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Breville Duo-Temp Pro $299 Pick up or + Delivery @ Big W


Breville Duo Temp is back at $299 as per previous deals.

Online only from 14/10 in store from 15/10

Just saw free delivery today (14/10) only.

"Spend $100 or more in one transaction at www.bigw.com and have your order delivered to any street address in mainland Australia for FREE! Offer ends at Midnight AEDT on the 14 Oct 2020."

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  • Is this good for making coffee at home?

    • https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/breville-bes810
      Reviews look positive for most part, but would love to hear from OzBargainers' opinion/experience on it

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        I got this machine as a gift and its actually pretty good. Great for making a coffee or 2 but if you need to make coffee for more than 2-3 people will take a while as its slower than a big machine.
        The steamer is surprisingly strong and consistent, the group handle comes with different baskets and is easy to clean and compact.
        If i needed to i wouldn't hesitate to buy another.

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        I own one of these after replacing a 10+ year old BES800 (original version).

        This makes a better coffee, comes with 4 baskets, single and double shot double and single wall baskets. I just leave the double-shot single-wall in mine and use fresh ground coffee (separate grinder).

        I have a couple of gripes with it:
        1. Its very light, meaning the machine moves when you're putting the portafilter in (the handle with the baskets).
        2. Water container and waste tray are a bit too small.

        But at $299 - this is a great buy, and I would buy again.


    • I own one. It makes great coffee, especially if you use fresh ground coffee

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      Yes, a great machine to get up and running.
      It's got the essentials for good consistent coffee:

      1. Modern thermocoil gives efficient inline heating of the water as it flows though (I like this helical design much better than the old sandwich approach)
      2. PID temperature control monitors the output and quickly adjusts heating to keep output temperature under more accurate control than is possible with old fashioned thermostats.
      3. Stainless steel portafilter has good weight and thermal inertia.
      4. Manual controls allows you to work on your technique (adjust grind, dose, tamp pressure, extraction time), less variables and things to go wrong.
      5. Not sure of it comes with an unpressurised basket in the portafilter, but get one of necessary for better output.
        The things it doesn't have which can be useful but rarely get at this price, (but not having them won't stop you from making good coffee):
        Pressure gauge
        Temperature adjustment
        Volumetric (1/2 cup) buttons
        58 mm portafilter
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        As above, comes with 2x pressurised, 2x non-.

    • Yes it is. We bought ours 3.5 years ago and it hasn't skipped a beat. We have a separate Breville grinder so we wanted a machine without a grinder. In saying that we also wanted something that was semi-automatic and this fit the bill and price range ($310 delivered back then after factoring in a 10% EBay voucher).

    • I've had this machine for over 5 years. Has not skipped a beat. Was concerned during lockdown that the extra usage with me being home all the time, but it worked faultlessly every time. It's fantastic.

  • Would the Delonghi Dedica be a better an option than this?

    • The Dedica has volumetric control and preinfusion, but needs mods to make good coffee. It has an aluminium portafilter which feels cheap and nasty, and the steam wand is awful, but can also be modified.

      The tamper it comes with is the most dodgy thing - it is an absolute travesty with zero redeeming features.

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    Went with the Breville Bambino Plus instead of this - this seems unnecessarily large for a coffee machine with no attached grinder

  • Im adding to cart, still showing shipping $33

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    Bought this last time for the same price - I don't recommend simply that there is no timer… You have to turn the knob to run water through the coffee - count to 30 and turn it off. The steam wand also pours water out before steam so makes the milk watery… It also purges at the end of each coffee that fills up the drip tray after 5 or so coffees.

    Don't bother getting this if you regularly make coffee for more than 2 people.

    It does produce great coffee though.

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      This is a manual control machine, it does not have volumetric controls. If you want those features, you can go for the Delonghi dedica, Breville Bambino, some of the Sunbeam EM series, or the Breville Infuser.

      A more famous manual machine is the Rancilio Silvia. Now, it is slightly different in that it has a boiler rather than a thermocoil.
      But what is the first mod that owners generally dream about modifying on that machine?
      It is not adding volumetric control - it is adding PID thermal control, similar to what is already in this machine (although without temperature adjustment unfortunately).

      Most thermoblock/thermocoil machines will express water at the start of the steam operation (at least, all of the ones I have used - even the dual boiler will often express some water at the start).
      You purge the water into the drip tray/another container until you see steam, briefly turn it off and then proceed to texture your milk.

      I was using the dedica a few weeks back so I had to adjust my technique for that while the dual boiler was getting serviced.
      When making 2 cups I learned to extract the two espressos one after the other, then do the milk steaming for the two before purging again and then it is good to go for the next round.

  • Same price at Amazon

  • This is a great little machine. Used it for 5 years before upgrading to BDB.

  • Choice said $89 Kmart one is as good as expensive one?


    • They make a fairly selective statement - they don't recommend that machine. Their comment is that the flavour was preferred over the delonghi la specialista, which is not a good example of a coffee machine but rather is overpriced and full of strange gadgets, like a tamping lever.
      The kmart machine performs poorly in other areas I suspect

    • I've been trying to get the Kmart machine with no success for months. Kmart's website will incorrectly state they have stock, only to find out they don't actually have any when you try and check out. I think I'll pay the money to a retailer that actually has stock of items they claim to sell.

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    Thanks OP. Got it for effective price of $269 delivered

    $299 - 5% discounted wish cards = $284

    Big-W also has 10x point promotion for today expiring midnight. Will get 3000 points = $15

    Final price $284 - $15 = $269

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    Price match at Officeworks for extra 5% off!

  • How would this compare to a Rancilio Silvia?