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Sunbeam Mixmaster Standmixer $225 Delivered @ Appliances Online


Sunbeam mixmaster stand mixer
RRP$349 ?
They also have a version with additional glass bowl for additional $33

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    • Pretty obvious that you don't bake.

      • I bake a lot but mostly simple stuff, like semi sweet banana muffins and stuff. What kinds of things does a mixer really come into its own on?

        • Anything where you mix a lot. Anything heavier. If you want to mix dough for a long period and then can mix something else by hand.

          Making large batches of the icing using the different attachments.

          Once you use a machine like this u will see why people buy them.

    • I don't get what that commenter was negged so much. They gave their opinion on what they use. Hardly trashed the deal or told others not to buy it. This website community suffers from group think too much.

  • Mine came with the glass bowl for free from good guys a few weeks ago. If TGG are still doing the bowl for free deal, see if you can price match :D

    Haven't used my machine yet but it looks nice. Glass bowl is definitely nicer than the one it comes with. Very heavy tho. Definitely handy to have two. One for main batch and one for icing batch etc.

  • Thanks!

    I ordered one last night with the glass bowl. It arrives in this morning! Unbelievable.