Best Ergonomic Chair under $1000


Pretty common topic these days, I'm after an office chair and cannot decide.
I'm set on the Herman Miller Embody which I found so comfy (much more than the Aeron in my opinion) but unfortunately the price tag is way too high.

My other option would be either a ErgoHuman Elite v2
Or a SteelCase Leap V2

I was also keen on the SecretLabs Neuechair
But the reviews are pretty bad.

I work on a computer whole day and play at night so I'm not keen to buy the Ikea one even though it looks quite good for the price.

Any recommendations? Brand that I missed?

Many thanks


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    I bought a Formway LiFE chair second hand in Auburn, Sydney for 20% of new cost, excellent condition with all accessories. So happy with it. There a a few such secondhand office goods stores with great quality good chairs, sanitised and ready to go.

    • secondhand is the way to go. seen many hm aeron/ steelcase leap and haworth zody for under $200 in good condition. sydney and melbourne are usually where they come from.

    • are you thinking like budgetofficefurniture ?

      Last time I checked a similar store, it was for a Herman Miller Aeron @ $800 without any warranty.
      I could find online some for the same price with still 6-8 years of warranty.

      I suppose it depends on the price / luck

    • Do you remember the name of this store? I would be interested to check it out some time.

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        Yes - I was not sure if I can say the name, it is that one above, on Parramatta Rd, they had a lot of stock 6 weeks ago when I bought - I guess many offices are not needed ATM so liquidating….. They have a facebook page with current stock. Some is rubbish but there were some nuggets like my chair. There are other second hand services more to east of Sydney and also at Lansvale with excellent quality secondhand stocks but you need patience to wait for stock to come in and they are more expensive.

      • I visited this shop today. Nice guys. It's a bit of a mission to get around and find your chair. I found a decent Life Chair (seat adjust doesn't work but they showed me how to manually adjust) for $180 cash. I probably spotted about 10 more life chairs… not all the posture supports were that comfortable.. I had to hunt to find a good one but I'm happy with what I settled with.

  • I like my Herman Miller Sayl. Less fancy than some of the others but I find it comfortable and does the job - just with fewer adjustments which I didn't use on others like the Mirra anyway.

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    I'm in the same boat and I'm keen to know which chair you end up with, OP.

  • I am the same with you sit over 12 hours a day. I am a programmer. Mine is Ergohuman V2 Plus Deluxe have it since Jul 19 2015. I liked it until recent years, I found I have back pain and I realize its back support it not as good as I thought. Check this video here: It is pretty much like the guy said. You need to lean back get the lumbar support. This is also a good comparison video. I am looking at upgrading it to Herman Miller Miller, but hard to choose between new one and second hand due to the price. I also bought a standing desk because of my back pain, because no matter how good the chair is, it is still not healthy sitting there whole day. Drafting chair is also an option for me as I can stick with the high of the standing desk and sit on the drafting chair from time to time.

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    You can get a Steelcase Leap for less than $1k new.

  • Steelcase Leap and Herman Miller Sayl would both be good options.

    Avoid the secretlab, might as well save the money and go for an Ikea chair with 10 year warranty that is probably superior with longer warranty too

  • In the same boat, looking at the steelcase leap v2 as the sayl and other gaming chairs are a gimmick.

  • I own the classic aeron myself and a big fan of the mesh style over the fabric. Personally after testing all these chairs I found the steelcase leap to be the best fabric option. You can pick up one of these new for under 1000, I've also seen them go for very cheap 2nd hand as they are not as desired as their aeron counterparts.

  • Herman Miller Aeron or Steelcase Leap v2, both are considered 'buyitforlife' products

  • I have the Herman Miller Aeron, beautiful chair, perfect for Australian conditions as in heat as theres no fabric on it. I can sit on it all day, changing from a traditional chair to this has made the world of difference, it was hard to source as in I had to get it from ebay in Sydney to Brisbane, my friend had to part it down and find a suitable box to ship it in but definitly worth it….at least for me lol..
    Graysonline have alot of the old virgin airlines stock online at the moment.
    Definitly worth checking it out going for around the $400 mark inc buyers premium and GST, just be careful to factor that in.
    Although it should clearly show you that now on your bid. Make sure to bid with 11 minutes to go for your best chance to secure it

  • I went to sit back & relax today.
    Tested the aeron and a couple of other mesh chairs.
    They were unfortunately not as comfortable, my bottom hurt, the seat felt very hard compared to the aeron and the chair was around $600!
    So I'm a bit scared of getting the ergohuman v2 for instance thinking people may like it because they haven't tried better.
    But going from the aeron to another mesh makes you like the aeron even more.

    Still undecided :/ if only money wasn't a problem I would just get the embody or aeron.

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      Hey mate , you end up getting a chair yet? Embody price is so insane but i heard the lumbar support is not adjustable on the embody while the aeron can. Just gotta find a good place to try it in Brisbane to make my mine up.

  • For those looking at the Steelcase Leap Chair V2 (Black), the Queensland retailer Arki Environments is currently have a sale. Normal price is $1,301 and has been marked down to $997.50. Free shipping to VIC when I put it into my cart so pretty sure it would extend to QLD and NSW as well.

    EDIT - forgot to put the link. Note that it does take 10 - 12 weeks apparently for shipping.

    • 10-12 weeks for shipping!!! Coming from China by boat I suppose.

      • Haha probably. I checked with another place and same lead time. Been sitting in my old OW chair for almost 5 years so what is another 10 - 12 weeks to wait… :)

    • That's been their price for as long as I can remember, at least the past few months.

  • Sounds like there is still mixed opinion on getting a chair that is a slight step down from the Aeron.

    Maybe there will be some more Sales as we approach end of financial year.

  • Not keen to spend 1k on a chair and second hand is hard to come buy. Seriously contemplating the neuechair anyone own one? I can't really see any bad reviews.

    • On the contrary, I've seen many bad reviews, just google sagging chair to get an idea. Otherwise it looks great