases paid with gift cards are eligible for cashback. You don't get cash back for buying gift cards.

  • this or amex 10 points / dollar?

  • Also 3% on suncorp rewards. and you can pay using a credit card instead.

    • Suncorp benefits says $500 limit per month for Amazon gift cards.

      "Please be advised that there is a purchase limit of $500 per month for Amazon eGift Cards."

      Just checked my Macquarie acc, doesn't seem to be a limit.

      • That is true.
        Depends on how much you need, whether you want to pay using a credit card or directly from your linked macquarie account.

        • Ah I haven't got a CC with Macquarie, so not sure about that, but as far as buying through your account, doesn't seem to specify a limit.

          • @Munki: I have a Macquarie CC, you can't use it to purchase gift cards. Macquarie only allow you to purchase gift cards by using a savings transaction account. You're correct there is no limit specified if purchasing through Macquarie.

            With Suncorp you can purchase using any credit card, so it's good for those that are collecting credit card points. But yes the $500 limit per month.

  • Yay Macquarie, this is awesome!

    But I'm also with NIB and get 5% off gift cards, but am charged a 1% CC fee, and has a 24-48 hour delivery time..

    Is instant delivery worth a 1% difference?

    • HCF also have a similar deal, so when I tried to buy some on the morning of the PS5 pre-order, I got screwed and they arrived at the end of the day, so now I have $750 of gift cards to do nothing with. Previously they arrived within 5 minutes, so I'm never doing that again.

      • +1 vote

        For me Suncorp is always instant, HCF takes at least 12 hours

      • You can change a payment method on Amazon orders if they didn't charge you yet, so if you would preorder with a debit/credit card, you would be able to change it to gift cards later on.

  • I have a credit card account with Macquarie already and only given the option to buy gift cards with points….how do I get it to let me buy with $$?

    • I think you can only buy gift cards with $$ via savings account, when with CC you need to use points?

      Not sure but I only have CC and not giving me option to buy with $$.

    • I believe you need to have a debit / normal account to be able to buy gift cards with cash. The account is free and pretty easy to open.

  • Can these be used with subscribe and save?

  • Effectively 4% at Maxxia if you work for government. Also payable by credit card.

  • are amazon gift cards locked to the .au store? can they be used at .uk or .com ?