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Tronsmart T2 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker $42.49 Delivered @ Tronsmart via Amazon AU


Claim Code: JBBBIW5J
Regular Price: $49.99
Sales Price: $42.49

The Tronsmart Element T2 Plus is an excellent choice if we are looking fora portable, with good power and relatively good sound quality, considering its price.

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  • I was given this speaker as a gift and it's great for that price!

    • Does it get quite loud?

      Been looking for a decent waterproof speaker but haven't found any cheap ones loud enough.

      • Decent enough. Not hurt your ears loud but not like those tiny speakers. This is 40 watts. Don't think this model is waterproof but the T6 is which I bought recently as a father's Day gift. The old man also very happy.

        • I think you might have a different one to this one?

          Clicked through on the link and it's def waterproof and only 20W? I think I read somewhere it was 2 x 10w speakers.

  • Which size TF card do these take?

  • Sorry you are correct. It looks almost identical to the one I have but mine is not waterproof but has 40w speakers. I would suggest the T-6 plus with the waterproof feature. I think 20w is not enough.

    • Thanks, I'll check out the T-6. I wanna strap it to a speed boat but worried 20W won't be loud enough over the motor.

  • I have a similar one that is 40W. Had it a year or so and it's brilliant for the price. Nice loud sound, bass is surprisingly good from a small unit.

  • Does anyone know if it pairs with Tronsmort Force 40W Bluetooth Speaker for stereo sound? I hv the Tronsmort Force 40W Bluetooth Speaker (which I like) and thinking of getting this. Thanks in advance

  • Do you have any deals for the T6 at the moment?