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Sennheiser IE80 S BT In-Ear Headphones $299 Shipped at Addicted To Audio


includes free delivery, but not so exciting reviews!

Weighty, full-bodied and detailed sound
Not a hint of harshness
Tuneable bass response
Exceptionally comfortable to wear


Lacking punch, timing and dynamics
Not particularly exciting
Mic/remote cable costs extra

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    why not AirPods Pro?


    Retails for 799 lol

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    Was $349 a month ago.
    Also terrible battery-life: "6 hrs (music playback via SBC)".

    You will get 15 hours out of the $27 Sony BT in-ears from recent deal, and they seem to have similar sized battery packs.
    (I am being kind here, the Sennheisers battery area actually looks bigger)


    Ie80 usually known for their soundstage and not much else.


      In a nutshell: I read that this is basically a regular (wired) IE80 S with a Bluetooth-module cable instead of a regular 3.5mm IEM cable.

      IMO “Bluetooth” & “Great Sound-quality” are separate from each other.


    BT headsets are so commoditised now, even at $300, hardly a bargain.

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    About the price it should be originally. Definitely worth it at this price. Dual microphone for call clarity and a half decent dac which has also allowed some pitfalls of the natural sound profile to be ironed out. Just tested and bought today.

    Love my Sony 1000xm3, but for call quality not the best and true wireless have inherently bad microphone location. I am using them for calls and video meetings with the option to listen to decent enough music inbetween. Saves me lugging my Fiio Q5s around with any of my my Noble Tux 5s, Beyerdynamic T5p, Sennheiser HD 25II, SenheiserHD800 or AKG Q701 Quincy J.


    $80-$200 Chi-Fi completely blows this out of the water, and you can get bluetooth cables for those with about the same battery life.

    Easy recommendation would be the Moondrop Starfield for $120-$160 (AliE sale and cashback vs full price) and then a $20-$30 cable, though I'd consider waiting for Bluetooth 5.2 cables for improved latency and/or codec quality.