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AmEx Statement Credit | Microsoft Spend $400/Get $80, Catch Grocery Run $150/ $30, Expedia, Dropbox, NNT Work Uniforms and wine


AmEx Statement Credit

Microsoft Spend $400 or more and Get $80 back online only

  • Catch.com.au & Grocerry Run Spend $150 Get $30 back online only

  • Expedia Spend $250 And Get $30 discount ( most likely its a discount and not statement credit - use code EXPAMEXH30)

  • Dropbox 40% off upto $70 online only

  • NNT Work Uniforms Spend $150 Get $30 back online only

  • WineDirect.com.au Spend $150 Get $35 back online only

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (2)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (25)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • +1

    Microsoft may be targeted; didn't get it on my DJs Amex.

    Worth pointing out too that last time there was a Microsoft offer in June, it was $100 credit instead of $80

    The Expedia one is a discount and not a credit; you need a code

    Also Dropbox didn't show up on any of my cards; what card do you have OP?

    • +1

      I got Microsoft in both Explorer and Platinum edge (including supplement cards)

      • I got it on my Westpac Platinum and Velocity Escape cards, hence my targeted comment (I've used none of them on Microsoft before)

    • Microsoft and dropbox shows on all my cards.

      Catch however didn’t show on any.

      • Catch also didn't show up on my DJs Amex, but did on my Westpac Platinum and Velocity Escape ones

  • Any manual link for catch?

  • I only get NNT offer on my DJs Amex…

  • +1

    thanks for post, if it wasnt for ozbargain never know about these unless i religiously checked the app daily

    • same here. thanks op :)

    • +2

      They are usually always on Tuesday’s- except for a rare few

  • +1

    I got Catch but mine is $100/$15.

  • Thanks op

  • Just in time for a new next gen Xbox!

    • +1

      Will this work when the XSX gets charged in a few days/weeks?
      EDIT: Looks like it will work: "Excludes pre-order items where the release date is after offer end date."

      • Thats good to know! Are you getting yours from the MSFT store ?

        • Yup, the only place I could check out the console on :)

          • @ruttager: Lol - same here , thru some stroke of luck! Add me up : Skeevs

            • @skeevs: Looks like I just got charged and received an email from Amex to say th eoffer has been used. Good times.

              • @ruttager: Yes I got the same email from Amex. Wonder what the go here is with this delivery date error if they choose to revert the charge :|

    • Are you able to purchase the console on the site itself? I thought they just redirect you to other retailers?

      • Yes you can pre-order the console from the MS Store.

  • +4

    Dropbox what's the point. Just use Google drive and one drive. No need to deal with three devices limit

    40% back is not much

    • +1

      Same. For Android users Google drive makes much more sense.

    • I agree, but I'm locked in because of 1Password not supporting other providers… so I see this as a good opportunity to sign up for one month to add all my devices on which I need to format/new iPhone/etc….

  • +1

    Didn't get Catch which was the only one I wanted :-(((

  • Got all except catch and Expedia offers

    • Expedia is a code posted above if pay with Amex presumably

      • I see. Thanks

  • Nice Expedia was just about to book, thanks op!

  • Got Catch but spend $100 get $15 back. :(

  • +1

    Thanks got AirPods pro for $226. Including $60 credit, 8% off gift cards and $30 cashback

    • Hi how did you get $226 ? care to share? thanks

  • I've got the MS offer but I literally purchased a surface laptop go yesterday from the MS website. I wonder if I can cancel the order and re-order with the amex.

    • I would if I were you. Worth a try anyway. Not sure about ms but I cancelled many orders without fuss from eBay and Amazon, most within half a day though.

      • I'm chatting to MS live chat right now seeing if I can cancel, will update if I'm successful.

        Also on the MS store the surface laptop go is discounted by 5% if you log in before you purchase, not sure what that's about, but knocks about $60 off the price of it.

        I couldn't cancel so instead what I had to do is do a new order and pay with the AMEX. When the first order comes I just have to refuse it and then it gets refunded. But if a strange system but whatever. I tried to change payment method for the original order but they wouldn't allow that either.

  • Will the catch offer works on gift card?

  • +1

    Is GroceryRun.com.au worth a try? I find even their deal prices to be higher than the deal prices of Woolies and Coles. Hard to make the spend total as much as $100 or $150 as well with a limited range.

    • Yes, I have had many offers in the past and have not been able to find anything to buy and then you have to remember about shipping on top.

  • +1

    Perfect for the Series X.

    • Except can't even find it on their website. One page says Out Of Stock, another says click on "Find Retailer" but doesn't go anywhere!

      • The offer lasts until 22nd Dec as long as you save it to your card. I would keep an eye out for replenished stock after it launches.

  • The Microsoft one is great for those who purchased their Series X from Microsoft.

    Unfortunately with the last offer, I got the Cyberpunk XB1X console and got the cashback, but the console was lost/stolen in the mail so they had to refund me. Hopefully doesn't happen again

    • Wow, wouldn't expect this to happen in this country.

      • It was DHL too, going express from Melbourne to Melbourne. How could it get lost within a space of 24 hours??

  • What's people's experiences with grocery run?
    E.g. do the prices compare to aldi? Delivery/ shipping?

    • Hard to find any good deals and then shipping is $9.95 or thereabouts.

  • +2

    Anyone tried buying gift card?

  • Got catch offer on many of my cards. Not sure if I'll use them can't find anything worth buying. I wonder if I should just get e gift card and if that would trigger the amex credits?

    • You will get credit if you buy gift cards from their website. Please check link mentioned in one of the comments above

  • Eŕor

  • +1

    Thanks i got the amex triggerd emails after gift card purchases. However catch cancelled some orders due to system verification . If I try again using that card again will I still get the amex credit?

    • +1

      I would say that’s even better. Just contact AMEX and explain Catch canceled your orders for no fault of yours. They will credit you the cashback amount. But don’t mention you bought gift cards

      • I probably wouldn’t contact Amex though

  • I activated the offer the same day it went live.

    Microsoft then put a hold on the card for my xbox preorder.
    When that hold was applied amex sent an email saying 'Thank you for using your Microsoft Online Amex Offer'

    Microsoft then removed the fund hold on my card.
    They have since re-debited the amount for the console and shipped it. I haven't received the statement credit.

    However the offer no longer appears in the amex portal in the 'saved to card' tab.

    Did anyone else also have the offer disappear from the amex portal?

    • It has disappeared for me as well (after console has been shipped) - most likely it has been applied to the account but the credit has not been applied yet. Give it a few more days.

      • I'll keep a lookout for it

        • Credit came through overnight! Yay!

  • Does this include Xbox items (console, accessories, games, etc.)? The terms said:

    "Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $400 or more, in one or more transactions, online only at www.microsoft.com/en-au by 22/12/2020 to receive one $80 credit."

    But Xbox items are only available at https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/, redirected from the main Microsoft site.

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