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5% off Officeworks (Expired) & Betta I 6% off Catch Gift Cards I 4% off BP Gift Cards @ Suncorp Benefits


5% off Officeworks & Betta Gift Cards @ Suncorp Benefits

Available through AAMI, GIO and other retailers.

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    5% off Officeworks Gift Cards @ Suncorp Benefits

    Can I then use these to get Suncorp Gift Cards at Officeworks ?

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      Yeah and then go around in loop

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        Great minds think alike…

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        You'd only need 89 iterations to achieve 99% off.

  • Good timing for Officeworks with Back to School sales approaching

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    this is physical card which need 1 week to arrive and another 24 hours to activate

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    • all egift cards no?

      • Some of the gift cards are available digitally, but this one is "5% Off Officeworks Physical Gift Card".

        "Physical Gift Card delivered to you or loved one via post.
        Due to the festive season, all physical gift cards ordered after 5pm Thursday 20th December 2018 will be dispatched after Monday 7th January 2019."

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    This is the normal going rate…

  • Since JV brought up this, I wonder if it is possible to buy a Visa/Master/Eftpos gift card with an Officeworks gift card and then buy an Officeworks gift card again by using the purchased Visa/Master/Eftpos gift card, so I could continue the loop . For instance, I could buy a $200 EFTPOS gift card that is on sale at Officeworks for $196.6 with a gift card from Surncop, which means, assuming my calculation is right, I would be effectively getting a discount of 1.7% for every dollar that is loaded on the gift card. I don't think it is worth my time and hassles, but it is still an interesting stuff.

    • Suncorp only accepts Visa or MasterCard

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        And Officeworks sells Visa gift cards too.

        • Can you get a discount on Visa card from OW though?

          • @bonz: That's something I am not sure

        • There's quite a hefty fee on them from memory

          • @Pineapples: An activation fee is already included

            • @BiA0: The Visa1's are $207.95 so that would be net cost of $197.55, which is pretty good if you are using them to pay bills which otherwise wouldnt be eligible to earn points.

              I am pretty sure that you can't buy Visa1's with OW gift cards though. Well, I'm sure the T&C's say that but I think they do enforce it like Woollies and Target do (but not Coles or Kmart).

    • I don't think you are able to use the Officeworks Store gift card to purchase the EFTPOS Gift Card, unless you have added other items in the same transaction. Staff do not allow purchase of gift cards, with other gift cards (their system does not allow it)

  • Can the catch gift cards be used for catch connect?

  • What's the discount for David Jones gift cards? Entertainment book took them off their website

    • 6% off

  • Is there a way of viewing Suncorp benefits without going through the App?

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/discounted_egift_cards

      Someone needs to edit the wiki and add them in though

      • Sorry I should clarify - i've got access to Suncorp benefits through the App but would like to view/buy through desktop site if it exists ;)

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          https://benefits.suncorp.com.au/ says to visit https://online.suncorp.com.au/onesuncorp

          but that just leads to a bad request. it used to work via desktop though :/

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            @CVonC: Works for me (the second link, using Firefox for Android).

          • @CVonC: That seems to be for customers with Suncorp insurance as you require a policy number to access - i've just got the everyday basics account so that I can access benefits… never mind ;)

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              @urbancartel: I'm the same as you, just a basics account. I did have to register via the App to get a Benefits account (as mentioned earlier), but otherwise always access via the Web (on both desktop & phone - I don't like the app).

  • wow the list is massive..

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    Thanks Op. Didn’t know aami was part of Suncorp and could access the same benefits.

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      Got bought out in 2007 as part of the buy out of Promina. Once the best insurance brand in the country (and employer of the year many years in a row) was subsequently wrecked and stripped for parts… what was a great customer service experience became an online-only piece of garbage. I was an employee in 2007, and the writing was on the wall by the time I left at the end of that year. The new CEOs name was Snowball, and was true to his name, rolling AAMI amorphously into the Suncorp portfolio.

  • Any credit card surcharges? Ie Lumo offers 5% off Coles, but there is a 1% card fee. So it's really 4%

    • nah there isn't :)

      • Great. Might be worth me getting an account. 8 have access to RACQ and entertainment book, but the latter charge a credit card fee so reduces the discount.

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    you can open up a free bank account to access these offers too.

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      Exactly what I was going to ask. Thank you. I'm assuming any Suncorp account will do.

      • Just get the everyday basics - can't access benefits until 24 hours after registering but it's well worth it ;)

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    $1000 max weekly transaction.
    I figured out while buying tv last weekend from JB.

    On positive, this doesnt charge credit card fee

  • Does anyone knows if officeworks or catch gift cards have expiry date?

  • Got my CTP through GIO which is part of the Suncorp Group and gives me access to these benefits.

  • I can't seem to find officeworks giftcards anymore, is anyone else facing the same issue?

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      I bought $500 with last week, but they emailed to say they don't have $500 cards anymore, and are sending 5x $100 cards instead.

      • Is this on the website? Or via the app? Do they have benefits for different partners? I am with Suncorp Bank

        • Just checked via the app and desktop, no longer listed :(

          The first and last time I bought one ($50) was 30/12/18

        • It was the website. I too just have a Suncorp bank account (no policies). Btw, I ordered late Wed night.

    • I was on the Suncorp app four days ago and it was still showing but it is no longer on my app. :(

      • I checked on my laptop no officeworks.

  • Looks like Officeworks has definitely been removed. Dammit!

  • Same, looking to get some Officeworks gift card through Coles Myer/Coles express and not available on Suncorp anymore! :(

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    Could anyone please kindly suggest an alternative?
    Need officeworks / Coles express gift cards :(

  • Re: Catch cards, I had to enter full amounts e.g. $50, $200 after being unsuccessful (twice) with entering the exact (Catch) purchase amount.
    So for me, this meant rounding up to a few extra dollars to get a full number (have a few dollars left on a card, no big issue)

  • Not seeing anything except woolies, coles and jbhifi :(

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