Replacement 12v Fridge around 140L

My current fridge has stopped cooling. Motor works but compressor doesn't seem to kick on and certainly no coldness being produced

I am wondering what people recommend. I don't have gas fittings so not interested in an absorption fridge and also i don't get the luxury of level ground that often.

There is not enough space in the van for a tall upright so I'd be just replacing the under bench model that i have. The non working model is a Waeco CR140

I confess I have only a little working knowledge of the battery setup in the van and am concerned if I move to 240v/inverter solution I'll run out of battery (which is a situation I'm currently living with from time to time).

I'm not thrilled with any of the dometic/waeco fridges in RVs I've rented previously. RV sales people have been recommending Isotherm brands. Others talk about Bushman.

Freezer space is important.

I'll be heading into Central and northern Queensland once the borders open and will need a fridge that works in those temperatures.

I thought I'd ask OB as you are not trying to sell me anything and always have great advice.

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    240v with Inverter
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    Multiple portable drawer solution. 1 for fridge 1 for freezer (double power usage)


  • Have you enquired about getting your current one repaired?

    • I haven’t looked at repairing the current one. It’s a 2012 model and I suspect it’s lived it’s life. (This van is also an ex-rental) I also figured if the problem can be fixed with a re-gas, I must have a leak and I’m up for a new fridge anyway. Happy to attempt if it’s deemed worthwhile, I just get the feeling I’d be throwing money at a problem short term when really I could solve it in one foul swoop. I’m trying to stop the financial bleeding by making good decisions not band-aids

  • Not sure about capacity but I run an ARB zero because it's easy to get support. Plenty of dealers around.

    Second choice is Engel because of reputation.

    • From memory the largest arb zero is just under 100L? I believe the above mentioned waeco is like a bar fridge so sort of oranges and apples if I have the products correct. However, if I was setting up a van I would probably go for 2x 70L zeros if I had the battery/solar system to handle it.

      • When we tow a trailer, we have a seperate freezer and fridge. It takes up a lot more room but seems more robust. (no actual data but operating off the simpler is better philosophy.)

        I am running the 60l as a very cold fridge. All good so far.

        • The other benefit of running 2 is that if one fails you don’t have to waste time and money heading to town trying to get it repaired/replaced ASAP.

      • I’m beginning to think the portable fridges are just too big to fit in the same space as the existing unit. I’m not sure if they would fit on top of each other to slide in and out

  • Hi, Space wise your straight swap over is a Waeco CRX140 unless you can knock out some space for a
    Bushman DC190L or Vitrifrigo DP150I
    The only way you will really get extra freezer space is by going to a larger dimension (or stump up the cash for a Vitrifrigo DRW180A 2 Drawer),
    How much space H x W x D do you have/can you get?
    You can go to around from 11L with Waeco up to 30L (Vitrifrigo DP150I) or 45L of Freezer with the taller Bushman if you have space.

    • Space H x W x D = 810 x 525 x 620

      I can’t go any higher as the sink dish drainer and food prep area is above, not to mention the kitchen window.

      • Those space dimensions exclude both the Vitrifrigo I mention above, unless you step down to the smaller Vitrifrigo C115I.

        The Waeco CRX 140 dimensions are:
        Height (mm) 815 mm
        Width (mm) 525 mm
        Depth (mm) 620 mm

        That said, it is recommended to allow a minimum of 10-20cm behind the fridge / cooling unit and have an extractor fan or install a bottom and top vent if possible, to force the warm air generated by the fridge to escape.

        So, either that, something else that fits or repair existing.

  • Bushman do some excellent items

    but the easiest solution is another Waeco CRX140… if you were happy with it why change.

    • I’ve never had a good experience with waeco/dometic fridges. Not the compressor fridges nor the 3 way fridges 🤷‍♀️

      Do you have any experience with bushman’s?

      • I'm in a 4wd club have been for 20yrs and we have numerous members with Bushmans… They have outlasted my Engel which gave up the ghost on day 2 of 3 week trip thru Flinders.

        For me the 35ltr with 52ltr extension on it wont fit in the storage unit in my GU without completely rebuilding it :( So I now run a 40 engel in the GU and a 30ltr in the camper.

        For every good story theres a bad with them all ARB/Engel/Waeco/Bushman etc etc

  • I ended up with a Vitrifrigo 118 Litre Fridge Freezer C115i for $1296.50 including shipping to NSW from DC Fridge in Qld

    Part of the decision process was the size of the space, the problems I have experienced with EVERY Waeco/Dometic fridge I have ever hired or had the misforturne of owning (came with the rv) and recommendations from people on the ground in this forum and others.

    Thank you for your views - much appreciated

    I also hope this post assists others in the future