[VIC] Apple Watch Series 6 40mm $575, 44mm $625 @ Costco, Docklands (Membership Required)


As has been pointed out below you can order online for $5 cheaper and they might have the SE available. This would be Australia wide.

Went to Costco Docklands today, yes you do need a membership.
Apple Watch Series 6
Blue/Navy 40mm - $575
Grey/Black 44mm - $625

Apple Watch SE (sold out)
But costs were
Gold/Pink, Grey/Black 40 mm $410
Silver/white, Grey/Black 44 mm $460.

Apple Watch 5
space Grey 40 mm $450.

You can return electrical stuff within 90 days, if you don’t like it.

You will need an iPhone with the latest IOS to set the watch up.

Today wasn’t too bad at Costco, yesterday was bonkers. All the people who could now travel 25 km. .

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  • Thanks op! I’ve been wondering about this and you just answered it! :D

    What was the crowd like when you went.. was it busy?

    • Actually not too bad. Yesterday was “the outside queue down to the road” again. Went straight in today and the checkouts didn’t have long queues,

  • Sorry, i dont get the deal, its GPS only right?
    GPS only version at apple store 44mm is anyway $649.
    So $24 Profit, wont call it a deal

    • Find me a better price.

      • Aren't the regulations for a deal to have the savings in the title? What's the RRP / price elsewhere?

        • If you were, actually, interested in the watches you would know. Feel free to report my post and get it deleted.

          • @try2bhelpful: I was just pointing out what the OzBargain posting rules are. Haven't posted for a while but when I did you had to give an indication of savings in the post title. I know you're 'trying to be helpful', but so am I :)

          • @try2bhelpful: I have the first apple watch so was maybe looking at upgrading but although I'm good with numbers, can't say I've got watch prices memorised.

            • @notout50: That is what Google is for. If you use Mr Google then the Apple site will be one of the first returned.

              Frankly, most of the time I can’t be arsed posting things because I sick I’ve having to chase this sort of stuff down. Just reinforcing that decision. I figure people want to do a price comparison they can do their own Google I’m just making them aware.

  • Beautiful watch but I’m wondering if the s5 cellular from JB etc for around the same money seems like far better value (unless u don’t need cellular and will use on always on altimeter etc).

    Picked up the s5 from Jb for $650 a few weeks back and have loved it.

    • Personally if I was going for a new watch I would, probably, consider the SE rather than the S6. The app tracking is mostly done on the phone so I don’t feel the need for the cellular for my S5. Does it cost you extra for an additional SIM?

      • It’s only $5 extra for me with Telstra…. I like not needing the phone hence the cellular watch.

        Got my wife the same and it’s a godsend as she never checks her phone lol… can’t miss it if it’s on ur wrist

  • Slightly off topic but very sneaky of Costco to change their electronics change of mind return policy to 90 days. Had no idea it had changed until I read this post. There must have been too many members abusing the policy, ruining it for everyone else.

  • Would someone please advise -

    Is buying online available nationwide or just Melbourne?

    Its not clear on their website. (and not a member so cant test by putting in a cart)

  • Only comes with standard sport band.

    If you want a different band then better off buying from Apple.

    Sport band, sport loop, solo loop are $69

    Braided solo loop, leather, and stainless steel are $139 (some premium leather and stainless steel cost more).

    Essentially you pay $70 to upgrade to braided, leather, stainless when buying from Apple, rather than paying the full $139 to get a second band.

    • I would look at 3rd party bands, they are cheaper.

      • I suspect no one has got the liquid silicone rubber formula right just yet, other than Apple. So third party solo loops would feel different.

        Other materials: nylon, leather, stainless, or even ceramic should be fine to go with third party.

        • I bought a 3rd party Milanese loop which is doing well. My old band sits in a drawer. Looks like there might be a second hand market for original silicone bands.

          • @try2bhelpful: Might be a small market, everybody has got the regular sport band when they buy the watch. When it's time to replace the original band, if it comes to that, chances are people would want to try something different or look into third party options.

            However, having the original band in good condition will probably help resale (if you want you) when you upgrade in the future.