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Win a Hisense 100” S8 4K LED LCD TV Worth $12,995 from Harvey Norman



Closing Date 08/11/2020 11:59pm
Draw Date 09/11/2020


Description Hisense 100” S8 4K LED LCD TV.
No. of Prizes 1

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Email Subscription

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Harvey Norman


  • Thanks a lot gnv 9!

  • Can anyone enlighten me on why the hell an AUSTRALIAN company is using the AMERICAN (AKA wrong) date format for the D.O.B. field?!

  • This tv weights 106kg without a stand lol.
    GL to the winner if they want to mount it.

  • Why do they need my DOB?

    • +4 votes

      Then your personal information is worth a lot more!
      These types of giveaways are designed to collect your personal information, nothing else. Just one prize, probably worth around $6k for HN / Hisense, but imagine the amount of data they can gather.
      Only thing missing in that form for stealing someone's identity is the drivers licence ID.
      I'll pass..

      • Yeah I passed too….

      • just use a fake competition DOB, and competition only email address.. :)

        • Some bits and pieces from their T&C and privacy policy, you can put a fake DOB, but you are also running the risk of being disqualified, so why bother ?

          • You warrant that all information that you provide to us is accurate, complete and up to date at the relevant time.
          • information that we may require to initially identify you, including your name, home address and your date of birth;
          • The Promoter and the Franchisee reserve the right to request Winners provide suitable identification of proof of age and identity prior to awarding a Prize.
          • Entries that are illegible, incomplete or do not comply with these Terms are invalid.
      • Maaan I will take a details only comp over a shitty words or less or shitty creative ANY day of the week, D.O.B. or not…

        So damn many lately it absolutely sucks.

  • Entered then the remembered how tiny my place is 😂.

    Essentially 4* 1080p 50 inch screens at 100kg, mounting that would be a nightmare.

  • Needs to come down to $3900-5900 before I’d even consider it.

  • Well this happened today. I am an avid ozbargainer for a few years now. Missed call this morning with my standard response "who they hell is that?" and I did not answer. No voice message, can't be important. A follow up email from a marketing company saying I have won a 100 inch tv. Now I am still thinking scam. Remembered I entered this comp (via Facebook I think). Did some investigating to rule.out scam. Turns out I won the tv! Buzzing all day and could not get any work done. I am one of those "never win anything" guys. I still can't believe it.

    Here is the problem (a good problem). I live in a one bedroom apartment so this tv is not going to work. I have been saving for a new car. Best way to sell this beast of a thing? Was going to go ebay pick up only route. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    • Wow congratulations! Shame you won't be able to use it. I'd suggest using Gumtree as to avoid ebay fees. Might find it a bit difficult to move such an expensive TV but best of luck!

    • Congrats!
      Agree, try use gumtree to avoid the ebay fees.

    • Decided I might contact all the hotel groups to see if I can get any interest from them. Always had a bad vibe about gumtree although I think it has improved recently.

    • I hate it when people enter competitions for prizes they don’t need or want, then win! Very selfish. 🤬

    • 2.25m wide… far out!

    • What an amazing win congrats bud so jealous.

  • Got a call saying my internet was not secure, it called the number I used to join this competition. The form used on this competition may really be dodgy