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Meguiar's Ultimate Compound 450ml $19 (Was $30) @ Repco


Great price for this stuff.

I've used it on my cars and it restores the paint like new!

Be careful when using so you don't do more damage to your paint, especially if you are using a machine polisher, I would recommend applying it by hand.

Meguiar's Ultimate Compound is a revolutionary DIY product that cuts so fast and leaves the surface looking so good, it's hard to believe it's possible. Using micro-abrasive technology developed from Meguiar's state-of-the-art professional detailer and body shop products, Ultimate Compound cuts as-fast-as heavy abrasive compounds but without the marring, making Ultimate Compound the safest and most effective way to remove surface defects such as; scratches, scuffs, swirls, oxidation, water marks and blemishes. It also dramatically reduces the time and effort required to safely restore colour and clarity to abused and neglected paint. Yet simultaneously deliver unrivalled gloss and a blemish-free finish to even well-maintained paint.

Supecheap Auto also has this on sale for $19.99 if it is more convenient to purchase: https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/meguiars-meguiars-ultima…

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    Love this stuff. Works in so well with a DA and wipes off so easily.

    • DA?

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        Dual Action Polisher

        • Thankyou friend

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    Contrary to the OP, I find this stuff easy to apply and hard to do damage to paint. It's fantastic.

    I've used it to restore many cars and it always comes up amazing. Finish off with a good wax to seal.

    I've used a Dual-Action polisher such as this: https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/rockwell-shopseries-rock…

    Makes it SO much easier than by hand. It's not hard to use, just keep the polisher moving and only use the weight of the polisher, ie don't push down. I can get a whole car down in less than an hour.

    • What's your steps to detailing?

      Wash, clay, polish, wax?

      • Yeah, I'm not too pedantic. Clay every few years, Wash regularly with this Meguiar's Wash and Wax (yellow). Twice per year reapply wax.

        Only do Ultimate Compound when it needs it. If you maintain regular wax, this protects the surface from fading in the first place.

        • What is your secret to removing tree sap, bugs, etc. to get a silky smooth finish from a wash? Previously, I made the mistake of clay barring everytime I washed the car. Great finish otherwise.

          • @mokkzzz: pretty much remove bugs and droppings as soon as you see them. midges leave a particularly nasty, crusty mess so i like to get rid of those every night when i come home. i use autoglym bird wipes for spot cleans. keep the wipes sealed as tightly as you can in their packet and you can use it more than a few times, folding it over). note that the wipes leave some residue so i like to go over with a spray & wipe detailer and mf cloth the next day or so.

          • @mokkzzz: One secret to removing tree sap is ice (literally ice cubes from your fridge will do). Tree sap becomes quite brittle when exposed to ice, and ice will remove it far easier than a clay bar will.

            So just grab some ice from your freezer, and rub it over the sap. They should come right off, no expensive products are needed.

    • Same here, I find that Ultimate Compound is actually quite easy to use and is actually not as aggressive as professional cutting compound. In fact, it didn't even remove some of the heavier swirls on my car (MY15 Skoda), but it removed a lot of the finer ones. I also used the Rockwell DA polisher, with 5" back plate and eBay honeycomb pads (very average, you get what you paid for).

      If you're using a rotary polisher then yes, you need to be careful. With DA polisher, no need to worry.

  • Thanks, I use this for resurfacing disc.

  • This vs. Meguiar's polish?

    If this is more abrasive, is it sensible to just be more careful and use the machine polisher more lightly/quickly to get the same results?

    • Compound removes deep scratches and swirls but leaves some marring as a biproduct. Polish will remove marks left by compound. Wax to seal.

    • Depends on your car paint. I've heard that Japanese cars have softer paint compared to European cars so the compound will haze the clear coat more, so it will require a polish after compounding.

      Watch this and decide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Dydkw9OYwQ

  • i had ruined small bit of paint, maybe i applied too much or rubbed too much, it looks like there is a faded patch… whats the trick to use?

    • is it only the clear coat or did you burn through to the base coat?

      • I guess the clear coat. I can see small patch as if it's been sanded or something has been done there

        • If your fingernails catch on the scratches, it's too deep and you'll need to touch up the clear, sand it flat, compound, and then polish it to get the gloss back.

          • @tdw: Hey thanks for the tip. Will try it out.

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