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Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z213 $56 + Delivery (or Pickup in SA) @ Allneeds Computers


Price matched with officeworks via phone.

Officeworks price $79 95

Prices match with all good at $56

Total price $53.20

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  • I remember these speakers were <$25 pre-covid.

    Also you got lucky on the price match, as Officeworks didn't factor in the cost of delivery ($38.45 to NSW).

  • I was going to say that, don't have them anymore, but remember getting some a few years back at $20.

    What a price rise!

    They are just okay, they don't go all that loud before they distort.

  • How are these even worth $56? These speakers are super old; would rather get an average set of wired headphones at this price

  • bought a set of these for the daughter some years back. They sounded horrible to my low-fi ears - sitting in a cupboard somewhere while she listens to her music on a portable speaker (jbl flip 3) that she reckons sounds far better.

  • I got this few years back. Sound quality is basic and the bass produced by the sub is very weak.

  • these things suck ass from a cable management perspective. The sound was fine (I didn't need quality I just needed speakers because both my monitors do not have), definitely nothing to write home about though. Honestly I took them off my desk eventually, was annoying me way too much.

    ps anyone wanna buy some speakers … lol

  • these sound terrible. for the money, you'd be better holding off for some Edifier 2.0 speakers.


    I picked them up for this $89 and quite impressed for the money, great features, clear sound, a richness you can't get from little cheapie logis

  • these sound really bad, speaking from experience

    the Z623 are pretty good
    even the old X530/X540 series were better