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[XB1] Halo 5: Guardians Digital Free @ Monster Rewards (VPN Required)


Hi all, VPN is required for this one as it appears to be geoblocked outside of the US. It's won't actually tell you that but you'll get constant errors for email already in use, only one account allowed etc etc. I used the free trial on NordVPN myself.

Create an account, confirm the email address and voila, your code will appear

I used a temp email address to register.

Redeem the code here:

Originally posted on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GreatXboxDeals/comments/jf3auq/halo...

Update: Looks like they're out of stock. I'm still able to create new accounts but the code has been replaced with "while stocks last". Sorry for those who missed out!

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    I used NordVPN, looks like you can use any of your Google Play payment methods - Telstra of you've for them for example.

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    Worked for me with Private Internet Access; Silicon Valley node.

    Thanks op!

  • Finally worked after my 5th try with Nordvpn on my phone

  • Tried 10 different nodes on Cyberghost to no avail

  • You absolute legend. Thank you!

  • Anyone have a spare code? Ive tried 4 times using PIA Silicon Valley and US West to no avail


      • That worked thanks

      • Oof too slow, thanks anyway bud

  • Awesome, thanks. hotmail didn't work, gmail account did PIA.

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    Tried half a dozen times with TunnelBear and NordVPN but no luck.

  • Worked with Android/Windscribe VPN - Seattle (Cornell)
    Didn't work on PC with the same method

  • Worked on PC with Chrome + Touch VPN extension after a second temp email address was created.

    Here's my code. Please reply if you take it (I already own Halo 5):

    • someone else must of taken it. i try twice or more

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    Confirmed working with this free VPN app on iOS (taken from reddit): https://apps.apple.com/in/app/vpn-master-proxy-unlimited/id1...
    Temp email generated from https://tempmailo.com/

    • Finally got it working with this method cheers

  • I got the "duplicate account" when in normal web mode. Once I was in "Private/Incognito" this worked.

  • Redeemed tanks..kinda weird tho even tho I have gamepass.

  • Hi tried using many different vpn, couldn't get it to work.
    Used a few of my emails and it still says account already exists and doesn't proceed forward.
    Could anyone be so kind and send me a generated code at [email protected]

  • Worked with Nord via Android :-) Cheers OP.

  • Worked for me using Win PC and UltraSurf Chrome extension. Thanks.

  • I made account using VyperVPN - Los Angeles and there's nothing to click on at bottom. Did they ran out of codes? https://puu.sh/GFrSY/b7310d589f.jpg

    • Same for me, no code

    • Looks like they might have run out of codes

  • Have tried Atlanta source too, no joy sadly. Any spare codes welcomed - Thanks in advance.

    • Yup, feels unobtainable.

    • +1

      Have tried all VPNs (over a dozen) including Opera Browser's. No Joy. I suspect they're overwhelmed and exhausted codes.

  • Where exactly does the code appear? After signing up I get a screen that doesn't appear to have any code.

    • It should appear where it says "while supplies last" - looks like they have now run out of codes

    • You'll get an email confirmation, click the link and you'll get the code.

  • Tried multiple free VPN trials on a couple devices and still can't get it to work :( if anyone has a spare code and wants to PM me that would be muchly appreciated, happy to send you some unidays discount codes in future too

  • nooooooooo

  • EDIT - Double post - Sorry!

  • Surfshark works. I was on the LA server. No issues whatsoever.

  • -1

    Could someone please PM me a code

  • Updated the post, looks like it's out of stock.

  • +3

    Well there's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back.

  • Could someone pm me spare code of available.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Spewin I missed this, if anyone has a code they can spare please PM :-)

  • Anyone got a spare code ?

  • Had no end of trouble trying to get my account made yesterday, spent over half an hr trying various things. Finally managed to make one today, can't seem to get the Halo 5 code though as Halo 5 has a lock on it. What did you redeem as your receipt code? Has anyone got a direct link to the Halo 5 redemption?

    • +1

      All gone mate, ran out around this time yesterday. Post has been marked expired.