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10% off + 7% Cashback on TCN Restaurant, Pub & Bar, Pamper and Cinema Gift Card @ ShopBack


It clearly says 10% off + upside 7% , so if my calculator is right, thats 16.3% discount all up (biggest discount on these cards ever?)
Edit: maybe not, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/542869

No maximum,

In store for physical cards and online for digital cards

Free shipping for physical cards

Cinema card would be pretty useless for Victorians :)

Terms and Conditions

The code SHOP10 is valid for a limited time only and applies a 10% discount on Restaurant, Pub & Bar, Pamper and Cinema gift cards from The Card Network. All other gift cards (including but not limited to Him, Her, Online, Active, Home, Teen, Kids & Baby) are excluded.
Maximum one redemption per user.
Standard cashback terms and conditions apply - see https://www.shopback.com.au/the-card-network for more information.

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    Restaurant, Pub & Bar, Pamper and Cinema

    I forgot what all of these are :(

  • I'm trying to find a list of places the pub and bar card is accepted, but the link on the website for where to use does nothing and whatever map is supposed to load doesn't.

  • Are the pub and bar pretty much the same venues? There's a place called Clancy's Fish Pub here in Perth but it's really a restaurant.

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    TCN hadn't launched this new gift card range back in that other deal you cited: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/542869

    So maybe this is the biggest discount/cashback yet on this new range of gift cards.

    That's if this is properly tracked. My Shopback tracking email came back saying $0 cashback. :/ Don't know why. Am following up with them.

  • I'd like to know where exactly I can use the resturant card?…or what method is deployed to stops these eftos cards being used anywhere at all, maybe it is the eftpos 'Acquirer Identification Number' which I believe is assigned to a termininal. Not much is explained on the site apart from 'can be used at restaurants and cafes that accept eftpos'..

  • Can confirm they are restricted by store type / group. So whilst they are eftpos cards, they do not work on random eftpos machines. They simply error if not considered to be on the list.

  • The 7% cash back is actually for all the cards now right? Like home, online, his, hers etc

  • Restaurants I visit don't like split bills… I wonder how to use these EFTPOS card effectively when you don't have enough balance on one, two many cards

    • Use it at cafes / takeaway shops, they are more understanding when you say you are trying to use up a gift card

  • Thanks OP. I got the Restaurant one earlier this week and it worked a treat. Now with 7% cash back on top!

  • Are these simply EFTPOS cards that can be used anywhere?

  • I tried to click on the active, him, her, kid, baby cards all link seem broken and they stop selling.

    • They keep changing. Sound like a fraudulent online company that is evading customers after they invalidate your purchases. Terms are not clearly stated

  • “ Maximum one redemption per user“.

    Does it mean can only get 7% cash back once? Or can only use Code SHOP10 to get 10% off from TCN once?

    • The promotion code box no longer appear for a second purchase so this bit is right "Maximum one redemption per user." for the 10% code. But I would also like to know if 7% cash back still applies.

      • I have seen people say to uninstall the app, then follow the 2nd card link to reinstall it and it worked!
        G' luck.

  • So I could buy the home gift cards and get 16.3% off at jb or tgg to get a tv. Sounds like good deal to me. Sorry just checked only on the food and cinema cards, thought it was too good to be true

    • 10% discount on Restaurant, Pub & Bar, Pamper and Cinema gift cards from The Card Network. All other gift cards (including but not limited to Him, Her, Online, Active, Home, Teen, Kids & Baby) are excluded.

  • Just to confirm it works at Starbucks & Coffee Club!

  • TCN put a maximum limit of AUD $250
    "Your gift card total cannot exceed AUD $250 (excludes any shipping fees)"

  • I purchased $200 of gift cards through ShopBack app but it didn’t track.

  • I have to chase TCN twice, once to find out why the e-gift card did not come after 4 days. They told me it was suspected/fraudulent and wanted me to email snap shots of both my credit card and driver licence. No way I am sending a government ID to a shopping web site. If someone hack their web site and got my credit card detail, I can claim the credit card company and cancel it, but with government ID, I can't just simply cancel my birth date, full names and address LOL. So I said no, just refund me. A couple of days later, I have to chase them up again to remind them to refund me, which they finally did a day later. Another purchase of a different gift card had the same problem, and I have to chase them up also twice, currently still waiting for the $ to come back to my credit card, might have to contact them again. What a waste of time.
    These are purchases directly on the TCN web site. Another TCN gift card purchase done inside the Shopback portal was ok however (received both gift card and tracking).