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[PC] Steam - Free - NiGHTS into Dreams - Steam via SEGA


Another freebie from Sega.
This time it is the classic title "Nights into dreams".
Linking your Steam account is required.

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    An absolute classic back in the days of the Sega Saturn. A special analog controller was developed to help bring out the best of this game.

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      I had it on my Saturn as a kid and never new wtf was going on. It was like Sonic on acid.

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      That 3D Controller! It went on to be the design for the Dreamcast controller too

      To this day I love my Saturn. I keep a CRT in the garage with it hooked up so my kids and I can still play Virtua Cop 1 & 2.

      • Still got Virtua Cop 1 and 2 and the gun. No CRT to use them on, but I'll be dammed if I get rid of them.

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    For those wondering, once you signed and linked your steam account on the site provided, the game will automatically appear in your steam library within 5 minutes.

  • website doesn't work? ddos/ozbargained?

    edit: this one seems to be working: https://60th.sega.com/en/

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      Failed first time sign up but worked second time signing up with Steam account using Firefox. With game showing up in Steam library.

    • I had to block an element via firefox to get access to the email entry field, something tried to load over the top of the site but didn't display anything.

  • Some will like it some will hate it. I personally didn't like it. I got this game way back in the Saturn days. But free hey why not ???

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    Oh man, this game was probably the first I experienced my jaw dropping when I was a kid. The next experience was when I saw naked pictures for the first time………………..

  • All works…there is a lot of SEGA freebies this week

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    Tip: getting this still works after entering a fake email address into the first field

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    Great game. I loved the soundtrack.

    FYI for those that have NFI what to do, you need to collect all the blue orbs in the level. You can do so by flying through the orbs, looping around them or by killing enemies by doing loops around them, making sure your star trail connects (Think of Tron tracks). You then take them to the big floating sphere until you collect them all. Your score increases depending on the time left, and the style of how you collect them, as well as flying through rings. As an example, you get more by doing a loop around a group of orbs rather than just flying through them to collect them

    Good luck! This was one of my favourite games on the Saturn as a teenager.

    • Thanks for that. Great instructional summary.

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  • Rad, I love Sega

  • NiGHTS could do wonders with a ‘proper’ sequel taking advantage of Ps5/ XseX

    Journey of dreams is not a good sequel - took away the score attack like gameplay

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