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[eBay Plus] Samsung C34H892 34" Curved 3440x1440 USB-C 100hz FreeSync Ultrawide LCD $755 Shipped @ Shopping Express via eBay


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Finally a decent deal on curved monitor model. Not sure if this may suffice for gaming but really worth it for productivity!

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    100hz for productivity… ?

    • Ouch… that hertz…

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      Yeah the only real benefit I see with this is the usb-c connection, I would rather buy the ozbargain classic xiaomi 34" wqhd monitor.

      • Whats a good comparable monitor if i don't want an ultrawide?

        • What you looking for though? productivity? gaming?

          • @Krad3r: gaming

            • @acidantics: Depending on your graphics card, have a look around for 1440p 144hz 27inch monitors. I recently bought the BenQ EX2780Q for around 650 during a centrecom sale and love it. It has HDR (you can turn it on or off to your preference) and inbuilt speakers with sub-woofer which was perfect for me since i wanted a minimal desk.

        • Dell 27" monitors
          4k version
          Or 1440p 144hz

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      Imagine those PowerPoint slides….😉..jk

      But for a USB C with PD, this display kicks Xiaomi anyday

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        Sick transition bro!

      • Noob q, but what is the function of usb c on a monitor?

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          • It allows you to use a USB-C port on your laptop for video (you might have another monitor plugged into HDMI of your laptop)
          • If the monitor has USB ports / hub functionality, it allows you to connect all your devices to the monitor and then connect everything to your laptop through the one cable
          • If it has PD charging, then it allows you to use one cable for both video and power
          • If it has both of those things, then you can connect literally just the one cable to your laptop and you're good to go! Effectively your monitor becomes a docking station.

          I don't have a USB-C monitor, but it would be quite handy if you have a USB-C laptop for work, that you are often plugging and unplugging!

  • I reckon the Xiaomi/gigabyte are better buys, cheaper and 144hz

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      Condition:Seller refurbished

      • Oh didn’t notice lol

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Xiaomi-Mi-Curved-34-144Hz-WQHD-2...

    Mobilecity has Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD for 548 on sale.

    • It's for $598.98 not $548

      • I think i had a voucer on it
        I have bought one for 548.98 from mobile city.

  • +1

    I bought this monitor at the start of lockdown and love it.

    Work laptop connected via USB-C for monitor/charging/webcam via the USB ports in the back
    Second work laptop connected via HDMI as needed
    Desktop for gaming etc connected via DP.

    I have Edifier speakers connected to the screen that work for whichever computer is currently connected and you can do 2x 1720x1440 displays when you want it connected to 2 computers at once.

    The one knock I have on it is it's pretty hard to screenshare, sharing full screen makes everything small for everyone else and sharing a window means you need to get the sizing right for it to be readable by others. Although to be fair, it's everyone's else fault for having sub par technology.

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      Do you use Fancy Zones (part of Microsoft Power Toys) or other window management software (ie. DisplayFusion)?

      You can define a 16:9 area specifically for screen-sharing. Or you can break the screen up into lots of smaller zones, and select them together to make a roughly 16:9 area (I do this sometimes, if sharing off my ultrawide).

      Or, just use a secondary monitor for screen sharing! (That is what I do most of the time!) :)

      • Yeah I recently got a Dell S2721DGF which I'm using for screen sharing now, but a bit awkward because it's on the off angle for my webcam. I got a second screen and keep the laptop lid closed as despite the giant screen, I somehow spent a lot of time looking at the laptop screen itself.

        I use Power Toys but haven't really embedded it into my standard process at this stage.

        • Ah yep - it does depend on what you're sharing, and where you want to be looking!

          I have ultrawide as main, with laptop screen below, and 24" secondary to the side. Webcam is built into the laptop, so sits between the ultrawide and laptop screen - so I try to keep Teams/Zoom and whatever documents I am reading off / looking at on those screens (so I'm at least facing the right way).

          If I'm screen sharing a presentation, I will pop the presentation on my secondary monitor and have the "presenter view" in front of me on my main screen or laptop screen. If I'm screen sharing a live document (eg. excel spreadsheet or word doc), that's when I will define a 16:9ish area on my ultrawide and stick it there (I have my ultrawide split into vertical zones, and select the number of zones that is closest to 16:9).

          If I'm lazy, or just sharing something really quickly (like showing someone a meme!), I'll just use standard splitscreen, and share the 1720x1440. :)

  • VA panel, better value on the xiaomi

  • I also recently purchased one of these monitors primarily for Usb-c charging /hub over a single cable for the work laptop and gaming over dp. Only gripe is no support for NVIDIA gSync/ gSync compatible.
    The 2070 does play most things fine and anything over 50hz I don't notice.
    No usb-c on the xiaomi from memory which to me was important.

  • do you guys know if this or the xiaomi can be daisy chained?

  • Does anyone know if shopping express eBay store provide tax invoice?

  • I'm really torn on this. Is 60hz and VA actually an issue, if buying mostly for work use? Easy to tear it down if just taking those specs in isolation, but is it actually an issue in reality? For me, USB-C, ultra-wide, and curved are my main priorities.

    • +1

      It is definitely NOT an issue for productivity use (unless you are a high refresh rate snob).

      I have a 144hz monitor and a phone with a 120hz screen - BOTH are set to 60hz. I have survived. :)

      Is high refresh rate nicer? Sure. Do I care? No.

      • Bit the bullet and did it

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