Help Me Find a Path from Using Multiple Apple Pay to Purchasing a New iPhone 12

Hey guys. I am a long time OzBargainer. I really enjoy stacking multiple deals (5% off + cashrewards + special deals etc) when purchasing stuff…. it's almost like a sport….

Recently I've been offered $15 off per $100 ApplePay spend on my Amex, 3 times per card, and I have access to 6 Amex cards that have this deal…

So, with a total of $1800 to spend, at 15% off, effectively. But with ApplePay, I need to buy at a physical store that accepts ApplePay Amex…..

I think maybe an iPhone 12 Pro might be the item I want to end up with….

So, how do I go from ApplePay Amex to an iPhone 12 and picking up the most discount along the way?

Apple Store itself may sound obvious, but they only accept ONE credit card per transaction. So that doesn't work… since I need to at least do 6 transactions (at $300 each)…

Otherwise, an easy option is to buy JB Hifi gift cards from Coles, and wait for iPhone 12 to come out at JB Hifi, and then buy with the gift cards… but, this is only making use of 1 single deal - the original ApplePay Amex deal, and nothing else (excluding the Amex points I would pick up because those were always going to be picked up anyway from an Amex spend)…. being a true OzBargainer…. I am not satisfied with that…. lol

Help me please!!


  • they only accept ONE credit card per transaction.

    Do you have a source for this ? I paid 50/50 with a mate both on cards for a product in store year ago and they didnt mind at all

  • I bought my iPhone 11 in November last year using the 10% additional credit @ David Jones Gift Cards (via Woolies) that came in June last year (

    I bought $1100 (worth $1210) of gift-cards, and was able to use my brother's WW team discount (if you know anyone) to get another 5% off, so paid $1045.
    Priced matched at DJ's for the Officeworks price of $1185 at the time, and also used TRS at the beginning of the year, so got $119 back (Obvs wont be able to do that now).
    Worked out to $926, which is approx. what they're selling for now (after GC's) a year later and superseded by the 12, so im happy with my buy.

    If the offer comes back sometime soon, you may get a better deal than me, effectively 25% off an iPhone. Good Luck.

    Woolies cashier didn't care that i wanted 22 gift cards, and said she could only authorize 6 at a time, I wouldn't think they'd have an issue doing them by the $100's as long as you go when they're not busy.

    EDIT: Additional Info

    • I didn't even realise DJ sold iPhones! And 10% extra credit sounds like a steal. 25% off iPhone is a brilliant deal, especially if you get GST back and maybe even tax back for work/business usage…. considering how high the resale values are for recent Apple products…. well done!

      • yeah if you can time your buy to within 90 days of going o/s (likely NZ) then you could get approx. 35% off before tax concessions.
        Also, tax concessions will be based on the retail price paid (i.e. RRP), which will make the cost to you even lower.

    • Your comment is what OzBargain is all about.

  • Buy Wish gift cards from Prezzee in amounts of $100, multiple times. Pay on your iPhone where you can pay with Apple Pay. Then use the Wish gift cards at Big W to buy the phone.

    • Sorry, prezzee is an online store, right? So I can't ApplePay them…. ApplePay requires physical tapping of the phone at a checkout scanner…. no? Or am I sounding like an amateur here and missed some online payment developments with ApplePay….? lol

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        You can pay with Apple Pay using Safari on your iPhone once you have the relevant credit card loaded into your Apple Wallet, don't need to tap & pay.

        • OMG! Is that for any online store accepting credit cards, or does the store need to be specifically enabled for online ApplePay via Safari?

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            @Jinster: Needs to be specifically enabled for accepting ApplePay via Safari, so not everyone.

            EDIT: When ApplePay is supported it also can also be done from Safari on your Mac (if you have a Mac) if you have your credit cards loaded in your wallet on your Mac.

  • Real questions here are which Amex cards did you get this offer? Did you get new Amex accounts set up recently? Are they all primary card? Thanks!

  • OP, sorry can't help.

    it's almost like a sportā€¦.
    Help me please!!

    You sound like a hardcore OzBargainer :)

  • I think you misread the Amex offer, it's $15 off for $100 or more. So if you spend $300 per transaction, you still get only $15 off. For your plan to work, you need to convince Apple to seperate it into 18 transactions of $100.

    • Possibly. But the Back to Business offer from Amex earlier in the year was $20 back for $20 spend, up to 16 times. And Amex just paid a single $320 lump sum after I purchased >$320 in one transaction….

      The reason is it also says "in one or more transactions" - so the qualifying amounts are cumulative (and therefore rolling over to the next $100).

      It says the same this time.

  • "find a path to purchasing a new iPhone 12"

    you are in the wrong path…..

  • Just buy 18 $100 Apple Store gift cards, in 18 separate transactions. Use them to buy phone.