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India's Original Masala Chai 454 Gram $29.99 Delivered ($10 off) @ Vahdam Amazon AU


Apply Code: OZPRIMEDAY at checkout for flat $10 off on purchase of Original Masala Chai Pack 200 cups from Vahdam India. Deal is also valid on :

1) Imperial Earl Grey Black Tea 454 Gram (AU $29.99) : https://amzn.to/3lMDGrV
2) Assam Black Tea 454 Gram (AU $27.99) : https://amzn.to/377kst6

Vahdam recently also got featured in Discovery as most promising startup: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=4915380318473916
Lastly we standby our 100% Money Back No questions asked guarantee. Just mail us at [email protected].
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  • Does it work on Darjeeling? Do you need to be a prime member?

    • Hi Tetiana,
      This deal is not on Darjeeling Tea. No you dont have to be Prime member for using this.


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    Thanks Rep, this is perfect timing as I bought your Chai Tea sampler as a gift for my mother a while back and she just asked to order her favourites.

    One problem though, you only have three varieties of your Chai Tea listed in your Australian Amazon store: https://www.amazon.com.au/stores/page/EE30E213-17D4-4BF3-BAA...

    Any chance you will be making any of the other varieties available soon?

    I’m not a Tea connoisseur but my mother has been drinking at least three teas a day forever and she loved these Vahdam Chai teas.

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      Hi Toasty,
      Other chai tea variants are already available on Amazon Australia. However not running any deal on them right now. I would recommend going for Original Masala Chai. IN Usa this product has almost 1200 reviews. Check it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B017P6DS5A/


      • Do you have any red chai tea (Rooibos)?

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    thanks for reminding me. Time to make some indian masala chai now

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    That's a dupe. You can get masala tea (500 grams) for around 10$ in any indian grocery store.

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      Couldn't agree more, this is highly aggravated price for Masala Chai. Not even worthy of being a deal in my eyes.

      • Any good recommendations?

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          It might be hard to pronounce but go for Wagh Bakri chai. This is the one I get for our home. You can also get Tata Tea at your nearest Indian store and use a bit of cinnamon and cardamom to get that spicy flavour or get a Tulsi Chai and add the same couple of spices to make it taste gooood. :)

          Edit:- Also what krishnabhargavt said.

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            @rhymingboxer1: Thank you for the pointers. I’ll see what they stock at my local Indian grocery store. :)

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              @toasty: Hi,
              I cant comment on any tea company. However pricing is highly dependent on quality of product. All our teas are sourced from Single farm source. Further within 1 Week of tea plucking, these are transferred to our warehouse and vacuum stored. As you know Tea loses its flavour with time unlike Wine.
              So sure, you will get the teas at all price points. Its just the care and effort that will differentiate our Product. In USA we have over 25000+ reviews and 4.65+ rating. In Australia, our pricing is lesser than in USA.
              You can check this yourself: https://www.amazon.com/stores/VAHDAM/page/35B7F9C4-0383-4473...


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        I have tried lots of chai, in India and other countries. Personally I prefer this brand.
        It is much better.
        I buy lots of tea in bulk, for various purposes and like coffee there are vast quality and price differences.
        What it comes down to is personal preference. How much are you willing to pay for better taste/quality?
        This is good value, great tasting tea. I enjoy it much more than other brands, but I won't use it for making liters every day.

        I very much enjoy a daily cup or two. It reminds me of really great chai in India.

        That's my personal reason for buying it.
        Other people may enjoy a different tea and that's what makes life interesting. Would be boring if we all did the same. :)

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          I did the Rickshaw Run in India and had heaps of really nice masala chai from across the country. I make it from scratch at home but never get it quite as good as there, but I’m also not using unpasteurised fully cream milk. Maybe it’s the dirty, unclean pots they use too.

          I normally use ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, jaggery or other sugar and half milk half water. And Assam tea. I brought back a bag, which seemed exactly what they use in India. After that was finished a friend brought me back a big bag, same deal. But I bought an Assam tea from Manna Beans and it isn’t anything like the Indian stuff. Any pointers to some good Assam tea that’s just like they use in the subcontinent? I might one day put together a masala mix, didn’t think about buying something like this deal.

          • @GeneralSkunk:

            Maybe it’s the dirty, unclean pots they use too.

            Can't expect 5 star quality.

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              @RSmith: Somehow using dirty, unclean pots has not improved any tea in this house.
              If you live with teenagers they will be happy to help you experience that.

              At least in this household…

          • @GeneralSkunk: I used to make my own spice mix like you with roasted spices and Assam tea, but now I just buy the chai tea above.
            I have not tried this company's Assam tea yet. You could try it, they will refund you if you don't like it.
            I tried various teas of theirs and they were all very fresh/good.

            The chai tea is so fragrant, very powerful scent when you open the package which is different to other teas I have tried. Every time I open the chai tea again it is very strong, fresh, unlike a more 'dusty' note from others.

            I think to get a better tea you also need good water. I am now using filtered rainwater with added minerals. Australia lacks lots of minerals in soil, water.
            Adding magnesium bicarbonate water and a tiny bit of pink Himalayan salt really makes much better tea I found.
            For chai I use full fat milk and would love to use jaggery, but can't use sugar for medical reasons. Am using liquid Stevia instead.
            Obviously not totally authentic, but I love really strong tea and Indian spices.
            I really look forward to my 2 cups a day!

            I still have other various indian brand spices/chai teas here, but those are not as good as in India.
            I get my spices /teas/ herbs by the kilo (organic/fresh) and roast/grind them for cooking/ teas. Good quality, but vadham's teas are fresher. So I use their chai tea and others for a very good cup a day.
            I use the other sourced good bulk tea for Kombucha/ ice tea etc.

            • @Pumat: Thanks Pumat, interesting about the minerals in the water. Maybe I'll add a touch of salt to my next brew. I was thinking I should just try boil pure milk and do it that way (take water out of the equation). A friend of mine who came to India with me (and lives in Fiji, where there are a lot of Indians) adds powdered milk to his chai to creamify it, and it turns out really good! I added evaporated milk to my last batch, which helped add that X-factor. But I need to get some of this Tata tea others are talking about. I usually get my spices from a couple of local Indian spice shops. But in Melbourne lock-up, I think they are >5km away so no avail.

              I agree with what others are saying, local Indian shops are much cheaper. It sounds like you're really vouching for the freshness of the Vahdam tea though. So yeah, depends how much you value freshness…

              • @GeneralSkunk: I use powdered milk as well. It works well just stirring it into chai tea.
                Couldn't get a good chai mix here. Have a few Indian ones, but they are not good. Maybe you get better.
                Am in self isolation and get everything delivered, but not many options.
                I did get other Indian brands before, but they weren't like what I had in India.
                Hope you find a very good brand soon!

        • I don't think price always determines the quality. Tea that Indians drink day in and day out isn't cheap, Indians are quite passionate about Chai. It is personal opinion and it should always be the case, however, you are almost making a statement about getting better quality at higher price, that's your opinion or is it a statement? Also, no one makes litres of chai everyday, until you are selling it.
          To spend $29 for 454grams of chai, it either has to be handpicked from probably the most difficult place to grow tea or is just an exaggeration on the price. My personal opinion is $29 for a bag of not even half a kilo of tea is just over the top and I will never buy it. However, if you would like to spend the money then by all means.

    • I completely agree with you. Even with 10 dollars off this tea is way too expensive and if I compare taste to the indian grocery store tea, the indian grocery store teas are more superior.

  • I would rate Dilmah higher. Good quality tea. Especially the extra strong tea. Cheaper and much better

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    Tata gold, Wagh Bakri or Red Label .. maybe buy the Masala tea powder at the same Indian store.. both the tea and masala spice mix will come under $12 .. and a much larger quantity

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      Awesome, I’ll give this a try. Thanks!

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    Any reader who would like to make Indian Masala tea :

    Buy Tata Tea Premium from Indian Store 1 kg should come around $13-15.

    How to make masala powder: use cinnamon stick, cardmom pods, clove, Black pepper (optional) Grind it in a mixer

    Use it everytime with the above Tea leaves to make your masala chai and save some $$

  • It says "no questions asked" refund if you're not satisfied. I emailed the address above and was asked a question about the refund.

    Hopefully this will be processed soon.

    • You weren't happy with the chai?

    • Hi, Yes this would be processed on immediate basis. It is our company policy to refund irrespective of any reason. If there is any delay, you can always message me here. However I know that wont be necessary.


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    Bought this tea for $14.99 when this was first posted here but then the price started to go up…to the point that I decided to buy the spices and blend my own. Costs me 1/4 the cost of this and tastes as nice.

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    Overpriced item compared to any other tea brands available out there. Definitely not a deal.

  • Ceylon (Sri Lanka)tea has very high quality compare to India. although price bit over Id rather have better quality tea like Dilmah

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