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In this video tutorial series we are going to understand what is jQuery UI. When, how and where we can use the jQuery UI while designing websites. We will discuss everything in detail step-by-step.

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  • IMHO even at free, this is over-priced. Spend your time learning something more modern. jQuery had its day but it is getting obsolete very quickly.

    • Jquery itself is still fairly legitimate. Jquery UI hasn't been updated in nearly 5 years. It's unfortunately past it's use by.

      Modern Web dev I'd suggest vuejs3 with typescript (use vue cli) with bootstrap for grid/UI components. The big one is typescript. Whatever Web dev you do. Do it in typescript.

  • JQuery UI, in 2020, seriously?

  • Pardon me but your site sounds like "idiota" lol!

  • Or learn web components API with stencil JS. Web components is maturing