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Fairy Platinum Plus Dishwasher Tablets Lemon 45 Pack $17.50 ($0.39 Per Tablet) / $15.75 S&S+ Delivery ($0 with Prime @ Amazon AU


Deal is back again

Subscribe and save for $15.75 or $17.50 for purchase outright.

Bought two last time this was on at Amazon and just about to finish so this came back just in time!

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  • Is the subscription price locked for as long as I'm subscribed?

    Edit: Nvm. "Prices go up or down over time, but you'll always get your applicable Subscribe & Save discounts on top of the current price."

  • Same price at Coles if you are just purchasing it outright.


  • How is this compare to Finish tablets?

    • I can’t tell the difference between these and the Aldi logix ones albeit that I’m no dishwasher tablet connoisseur.

    • I tried them a few weeks ago because I ran out of Finish Quantum and surprisingly found them to be just as good, if not better.

      Thought they would be crap because the reviews aren't great and I think Choice gave them a lower rating that Finish, but would definitely recommend giving them a go.

    • I have tried both. The Fairy Platinum Plus is the best I have used. Dishes come out sparkling, shiny clean without a trace of food. They smell stronger than the Finish tablets though. I do have sensitive smell but that's not a concern for me as I keep the Fairy's in a sealed container and put dishwasher on after dinner then open it up to air overnight. On the other hand the Finish doesn't smell much, however I was disappointed in their performance. Time and time again they left food stuck on the contents and cutlery, pans, silverware etc all came out dull. Not sparkling like the Fairy's. I'd certainly jump on the S&S option for this deal if I weren't already well stocked up on these. Hope that helps.

  • Thanks OP - was just running low on these since the last deal. 👍

  • Having to go through a load of Finish Powerball Quantum and they're terrible. So looking forward to getting back to these ones.

  • It's funny how you'll get equally the amount of people saying Finish are the best, others saying Fairy, others saying Aldi and others saying Earth Choice. Seems they are all fairly close in their performance?

    • All tablets are the same size.

      The differences depend on what you are putting in the dishwasher.

      Aldi/Earth Choice tablets are completely different to fairy.

      • In what way? Can you expand?

        • Each tablet is made of different materials and will react to fats and other things differently.

          The choice article kind of mentions this, and how good it is at removing different things.

          Thats why one person's experience who only eats salad and vegetables might be different from someone else who eats meat and roasts food in the oven.

  • I think the different reviews have to do with whether it's fairy normal or fairy platinum. I've only ever used platinum and have never been disappointed

  • +1 for Fairy. Excellent performance, never had an issue with food residue using these.

    Note that occasionally Woolies has these on special at around the same price.

  • I love Fairy Platinum Plus tabs and am always disappointed when I go back to try the cheaper alternatives mentioned. Then I stopped a fairy wash halfway and was surprised at how sudsy it was. So I tried combining my old favourite Finish powerball tab with a squirt of dishwashing detergent and voila!.. close to 'Fairy' results for just 12c/wash. ( I used Costco Kirkland Ultrashine as it's fairly low sudsing but cuts through the grease).

  • Appears to be 6% cashback at Cashrewards & Shopback too.