Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Battery Life + Screen Issue

Hey everyone

I've had my phone for 1 week now and there's 2 issues I've noticed.

1) When the phone is in my pocket, it activates the screen and goes into emergency dial mode with a chain of numbers. Anyone know how to stop this? Its annoying as hell.

PS: I already tried toggling on "Accidental Touch Protection" in settings. Doesn't help

2) battery life… It seems I'm only getting around 4 hrs of SOT. This is with bluetooth mostly off, 5G off, auto screen brightness… Zero gaming, mostly web browsing, emails, WhatsApp etc

Any thoughts on the locker dialling issue?

And what SOT are people getting with theirs?


  • Go to Settings
    — Advanced Features
    —— Motion and Gestures
    ——— Disable Lift to wake & Double tap to wake

    Go to Settings
    — Device Care
    —— Battery
    ——— Change Power mode to optimised
    ———— App Power management
    ————— Enable Adaptive Battery
    ————— Enable Put unused apps to sleep

  • Thanks.

    My phone has already been setup as per above

  • I have the same phone..

    1 - only issue with the screen, is when I have the phone to my ear, when I'm talking, and the function that turns off your screen automatically, seems to turn on and off, and sometimes I'll put the call on hold, unknowingly…

    2 - My battery power not optimised… AOD is on.. 5G off.. BT is on
    I play games, bt spotify to a speaker, emails and msg etc, and I get more than a day's battery from it.

  • If you are having issues with the phone maybe get it check at the store?

  • Maybe turn off touch sensitivigy. Location. Do you have it runnung on 120 refresh rate and on highest Res. Maybe go down a notch or set refresh to adaptive.

    • Touch sensitivity is already off.

      Whilst I know turning off location and 120hz will help, it's something I should have to do to get through a day without having too charge a battery twice

  • When it's in your pocket, is the screen facing towards or away from your body?

    • Normally facing me, it's how I've always held my phone's in my pocket.

      I am going to try the other way around though and see if that helps

  • To enhance the battery timing, select the Power mode or optimization mode.
    It will help in your device standby time. Moreover, try to uninstall the battery
    doctor or other cleaner apps as they consume a lot of power.