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I don't want this to be a battle about AMD v Nvdia but isn't it better to get an RTX card just for DLSS?
30/11/2021 - 19:01
Terrible price for a 3070ti, not a deal.
30/11/2021 - 16:38
If I’m right, video editing requires better cpu rather than gpu.
29/11/2021 - 17:41
Looks exactly the same. For what's it worth, you pay for what you get but these are good enough for a bedroom setup.
25/11/2021 - 12:47
Sorry for your loss. Stay strong
24/11/2021 - 15:52
Well for starters, this is only WFHD. The resolution is not as good as the xiaomi 34inch.
22/11/2021 - 09:18
Other than aesthetics, is there another reason why you are going ITX? If you are editing 4K videos you would probably want an ATX build so...
18/11/2021 - 16:04
I bought the same one on release and had to send it back to pccasegear for warranty/replacement. It was at peak 3060ti no stock, so they...
16/11/2021 - 09:43
I don't see how this is a bargain when you can get it cheaper at other local vendors
15/11/2021 - 22:43
Id say if its pure gaming that you are doing, go for the cheapest one. If you wanted a bit more juice to do things like video editing etc...
07/11/2021 - 19:25
In the market for a dining table so this is good timing. Are you items assembled or need to assemble ourselves?
04/11/2021 - 10:15
I believe the i5 9600k can only use speeds up to 2666hz, no?
30/10/2021 - 00:53
any reason to your prediction? Genuinely interested in the reasons behind your predictions as I've been holding out since 3080's were...
29/10/2021 - 18:19
Just in case people haven't really read up about this game, it apparently won't be a full open world game like BOTW.
19/10/2021 - 18:07
Look up issues with scrolling for the G703. Had the scroll issue after 3 months of use. They may have since updated this model though
11/10/2021 - 22:46
Surely you can buy a replacement seal yourself and then diy?
09/10/2021 - 09:54
Has anyone bought from these people? Online reviews doesn't seem to suggest they are good.
23/09/2021 - 20:43
Well if we are sharing things about changes in Woolies. I used to get these tuna spreads from Woolies (only available there) suddenly I...
20/09/2021 - 17:58
Funny enough, I’ve sent friends an unexpected letters during the whole lockdowns both last year and this year. Whether it’s for banter...
07/09/2021 - 14:05
My experience with Carl Jr's is that it is absolutely crap. The one at Knox City gave us cold burgers, and the burgers weren't good at all....
06/09/2021 - 09:44
Cool, thanks for your reply. I was considering this GPU because it is smaller and will fit in my case perfectly.
05/09/2021 - 12:18
Is the gpu loud in your opinion?
05/09/2021 - 09:50
If I remember correctly though, the Iphone 12 models were about $100 cheaper than the previous model on release.
01/09/2021 - 08:42
what sort of usb charging is it using? micro-usb or usb-c?
25/08/2021 - 13:06
Of course, this is a good deal but keep in mind the next gen iphone should release in sept/oct.
24/08/2021 - 09:50
Do check your height requirements for a top mounted AIO. For my case, if I wanted to mount the AIO at the top, then I had to use LPX ram...
20/08/2021 - 14:51
That's the power of DLSS man. Had it on Ultra/high, RT on with DLSS on performance.
19/08/2021 - 08:48
Think I had an average 40+ FPS. The game was still enjoyable.
18/08/2021 - 13:53
In some circumstances, ray tracing does make things more beautiful to look at. From personal experience, I played Cyberpunk 2077 on 1440p...
18/08/2021 - 11:45