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[XB1] Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince - Free (Games with Gold Required) @ Microsoft Korea


Hey dudes.

Just found out that Trine 4 is free in the Korean region for GwG. It isn't showing on the GwG hub page yet but all you need to do is load korean store, search for Trine 4 and click get. Takes about 60 seconds and then you can begin downloading. If you follow the link i have provided you can hopefully click "stay in korea" (left) option and then just "purchase" it for free.

If not and for those who have never done this before, you simply need to change your region on the browser (bottom left of page where it says English - (Australia)), <— click there and Korea is 5th from bottom in the Asia column. Then once you have loaded Korean store Trine is free to grab. Pretty good freebie for this month!


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  • Shows as 70% off — ₩10,500..

    원래 가격: ₩35,000, 현재 가격: ₩10,500
    70% 할인 • 4일 남음

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      Try again - it worked for me the second time around

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      Log in and it will work.

    • I had the same issue. Was automatically logged in, closed the windows, clicked the link a second time and it worked 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    Mine showed 70% off as well but after refreshing the page again it showed free

  • Yeah at worst click the icon in the top right to login if you haven't or be sure to be logged into the MS store in English then it should load no probs following that,

    Cheers OP :)

  • Hmmm still 70%off :(

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      you do have Gold and are definitely logged in?

  • Refreshing the page worked for me too. I did this on my phone using Chrome so I could translate to English too, so I don't click the wrong button…

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    Also while you are there might as well grab Maid of Sker and Costume quest for free if you haven't done that already, seemed to already be out for free for me. I will never play them but I still grab any free Xbox gold game…

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    Got it and downloading on my Xbox now, thanks!

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    Nice one!! :)

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  • Can I get it now and download it later? I don't have a Xbox yet

  • "Play it with your Xbox Live Gold or buy it to own."

    So it is free because it belongs to the free games on gold for Korea.

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      It says in the title Xbox Live Gold required.

      • Yeah, I missed that lol

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    Note that the Toby's Dream DLC for Trine 4 can be downloaded free as well.

  • Tried on laptop and phone and still getting 10,500. Any ideas?

    • Are you logged in? If so, refresh the page

      • Yeah several times. No idea why its not working for me?

  • Great find, thanks!

  • Worked a treat! Thanks! As I can't read Korean, I either got it for free or just paid for a game I wouldn't have purchased :p

    • My thoughts were the same after pressing Korean buttons and having no idea if it worked for free/paid lol

    • you would have to have set up a korean wallet and funds for that wallet on Xbox to pay for it, you can't accidentally buy a korean store product with an aussie payment method.

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