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Godenzi 5kg/0.1g Kitchen Scales Stainless Steel - $24.64 (15% off) + Free Postage @ Godenzi Global eBay


Godenzi Home and Kitchen Products - An Australian Owned Rural Company from the NSW southern Tablelands

Godenzi 5kg/0.1g Digital Kitchen Scale, Stainless, Recipe eBook - **15% off at $24.64 (was $28.99)- Free Postage Australia**

Aussie Owned Family Company: We manufacture our own products (Note: This scale is not manufactured in Australia). Superior quality GODENZI HIGH CAPACITY stainless steel food scale, with our unique algorithm ‘HYDROWEIGH’ technology. Tested against the leading competition on here, ours won’t scratch/rust like the other stainless scales as we have our proprietary ClearCoat that increases the resistance. Bundled with our awesome RECIPE eBook with 15 healthy easy prep recipes.

High Quality design. 4 high quality precision STRAIN GAUGE sensors, with a backlight to ensure you can read the scale in low light. 7 units of measure to satisfy all your needs including: g, oz, lb, tl, kg, water ml and milk ml. Light touch two button design. The scale is the perfect partner for meeting your cooking and health/fitness goals.

The Kitchen Scale is very LIGHTWEIGHT at 380g and easy to store; features a TARE function meaning multiple added ingredients are measured faster, more accurately and more hygienically. Great for weighing small items to larger items accurately. WEIGH OUT OF THE BOX with the included 2 x AAA batteries; Scales will conserve power and AUTO OFF in 3 minutes. Genuine Godenzi Australian produced Instructions!

SUPPORT AUSSIE RURAL Business. An Australian company manufacturing and selling quality products internationally. Products are tested by real people, in real conditions, in our town against 15 of the leading scales on Amazon! If you are looking for compact scales with a generous 5kg capacity with 0.1g division which can also weigh liquids, then this scale is for you. Check out our range in our store.

It’s our family name on the product so we stand by it! RISK FREE with a 100% SATISFACTION guarantee. Hassle free 2 year replacement WARRANTY. We are dedicated to addressing any product/service issues for you. Meets CE/FCC and RoHS compliance; WHY WAIT? Order now with confidence. Ships from Australia!
In the Box:
1 x Godenzi Stainless Steel Scale with Godenzi Hydroweigh and ClearCoat
2 x AAA batteries
Australian Instructions
Card for Downloadable eBook

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  • Are the scales themselves built (manufactured) in Australia?

    • The eBay listing states:

      Country/Region of Manufacture: China

      • Then the advertising is quite deceptive

        Genuine Godenzi Australian produced Instructions!

        An Australian company manufacturing and selling quality products internationally.

        one could be forgiven having a quick glance that the main product itself is Aussie made!

    • -2 votes

      Most businesses here are Australian owned. Why does selling cheap Chinese products at inflated prices give you the right to try to capitalise on being Australian owned?

      • pretty sure this is the result of one of those "how to make $400/day working from home"


        Hi, thanks for asking. The scales are made in China. No kitchen scales are made in Australia due to costs. All instructions are produced here and Hydroweigh is our algorithm. Like many Companies we source products from suppliers who can produce goods for us - we are classed by law as the manufacturer of the product and am required to take on those responsibilities of the product we make and sell. Godenzi sells products within Australia and North America. We are Australian owned and based in country NSW - Queanbeyan.
        We stand by all of our kitchen scale products. We do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a hassle free 2 year warranty. Drop me a line if I can assist anymore. Hope that helps. Damien - Godenzi Global.


      Hi, thanks for asking. The scales are made in China. No kitchen scales are made in Australia due to costs. All instructions are produced here and Hydroweigh is our algorithm. Like many Companies we source products from suppliers who can produce goods for us. Godenzi sells products within Australia and North America. We are Australian owned and based in country NSW - Queanbeyan. Hope that helps. Damien - Godenzi Global.

  • These look interesting. I wonder how the speed is for using with a v60 pour over coffee

  • Why would I choose this over the $9 Kmart one?

    • I have had a kmart one for a while and I'm about to ditch it… The battery keeps draining really fast, and it's a cr2032 as well so changing batteries isn't the cheapest

      • There is a $12 scale with glass surface selling at Kmart where you can turn it off after use, its great quality for the measly price of $12 !

    • 1 decimal place, this scale is in a different league to the Kmart one.

  • Aliexpress junk. Also straight up lies about being Aussie Manufactured. Feel free to neg the deal if you find a cheaper scale elsewhere.

    Exact scale Cheaper here ($19.52 in shipping): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000161738039.html

    or you know any old scale will do exactly the same job - https://www.kmart.com.au/product/digital-kitchen-scale/16180...

    • Deceptive language, agreed.
      But neither of your linked options have a decimal place. If anything, your links highlight that this is a bit of a bargain!

      • My first link does have a decimal place. BUT more importantly, the OP's photo shopped image is kind of a lie since it has 4 decimal places, but the actual product in only 1 decimal place, which can see on Amazon reviews.

        Also cheaper same function:

        Oddly enough, the brand Godenzi is aussie and trademarked in the US.

        • The units in the picture are kg, so having 4 decimal placed is not an issue. If you look at the other pictues the grams are to 1 decimal.

        • The picture has a decimal, the description says accuracy to 3g…

          I trust the description more than the pictures.

          Even if they are identical units, the ~$3 difference (after you add GST to AliExpress) and the current, AliExpress shipping issues, wait 3 months and possibly not see your goods still make this a decent price.

        • +1 vote

          Hi Nalar,
          you're not really comparing Apples with Apples, so your point is misleading consumers. The scale from Leiking (which we have tested as it is from the same supplier) is for a different purpose. It is also significantly smaller and may not suit all for standard kitchen purposes. It also only has a 3kg capacity limit. I'd suggest it is for smaller applications such as jewelry.
          What also should be considered is this….the advert doesn't indicate where it is shipped from nor the warranty period, so the customer can be waiting for months - and may only have access to Amazon's 30 day satisfaction period. All of our products are warehoused in Sydney and Queanbeyan and are shipped by Auspost. We also state a 2 year warranty on this product. We tested over 30 leading selling scales before settling on the 3 we have. We then work with the supplier for the best algorithm for the purpose of the scale - that's why we have a trademarked Hydroweigh process. The scales are branded Godenzi as we are classed as a manufacturer - the rear of the scales states Godenzi, the Box is a Godenzi Box and the instructions (produced here) are Australian/German (after all we are Swisstralian). We are also up front about it being Made in China as you simply couldn't do it here for anywhere near that price - it's on the Box, it's in the listing. If we could make it here for that price we would.
          We are happy to assist with further questions but for the sake of giving consumers facts I have decided to respond in some detail to your post. kind regards Damien - Godenzi

    • +1 vote

      Hi Nalar,
      Hi, The scales are made in China and is stated on the listing. We have never claimed they are made in Australia - we are an Australian owned Company based out of Queanbeyan NSW. Like made companies we source products and subcontract them to make products for use - under law we are still classified as a manufacturer as the product is branded by us and adjustments are made to the products - for example the algorithm. The Instructions have been done here and the product is warehoused in Sydney and Queanbeyan - the latter stock being for eBay.
      As far as we are aware no kitchen scales are made in Australia due to costs. Godenzi is proudly a small family business selling products in Australia and North America and are expanding the line as it grows. Our Brand is Trademarked both in Australia and the US. Hope that helps. Damien - Godenzi Global.

    • Very true!

  • 0.1g compact food scale

    Downvote for deceptive product picture

    • +1 vote

      Hi Ryanek,I am not sure what you mean by deceptive product picture. If using the grams function the scales have a 0.1g division. If you have a question maybe I can assist. kind regards, Damien - Godenzi Gloabl

      • Sorry you're right. Wont let me remove my downvote tho :|


          Ryanek, thanks for your reply. I understand…I just wanted to clarify the issue so you had the right information mate. We are a rural based family business from country NSW (Queanbeyan). All the best. Damien - Godenzi Global

        • Isn't very obvious but I believe via the "votes" link below the thread title is how you can revoke your own negs.

  • What is the smallest weight the scaled will actually measure? Will it measure 0.5 grams or 1 gram accurately? Most scales that accurate only weigh upto 200 grams not 5kg.


      Hi gomango,
      thanks for your question. While it will do under this our specified min weight is 0.5g as a start weight. It will measure to the .5/1g accurately but remember this is a kitchen scale not really a scale for a fine build of very small items/powder - for example gunpowder loads. In that case you would be better off with a 0.01 or 0.001g division which are as you say limited to 200/500g depending. In other words it's not really designed to to fine 0.1g Tare builds of very fine materials - it will do it on most occasions but it can not pick up the subtle change at times - therefore for very fine I would recommend the 0.01/0.001g. We are developing one now with suppliers but have not been satisfied with the sensors so far. Hope that helps mate..Damien - Godenzi

      • Can you just confirm that I can measure 0.5 grams or more accurately to 0.1g - eg 0.6 or 0.7 grams? If so, then your scales different from the other scales people are talking about. Also, how do we calibrate the scales? As you would/should know, altitude affects weight as well?


          Hi gomango.
          It will measure 0.5g. In terms of measuring each 0.1g incrementally after that, ie starting 0.5g, add 0.1 g to equal 0.6, etc etc. its not really designed to do that. You could Tare it and add but its not recommended if you need absolute accuracy. If you need that add function at 0.1g - As alluded to above you would be better off with a 0.01g scale or lower to have greater certainty. For this type of scale we offer at a 0.1g level I would work off a planned 0.2/0.3g error. You want greater preciseness so you need greater sensors to be more accurate. Hope that helps

  • I don’t understand all the downvotes. Seems like a reasonable price for an ok scale.

    The ozbargain community is ridiculously jaded sometimes.

    • Because you can get something similar from $9 from Kmart https://www.kmart.com.au/product/kitchen-scale/2045814

      And its just someone promoting their China sourced eBay listing

      • But it's not the same. That product from kmart is completely different and doesn't offer the same functionality.

        You can get nearly everything cheaper at kmart but will it be the same quality or functionality?

        What a garbage attitude you have.


        Hi Cooperdog,
        thanks for your comment. We understand that Kmart have a product at a certain price but you are not comparing apples with apples. Their scales are 1g division - the one we have advertised has the same capacity of 5kg but with a 0.1g division which requires greater sensitivity sensors. Our weighing platform is also stainless steel with a special clearcoat for added scratch resistance. Our own Hydroweigh technology is also very accurate and quality of plastics are higher. Its like say comparing a Mid range TV to low end TV - they both do play a picture but one higher grade than the other. We also have a 2 year warranty compared to 12 months.
        Also we have Free postage whereas you have to spend $45 for Free delivery from that link. From a sourcing point of view both are made in China as i would challenge you to find a Kitchen Scale made in Australia. Our stock is warehoused in Sydney and Queanbeyan NSW where we are based. We are not a dropshipping business but a manufacturer. Hope that helps, kind regards Damien - Godenzi

        • https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000161738039.html better get onto your lawyers.

          "There is a small error of about 3 grams." makes 0.1g reading rather pointless.

          • +1 vote

            @cooperdog: Again, it is not the same scale. That scale is 1g division as well and is also not manufactured by us, nor does it have the same algorithm. Again going back to the TV analogy, while they may look the same and even share a similar shell, the sensors, the clearcoating, the algorithms are different. A 0.1g division scale has higher accuracy. You're providing incorrect information and misleading consumers. A large part of our business is manufacturing measuring devices. Our products carry our own Brand name.

          • @cooperdog: points to completely different product as example

            Bro, you’re a walking facepalm.

  • Bought one. Little disappointed by its made in China, but new world didn't really offering choice of manufacturing origin.
    At least we can support Australian developers.