Seriously Considering 36-Month Contract with Optus. Change My Mind


  1. Been with Optus for the past 3 years. Did enjoy jumping out to Telstra (JB deals) and then jumping back in, but can be done with a secondary "fake" number
  2. 40-60GB is more than enough. I have another SIM from the office with unlimited data. Also expect to be working from home most days from now on
  3. Need Optus Sports
  4. Don't know the plans yet, will wait for 11pm tonight, but likely $60/month + interest-free iPhone 12 Pro. I'm currently already paying $40/month + BYO

Change my mind…

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    Awesome, keep us updated.

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    $60 pcm plans are pretty much the same. What you're really saying is, I'm prepared to jump in to a 3-year contract with Optus to get a iPhone 12 Pro for the best price.. Plus i want Optus Sports.

    Sounds like you've already made your mind, go for it.

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    Well you'll be stuck for 3 years. That means by the time you get the new iPhone 15, you won't be used to being forced to buy a battery coz that won't be included.


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      No no no, you got it all wrong, you get the 3 year contract, and next year, Apple release another same/same phone, let's call it… iPhone 13, and you must just have to have it. (Next year, to save trees, it wont come with a box either)

      So, you cancel your contract for the iPhone 12, because, let's face it, it's now virtually useless, and you pay out the $3,400 left on the contract and get a new 4 year contract for the iPhone 13 (which, incidentally, is only $8 cheaper than a new Kia Picanto GT.)

      And as soon as you sign your new 4 year, iPhone 13 contract, Apple announce the iPhone 14, instantly making your iPhone 13 obsolete before you are even handed the brown paper bag they now come in. So, now you cancel your 4 year contract, pay out the $14,995 handset repayments and pre-order the new iPhone 14 on a 7 year contract…

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        I know you're taking the wizz but Apple iPhone users hold onto their devices longer than any other brand, just FYI. How else would their superior OS support hold weight? The amount of people buying a new iPhone every year is teeeeny

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          Still using my iPhone 6 and going strong (fingers crossed).

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    If you want interest free, looks for a deal where you can get a gift card and chuck the rest of the balance on say Latitude Creditline or equivalent and go back to saving on sim-slutting etc

    • Alternatively do the sums and see how you end up with Optus sport etc and streaming if you need it

  • Change My Mind

    Get it

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    3 years on possibly the worst network in Australia. I did a 2 year stint with them many moon ago, and when I tired to pay out my contract early due to there being no coverage in my area, they refused and were going to hit me with an early termination fee.

    No customer support, don't give a crap attitude to support, piss poor network coverage, near impossibly to contact or deal with call centres… for 3 years?

    Go for a prepaid option, don't go on any plan, for any carrier, let alone a 3 year plan with one of the worst carriers in Australia.

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      Soooo not a fan?

      • There is no ETF anymore on these plans anymore. Just have to pay out the phone.

  • I was on the verge of leaving Optus after many years, because I have had enough of the piss poor network performance especially on public transport. But I'm not using public transport since COVID struck, so can't be bothered switching out now.

    I'm on an olde $50 plan with 80 GB + 4 GB international roaming, but paying only $40 because of the previous special. They still haven't bumped me back to normal pricing despite the deal expiring months ago.

    P.S - why are you waiting until 11PM, what's special about that particular time?

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    Idk it just doesn't make sense

    I pay $6 a month for my phone bill (I only need 5gb) on one of the cheap prepaids and that lets me afford an iPhone better than paying 60 + repayments

    You could pay like $15 or 20 more likely bucks a month and get your 40 gb and buy the phone elsewhere

    It's more relevant for you to think about what extras you need - Do you want Optus Sport bundled or seperate? Do you need roaming? Do you need 5G? Do you need the payment plan to afford the phone, etc

  • I pay $5 month prepaid for 5 to 30GB.

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      How do you manage that?

      • They're sim slutting

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    Unless you cannot afford the iPhone 12 outright and have to use the 36 month interest free option, you could go with the optus - Harvey Norman deals. 24 month contact and $700 giftcard.

  • 40-60GB is more than enough.

    I used to have a 5MB plan.

    • Did you also walk to school uphill both ways?

      • Through the snow, no less!

  • I was with Optus on a 24m plan until last August, the only reason I did that was because I got an incredibly good package so it made sense.

  • Seriously, don't do it! :p

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    36 months is a long time. your plan needs could easily change in that time. do you want to take that risk and be stuck with today's inclusions for that long?

    Personally I'll look for a 12m or 24m plan at most.

  • i just don’t like the thought of being stuck with ANY phone network for that long. You’re doing yourself a disservice. Who knows what’ll happen in that time.

  • If you cancelled early you’d just need to pay out the phone. If you want to upgrade or move to another provider, sell it first and then sign up with someone else.
    I say do it. That’s what I’m doing. My employer requires me to have my phone on a single bill from a carrier to claim back per month so precludes me from buying outright or on a different interest free repayment option. Telstra only does 24 months now so that pushes the monthly payment too high

  • The mobile plans don't have a contract, just the repayment, so if your needs change you can just go to something different.

    Personally I miss having phones subsidised in plans. The new plans offer a bit more value but not that much, these days your forced to pay a lot for flexibility.

  • Technology is racing along… who knows what will be available in 3 years.
    I would recommend not locking into any long term contract.
    The phone you mention will be superseded in 12 months…. do your research.
    The iPhone 12 does not accommodate mmwave technology (this is true 5G)… do your research into the subject.
    mmwave will not be available until 21-22-23 and your iPhone 12 is simply a 4G phone.

  • Why would you waste your money on a phone? It absolute insanity. Get a $400-$500 Andriod that will last 3 years and save yourself an insane amount of dollars.

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      User experience on a $500 Android phone will be a bit different to an iPhone 12.

  • 3 year plans are too long to lock into. They say you can get out of it if you go to another plan but it has to be at a higher price. Pick the 24 month term. Whatever you do there is a trade off up on the value of the phone vs the plan. The bigger the plan the less you pay on the phone and the more you pay on the phone the less you pay for the plan. 2 years from now plans will be completely different with 5G and the extra data you need being a real option as opposed to now when it is just a small factor over played up. I’m waiting another year and have paid off my handset on a 2 year plan with a new cheaper plan but better services. Over the 3 year period I will be well ahead of where you will end up on a 36 month plan.

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    I've decided on the following:

    1. iPhone 12 Pro 128GB directly from Apple via 24-month interest free
    2. Personal eSIM on Voda ($40 / 365-day expiry)
    3. Work SIM on Telstra (unlimited talk, text, data)

    So no, I didn't go with a 3-year contract.

  • Hi just wanted to know if iphones purchased from Optus are locked either when purchased outright or through a plan ?
    Planning on picking the phone off someone who lost the reciept but claims it's purchased outright.

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