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[eBook] Free: "Learn to Play Piano" (A Step by Step Guide to Playing The Piano and Reading Piano Music) $0 @ Amazon AU, US


LEARN TO PLAY PIANO: a step by step guide to playing the piano
A really easy and fun to follow course - perfect for all students.

This book includes a number of worksheets (which cannot be completed in a digital book). Copies of these can be downloaded free from my website for printing at home. (Website address can be found at the end of the book).

You may like to consider buying the printed copy of this book as you will then be given the opportunity to also have a free copy of the Kindle book.

This attractive course features:
• New skills introduced one step at a time
• Simple arrangements of well know tunes
• Original tunes in a variety of styles
• Written by a piano teacher with over 20 years experience
• Designed to match the abilities and interests of early teens and older juniors.
• Just the correct balance between new material and repetition so that students retain what they learn.

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    download the book and search for piano deals

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      always plenty for free on scumtree

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        would keyboard be better

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          Most keyboards won't have the full 88 keys. You also won't build strength in your fingers. Most piano courses say to only do the earliest few lessons on a keyboard, only if no piano is available, and say to get a piano asap. There are digital pianos and some you would probably think of as 'keyboards' that have the full 88 keys, and weighted keys that feel more realistic like a piano. eg. Yamaha DGX-660. But they're a compromise, rarely react/feel/behave just like a piano. eg. It's common to only have 3 sensors, so you can't get it to behave like a real piano, it might rely on velocity to produce a LOUD note rather than force like a piano does. Some digitals even cause problems like I read the DGX-660 can cause pain in the hands for some people, because of how the keys bounce back (something like that anyway). Basically the idea is to learn on and play a real piano as often as possible, then you'll know enough to make a good choice of digital later. That said some people get a digital as well for silent practice/headphones. Playing a real piano sometimes when no one is around though, is better than not at all.

          Like someone said above free ones come up often on Gumtree. They cost about $120-$160 to get tuned. But old pianos are not like antique furniture. They do not gain or even hold their value. A 70+ year old piano is probably worth $0. It might have sticky or slow keys that don't react at the right speed hindering learning, silent/broken strings, or might be unable to hold a tune. ie. In most pianos (old Beales being one exception) the pegs the strings are wound onto are hammered into a block of wood. Decades on those pegs might not be tight in the holes any longer and unable to hold tension. So the tuner tunes it but a week later they've all let go under the pressure thus detuning the piano. Even with a good one, if it hasn't been tuned regularly (at least every 12 months) then it's probably going to need to be tuned a few times in quick succession before it will hold its tune at about the right level. So $150+ three or four times to get a free piano up to concert pitch, and you can see why it might be better to just pay $1000, $2000, etc for one that has been tuned regularly.

          I bought mine on Gumtree a few years ago. $1600 for a four year old piano that was originally purchased for two small children who had barely touched the keys. Another $300 to get it delivered then $150 to get it tuned. It was still a current model at the time selling in the stores for $6000-$7000.

  • I know a joke about a pianist

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      was the joke about a 12 inch tall pianist?

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        The joke only works if you say "12 inch pianist" :)

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          Also correct

      • Yes

    • a tiny person playing a tiny piano. chuckle

  • I recommend someone like you to start

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    thanks start learning with Piano app

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    Tried purchasing only to realise I already purchased it last time it was posted as a deal.

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    Thanks OP

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    Got it. Thanks OP

  • Got it but will never use it.

  • Just 44 pages?

  • Won't download to my paperwhite kindle. Says device does not support format. I then manually downloaded to calibre, but calibre can't read it properly either. It's not a drm issue as my calibre can strip that. Something weird with the format.