Godenzi 10kg/1g Kitchen Scale, Stainless Steel - $27.51 (14% off) + Free Postage @ Godenzi Global, Amazon AU


Godenzi Home and Kitchen Products - An Australian Owned Rural Company from the NSW southern Tablelands

Godenzi 10kg/1g Digital Kitchen Scale, Stainless, Recipe eBook - **14% off at $27.51 for OzBargain customers (normally $31.99)- Free Postage Australia

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Aussie Owned Family Company: Superior quality GODENZI HIGH CAPACITY stainless steel food scale, with our unique algorithm ‘HYDROWEIGH’ technology. Tested against the leading competition, ours won’t scratch/rust like the other stainless scales as we have our proprietary ClearCoat that increases the scratch resistance. Bundled with our awesome RECIPE eBook with 15 healthy easy prep recipes.

High Quality design. 4 high quality precision STRAIN GAUGE sensors, with a backlight to ensure you can read the scale in low light. 7 units of measure to satisfy all your needs including: g, oz, lb, tl, kg, water ml and milk ml. Light touch two button design. The scale is the perfect partner for meeting your cooking and health/fitness goals.

The Kitchen Scale is LIGHTWEIGHT at 380g and easy to store; features a TARE function meaning multiple added ingredients are measured faster, more accurately and more hygienically. Great for weighing up to 10kgs in 1g division - approx 3g error. WEIGH OUT OF THE BOX with the included 2 x AAA batteries; Scales will conserve power and AUTO OFF in 3 minutes. Genuine Godenzi Australian produced Instructions!

SUPPORT AUSSIE RURAL Business. An Australian family company manufacturing and selling quality products internationally. Products are tested by real people, in real conditions, in our town against 15 of the leading scales for sale! If you are looking for kitchen scales with a generous 10kg capacity with 1g division that can also weigh liquids, then this scale is for you.

It’s our family name on the product so we stand by it! RISK FREE with a 100% SATISFACTION guarantee. Hassle free 2 year replacement WARRANTY. We are dedicated to addressing any product/service issues for you. Meets CE/FCC and RoHS compliance; Ships from Queanbeyan NSW, not Amazon FBA!
Please be advised that we are experiencing postage delays particularly into Victoria

In the Box:
1 x Godenzi Stainless Steel Scale with Godenzi Hydroweigh and ClearCoat
2 x AAA batteries
Australian Instructions (in English and German - after all we are Swiss-Australian)
Insert Card for Downloadable eBook
(Note: This scale is not manufactured in Australia)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Where's this made

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/566908

    reselling Aliexpress. my eBay listings are "An Aussie Family Company" too

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      It's not Aliexpress, we not reselling aliexpress items at all, as mentioned in the previous post.

      Like many large companies like Apple/Breville/Sunbeam/KMart, Kogan etc we have suppliers who are contracted to manufacture items for us. These are Godenzi Branded scales with our own algorithm, Hydroweigh, which is pending trademark. They are manufactured and shipped to Australia and warehoused here in Queanbeyan NSW and Amazon in Sydney. The Instructions are all Australian and the boxing is our brand and the scales are branded Godenzi. We employ Australians in our business such as product designers and IT personnel for advertising etc. We spend money in our rural town of Queanbeyan.
      We offer a 2 Year warranty on our product which Aliexpress doesn't. As the product is warehoused here it is delivered by Auspost, not China Post 6 weeks later.
      Sure the supplier can supply other businesses with similar products but as stated our algorithm is ours…we put a lot of effort into reliable suppliers that make a quality product for the price

      Unfortunately it is not viable to produce scales in Australia, unless you want to pay $75 for them - which you won't! If we thought people would, we would do it.

      By spreading misinformation you are actually hurting Australian startups and business, and you clearly don't understand how electronic items are produced.
      You have a choice not to purchase from us, so don't, but trolling a business each time we post only hurts Australians working in our business and only strengthens major suppliers who will dominate and control the market and as such, prices…. Sure you can go and buy a 'like' item from Aliexpress - you're welcome to but good luck with any support or warranty, if it actually arrives….

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    Oh yep here we go again. Shameless plug from another Aussie on the ozbargain website for Australians. Wow who would have thought

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      Yes we are an Australian business (feel free to look us up on ASIC), employing Australians from country NSW - which is struggling a bit due to bushfires and previous drought etc. This offer is for Ozbargain customers only, so it sounds like you'd prefer us not to offer Ozbargain customers anything? Like any business we have offers from time to time in accordance with our marketing plan, just like any other business mate.

      • With the attitude, yes.. jog on.
        I bet they supply to others with a tweaked algorithm too.

        Maybe the title should be Chinese scales, shipped via Queanbeyan

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          If they did, that would be breach of contract….But it is possible. Most Asian suppliers do do extra runs on their clients and sell them separately, such as North Face for example and many others. Chinese IP laws are not that strong.

          Name any scales that are made in Australia? I'd challenge you to find any small common consumer electronic item made here, as I cannot think of anything…Your TV, microwave whether it be Sunbeam or Kmart is made offshore.

    • What are you talking about, I don’t understand?

  • Wow these guys are being hammered by a few jaded Ozbargain users.

    I’m not sure why people are getting so confused and upset about the manufacturing location. It’s clear in the description that the hardware is made in China, and the company is Australian. Most stuff you buy is like this, what’s the problem? Look at your Billabong tshirt, Aussie company, made in China. Aussie made instructions are a good thing too.

    I say leave these guys alone, from what I can tell they’re trying to be upfront about these scales, I don’t see the same ferocity against other sellers on here selling cheap Chinese stuff.

    Question for Godenzi though: are you saying that you buy the hardware from a Chinese bulk manufacturer, then you write your own software with this special hydro algorithm? And package it here?

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      Hi Mate,
      thanks for the comments. We are perplexed here as well as to why some have an issue - most products (unfortunately) are produced offshore, in particular consumer electronic items. We are just a small business trying to do our thing for rural Australia.

      To answer your questions. It's actually quite a long process for us determining which scale and which supplier. In summary, we search out and test a large batch of different products/suppliers and narrow them down for discussion with suppliers on how we can improve them incrementally. We look at the sensors and algorithms that sit behind it. We work with the supplier to refine aspects of it (in some cases it might be an aesthetic which we buy the mold - like say major manufacturers do to differentiate from similar suppliers). In this case we wanted to refine the error and uptake rate of the fluid measurement and test and adjust with them - they do they adjustments. We then sign a contract to own that part of the production cycle (called contract manufacturing) - just like say an aesthetic adjustment. We then apply a trademark.

      For packaging it makes sense to package it there in order to protect the product in transit. So we design the boxes here via a template, the supplier then has them produced (by another supplier), packages the items in bulk and sends them to us. We then add the instructions and insert cards here and do a final check - we are NOT a dropshipper. They are then posted by us or by Amazon - depending on what platform it is purchased from. This is the same method as most major suppliers. At times we have to add instructions offshore - for example our USA products don't come via Australia as that is just not viable.
      We try to be as upfront as possible but geez I wish Kmart, Kogan and others were grilled as much as we seem to be…

      • Kmart etc are not getting smashed as they are not promoting their Chinese imports as buy Australian, support rural Australia.

        And since when is Queanbeyan rural….

  • On seriousness… What is a hydroweigh and why is it better than the normal algorithm?


      It's our own proprietary algorithm and we think it is better at measuring liquids but that's just us…if customers aren't happy they are always free to return it for a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

      • we think it is better at measuring liquids but that's just us

        Measuring weight should not be subjective.

        How is it better?

      • https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/specific-gravity-liquid-f...

        1 litre of water weights 1kg. Milk weighs a fraction more (1.02kg). So most scales just change g to ml.

        How is 'hydroweigh' different. Unless you have some supercool sensor to detect liquids or the user enters the liquid type and does the simple multiplication sounds like marketing BS to me…

        1g = 0.035274oz or have you patented that too LOL

  • You're getting grilled because you're misleading. What portions of the design are done in Australia? Do you just design packaging, or do you design the body and electronics?

    Also what's your algorithm and what does it fix? Scales are pretty easy programmatically, judging by the name "hydroweigh" you might have pre-programmed in some fluid densities? If you haven't, there's a whole product idea for a premium product for you.

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    You're getting grilled because probably 80% or more of the posts on Ozbargain are from companies based in Australia employing Australians all across the country. They help Australians put food on the table, provide shelter, etc. yet we don't see them hyping this stuff up. Feels like you're trying to prove you're better than everyone else as a marketing pitch to increase your sales.