Does This Pair of Headphones Look Authentic to You?

Sennheiser momentum 3 for $200 usd.(+50 or so for a parcel forwarding service)

any positive reviews on the net about this site seem to be about the clothing and the negative is regarding the customer service. theyre a subsidiary of amazon so i dont see how theyd sell knockoff audio gear but $200 usd for momentum 3's seems off.

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East Dane
East Dane


  • it says Imported from Romania. Check with their customer service I guess?

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    Eastdane is quite reputable store, but as you said, they are mainly fashion retailer. The headphone is manufactured in Romania, thus they noted it as "Imported, Romania".

  • 600 cans 4 200

    Seems legit

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    Seemed to check out so I grabbed some since I missed out on recent eBay deal. Thanks OP. Probably going to be looking at about $360 delivered. Link for Romania query if your concerned

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      Best of luck friend. i hope you used a tax free state for your parcel forwarding. think im just going to wait for the $398 deal to pop up again.

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    Update - Momentum 3's arrived in todays post. Everything with East Dane went smoothly and well packaged with quick postage. Happy all round. Don't think they'll be this price in Australia anytime soon. Could save a few more dollars if your CC doesn't have Int fees and you are first time Shopmate user with discount code.

    Cost break down
    Purchase $282.80
    Int trans fee CC $8.48
    Postage & gst $69.23

    Total $360.51

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