[TAS] Antarctic Flight from $1199 in Qantas Dreamliner (Early Access Sale) @ RACT Travel


For just the second time since 1994, a scenic flight to Antarctica will depart Hobart.

There will be six different seating options ranging from Business Class Deluxe to Explorer Economy and ticket prices start from $1,199.

From RACT:

Pricing from $1,199
Exclusive pre-sale release

Book with our travel experts before 9 November 2020 for exclusive access to the best seats. General on sale period commences 10 November 2020.
How does it work:

Experience incredible Antarctica on the world's most unique scenic flight departing Hobart on Sunday 30 January 2022. All seating classes will experience spectacular views over the ice and an unforgettable round-trip including:

  • The ultimate birds-eye view over the continent.
  • The complete Antarctic experience – meet Antarctic explorers on board, experience live crosses to research stations and watch documentaries.
  • Take home your Explorer Kit, with all the maps and stats you need to become an Antarctic expert.
  • Two full-service Qantas meals plus in-flight snacks.
  • Full bar service – toast your discovery with champagne, wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks.
  • Watch Happy Feet on the way there, on the state-of-the-art entertainment system.

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  • Discount for seats in the centre?

    • you already get a discount…. a discount on each side of your armrest!

      • Seats don't matter as the passengers have to rotate throughout the flight.
        Note: The $1199 advertised seats don't have a direct window, nor do they rotate seats like the rest of the plane.
        To be on the rotation schedule to have a window for a period of the flight it costs a minimum of $2199…
        Interestingly the most important information is left out of the post.

        • Instead, you get to watch Antartica documentaries and Happy Feet on loop on a little screen. If you’re lucky, the $2199 passengers might even show you a glimpse of the view from their phone camera.

          Definitely an ‘unforgettable‘ round-trip.

  • Better check your Qantas profile doesn’t have isle seat preference

  • Refreshing deal to shake off lockdown blues, although flight to nowhere… 😁

  • I like the idea. But kind of feels like an expensive school field trip. I can get similar experience by watching videos of Antartica on YouTube lol

  • not really a deal?

    terrible seat option too. whats the point of going if you wont see much.

    • Wings will cause "some obstruction to viewing" on even the more expensive seats. $6499.
      Cheeky to even sell these seats in my opinion.

  • LOL for a flight that is in 2022…..

  • Good luck taking any good photos from the awful 787 windows.

    • On behalf of everyone, no one wants to see your holiday photos anyway.

    • Awful in what way? At nearly half a metre tall they're the largest passenger windows on any commercial aircraft.


      • Because they're electrochromic (they dim when you push a button), they've got a weird rainbow effect when you look through them even though they can be completely transparent. This makes getting a clear photo almost impossible. I would purposely avoid flying on 787s for this reason.

        • I thought this may have been the case. I'm aware that they're electronically dimmed but was hoping for no glass effect shenanigans. Yet to go on a 787 myself to see this.

          I read that the loss of control to shade/unshade your own window (they can be overridden by cabin crew) can lead to passenger frustration, and the earlier models couldn't turn completely black (fixed on newer aircraft apparently).

          Another example of "just because you can, doesn't mean you should" engineering.

    Explorer seats do not have direct access to
    a window. Passengers are free to stand in
    the aisles and common areas
    to enjoy the
    views of Antarctica. Passengers will enjoy
    Qantas International service and award￾winning inflight entertainment system.
    These seats do not rotate

    • Passengers are free to stand in
      the aisles and common areas to enjoy the
      views of Antarctica.

      Hopefully social distancing is a thing of the past in 2022, big gamble..

    • Passengers will enjoy Qantas International service

      We enjoy going somewhere. We tolerate the Qantas International service.

    • "we are currently experiencing turbulences, please stay in your seat with you seatbelt closed"…LOL

      Next issue coming to mind is social distancing…

      And what about those expensive seats that do rotate…are the flight attendants going to disinfect everything every time people rotate or is COVID-21/22 not going to be a big issue..??

  • +6 votes

    Some seats are going for 8k and this doesn't even depart till 2022. This is robbery.


    Revoke your Ozbargain membership if you upvoted this scam.

  • 787 departing Hobart International. I'd like to see that.

  • $8k for a super fancy seat for a day, or say around $20k all up for a trip there with national geographic - https://www.nationalgeographic.com/expeditions/destinations/... - 13 nights. Won't be doing either, but I know which I'd choose if I could.

  • Given the seat issue, social distancing ignorance etc. this is not a deal.

  • This isn't really a deal. More of a "unique" and extremely expensive experience.

    Value for money? I don't think so.

  • The irony of the environmental impact of flying a dreamliner to Antarctica for people to look out the window…

  • You guys are upset about the wrong thing here! Obviously the real scandal is just before reaching "Antarctica" or The Edge, the effects of the drug they put in your drink start to sink in and you go into a deep sleep where they manipulate your mind and implant concepts of a "globe earth", then you wake up on the tarmac thinking "oh wow" what a lovely flight, all the while not knowing that they injected you with high frequency 5Ghz liquid covid… to..to… control our minds maaan!


    Look it up. It's all there 🤯