Should I Buy iPhone 11 with 10% off HIM/HER Card Right Now or Wait for Further Price Mark down?

My current phone's screen is cracked, but still functional. I really want to get my hands on iPhone 11, since the price is already dropped. I am able to buy him/her card on Unionshopper, $900 for $1000 GC, which could save me $100 on iPhone 11, but it can be used on JB HIFI or The Good Guys only. The stock is going very fast, 128 GB is not available on JB atm, only 64 GB in red. The good guys has 128 GB in purple. (It has white this morning tho, but it is sold out rn).

Is JB HIFI going to have iPhone 11 on sale in the future? Yes, I can buy GC and use it on sales, but I worry that it is going to be out of stock very soon. Should I just buy it rn with GC?


  • Is JB HIFI going to have iPhone 11 on sale in the future?

    We are OzBargain. Not JB Hi-Fi Employees/Customer Service. How would we know the specifics? Your guess is as good as mine.

  • Are you desperate for the included charger and earpods and no discount, then buy now.

    Happy to wait and see if there's a price drop and not get a charger or earpods included, then wait

  • Just buy. Who knows what gonna happen tomorrow.

  • I was interested in white at GG last night but it was no longer available today. Seems stock gone very fast

  • If i were you, I'll buy the gift cards first, just in case they run out. Usually they only sell them for a week.

    I do think the iPhone 11's price is still too high, hence at only $300+ more it might be better to get the 12.

  • him/her

    Another identity crisis??

    How badly do you want the phone? If you are going to gamble your chances by waiting until enough discount has been applied then a good chance it could go OOS, if a big enough discount is your motive then keep waiting for the next model to be discounted…

    Everyone wants to buy at the lowest price point, but you play a very different game, than buying for need.