Amazon Prime Day Deals Disappoint You? (POLL)

Just a vote/poll on what you thought about the Prime Deals….Did they disappoint you?

(This forum post is targeting a vote/poll, please dont think its a duplicate of other current discussions about Prime Day)

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  • +2

    Buyers remorse or FOMO validation OP?

  • +3

    Legit wanted to know what others thought…I mean they advertised it a fair bit, but I thought it fell flat somewhat…

    • I bought way more than I expected to. It was too good for me.

  • meh, wasn't really any mindblowing bargains… just got a few niche' things that i probably don't need.

  • +1

    I'd class them, from the perspective of what I was looking for, as "OK" … enough to get me over the line for what I really wanted, but couldn't find anything compelling on the "maybe list".

  • +2

    Got a few things, biggest bonus is free shipping for prime customers

    • I totally agree with your comment. The free shipping on items that actually turn up when they say it will is a massive win.

  • Big letdown, particularly compared to the US only stuff (eg. monitors, pc components)

  • +1

    If I said yes, it'd be sour grapes, because I had cancelled my subscription (the Crayola chalk and WD drives were good deals but we don't really need it now). But I dare say eBay's counteroffers were better, especially with Shopback's contribution.

  • +3

    I spent $900 on the Ebay sales and only $200 or so on Amazon yesterday, so yes I was quite disappointed with their day.
    Kept missing the low stock lightning sales on low price items yesterday and today too

  • yes and no. i got a few things we need rather than buying things i didn't need because #sales. Free International Shipping no minimum was good on a couple things i got for the kids.

  • +1

    It disappoints me every year even though I've come to expect it.

  • Still seems to be America centric they had the Garmin 1030 GPS at $299 USD which was a ripper, couldnt buy it here. Lame deals mostly.

  • Nothing great, ended up spending more on eBay, but did pick up a few things that were needed anyway. Only one that was a random purchase that I didn't really need but was a nice to have. Was only $16 anyway.

  • +1

    I got quite a few but got cheated at one product that was sold at higher price than later in that day.

    Nevertheless, I got some good bargains. Some was advertised from Ozb (eg: MX1 Mouse $48)

  • Thanks for the responses thus far. Its interesting to see that I wasn't the only one. The misses did mention that she thought the T2 deal was fairly good but needed to be up 2 am to get it.
    I also noticed that the US/UK sale items were not bad. I expected maybe a little more from the Aus platform

  • +4

    Due to prime day I got cheap Nintendo Switch from eBay, lol.

  • Pretty good imo, I bought things that I need, so I know I won’t get buyer’s remorse! I bought Milo, MX master mouse, air purifier and a random meat thermometer. Spent <$80.

    • +1

      Milo =/= buyer’s remorse

  • +2

    I must have bought about 30 things, very happy indeed. Recieved 12 things today which was another shock as I live in WA. One day turnaround is pretty good. Got some nice shirts, boardgames for dinner parties, new controllers. Drinks were so cheap as every can here went up 10c. It might not have been the "best" but it sure as hell beats Ebay deals…

  • I found the ebay plus deals much more appealing, was looking for pc parts. The amazon ones were easily resistible. I missed the ps4 controller deal, that was probably about the one thing I'd buy straight off.

  • +1

    Overshadowed by Ebay's 20% plus deal but otherwise I picked up a few deals. Nothing amazing though.

  • Bit disappointed yes, but that's because I waiting for a deal that looks like

    A More Fulfilling Life! 75% off @ Amazon

    It never comes up though. Honestly I should probably stop looking

  • I had on my eyes on tuna, really disappointed haha

  • I think a lot of us are a bit exhausted from browsing stroke, from all day scanning of deals. Worst when there was nothing interesting to buy, at least saved some $$ as consolation for Black Friday/Cyber Monday - lol.

  • 14TB for $299 from AMAZON UK everything else was a disappointment. Like always in Australia

  • I picked up Asus xt8 from eBay flash 20% off. So paid more to eBay on Prime day 🤪

  • Was reasonably happy with this year's Prime Day(s). Got a few things I've been waiting for including a lightning deal on the gopro. Annoying though that you have to be very lucky to score these bargains.

    • Gopro 9? I was hoping for that but never even saw the deal, in fact I don't think the 9 is even listed on the site any more, it was on launch day then seemed to disappear.

      • No the 7. I tried to post this deal but it got taken down. Someone commented "The deal is over and has been for like 30min and was fully claimed" but that was obviously not true as I scored the deal 5 minutes earlier and then tried to post to help my fellow Ozbargainers.

        The 9 only came out last month so it will be hard to find a bargain right now. It's listed as $600 and in stock.

        • Ah OK. Interesting that it's back on the site. It definitely wasn't the past few days, I checked both days hoping for a deal. I know it's unlikely given how new it was but you never know, the prices are jacked up at release so they do have room to move.

          • @apsilon: This is true. They aim to make big profits from people who can't wait. I'm sure there'll be sales in the near future given we're approaching December. Hope you get a bargain. Good luck.

      • the gopro 9 was 20% off at ebay

        • I assume that was with Plus membership? Tried it and didn't find it worthwhile so cancelled it.

          • @apsilon: yep, the flash sale was on all Plus Items

  • Sprite Lemonade Soft Drink Multipack Cans, 24 x 375 ml - $11
    Skittles Fruits Bulk, 1.1 kg - $9
    Starburst Party Mix Large Bag, 500g - $2.70

    Total: $22.70

    That's how much Bezos got out of me. It wasn't for lack of trying though. Nearly bought a blender at some stage.

    Overall I guess I wasn't the target audience. Would have been nice if I were building a PC. There were tons of Mobos flying around.

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