Free $20 Prezzee E-Voucher via Bendigo Bank When You Save BB Card Details with Kayo, Audible or Binge and Spend > $20


Just received an email from Bendigo Bank.

If you have a BB Debit card and use Kayo, Audible or Binge, save and use the card for $20 worth of subscription and Bendigo Bank will send you a free $20 Prezzee voucher.


At Bendigo Bank we want you to feel as safe as possible when you’re shopping online. Bendigo Bank’s 24/7 fraud monitoring and Zero Liability protection means you can shop with confidence.

Saving your card details with your favourite online service is the fastest and easiest way to pay because you don’t have to add your details every time you pay.

Just save your Debit Mastercard® (Card ending xxx) with Kayo, Audible or Binge and make at least two purchases with a combined value of over $20 by 18 December 2020.

Once you have your Bendigo Bank Prezzee e-voucher you can redeem it on the Prezzee website at a wide range of Australia’s leading retailers.

Easy as.

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  • If you a Bendigo bank customer you are aware of the banks shocking practices, and the whitewash recently carried by the banking code painters.

    'A new banking industry watchdog has used its teeth for the first time, sanctioning Bendigo and Adelaide Bank for "serious and systemic breaches" in how it has treated customers since 2015.'

    No fines, and its examination was limited to a few units. A typical liberal banking snowjob. The Bendigo like most Australian banks now is protected from the intended control of financial laws, and the unwanted royal commission achieved less than nothing.

    Needs to be another now - hint hint labor - you want votes give Australians some financial protection now because the next 12 months are gonna leave thousands screwed over like never before.

    • I thought a 20 buck gift card would be cool. Nice story though.

      • I remember jeff!

        Interesting that bendigo have still got money for gift cards -because they don't have to pay any fines for breaking the law I suppose…

  • Does anyone know if this is available for Upsiders, or only Bendigo direct?