Likely Discount Percentage on a New Car and/or a Demo from an Authorised Skoda Dealer?

Hello everyone…. I have never bought a new car before… but I am in need of a new 4WD this time around - secondhand isn't an option unfortunately as per SO.

I am looking in the $60k mark. What sort of discount on RRP can generally be expected? I know when my parents bought their $90k car many many years ago, they got it for 10% off RRP.

And what about demonstrators? If new is 10% off RRP, demo should be…. 15% off?



  • What are you looking for? Kodiak? Superb 207?

    I'd ask at the Aus Skoda FB group. The prices are all over the shop at the moment.

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  • Why a Skoda?

  • Do Skoda make a 4WD? I thought they only had an SUV?

    Anyway, 10% is usually a fair target but it does depend on your negotiating skill and the brand and model. Demo, and some will disagree with this, is a used car IMO and as such should be minimum 20%, same value a new car loses the moment it hits the road. You're not only getting a used car with km on it but losing out on age (may be previous MY or calendar year built), rego and warranty (though some makes will reset the warranty apparently) as well.

    • No. No proper 4WDs in the range. All SUVs but people like to drink that "great outdoors and off the beaten track" Kool-Aid

  • I’m confident you’ll get it 10% Skoda accessories

  • Skoda and 4wd don’t seem to fit together well. More Skoda and SUV.

  • Currently car prices have gone through the roof, discounts are nowhere near what they used to be.

    • That's used cars. Having said that many brands seem to have cut production on new cars probably because used are selling and new aren't.

      • There is a shortage of new cars reaching Australia due to Covid 19.

        It's not that new cars aren't selling, currently there just aren't enough available to stealerships to sell.

        • Shortage of new cars due to supply. Cashed up people who were saving for O/S travel are buying other things, like updating the car.
          Used cars in shortage for similar reasons. Bargains getting snapped up. Prices rising. It trickles down until you get to a point where the oldest cars are getting scrapped.

  • Are there any un-authorised Skoda dealers?

    • There’s a bloke in a trench coat in the back carpark of the pub. Pretty sure he could hook you up with a Skoda, or anything else you want.

  • Be good at next trade in time.

  • I got a 13% discount on my VW golf fully optioned.
    I guess would be similar for Skoda. The more expensive it is the higher % of discount you would get, usually.
    Haven’t dealt with demos but should get a slightly higher % on discounts with demos, depends on your negotiation skills I guess…