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Nintendo Switch / GameCube PowerA Wired Gamepads / Controllers $10 @ Big W (In Store)


Nintendo Switch wired controllers, by Power A different themes Mario and Zelda and the older Gamecube types. Saving $29 - $39.

In store only, can’t see them on the website

As a Reference

Here are some links to other stores for what price and pictures. The $10 ones are selling for at other places.





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    Sucks to be in VictoriaTM

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      To be more accurate, Sucks to be in Melbourne™, regional can drive to any other store. But yes I feel your pain. Hopefully not too much longer.

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        once they open hopefully everything is gonna be on clearance :p


    what store?

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      Big W


    Can you please take a clearer picture, so I can try and go price match?

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      I'm sure they've now left the store. It's not OP's job to get your price match

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        I mean if they have a clear picture


    Anyone here have the wireless controller in the pic? Is it good?


      I have the "PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch" and find the buttons very stiff, especially the joystick and the trigger buttons. Personally I find it slightly harder to move around in maps and to do combo stuff cos it takes more effort to press the buttons down.
      Would rather have one Pro controller than 10 of these…

      Also the batteries drain like crazy somehow (2 AA battery powered) even when disconnected, have to take the batteries out each time after playing


        Ah darn, thanks for making my choice easy.


    This Special has now finish, Thanks for looking.