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10% off Gift Cards + 10% Cashback @ The Card Network via ShopBack


Close to 20% off after Cashback for popular stores like Adidas, Footlocker, Nike, etc.

Standard cashback terms and conditions apply, found at https://app.shopback.com/the-card-network-au

The Card Network's standard terms and conditions apply, found at https://thecardnetwork.com.au/pages/terms-conditions

The 10% off code SHOPBACK10 is available while redemptions lastGift cards are valid to exchange for use at their respective participating retailer of choiceEach participating retailer may accept your gift card only online, while others only in-store, and others both.

Refer to The Card Network's Participating Retailers list to see eligibility.

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  • The kids card showing xbox logo. Anyone has experience how it works on xbox?

    • Simply swap your gift card for either a 3 or 6 month Xbox Live Gold Membership – only available in $30 or $50 denominations or an Xbox Gift Card – only available in $50 denominations. Fill out your details on the next page and allow up to 24 business hours for your gift card number to arrive. Once the swap has been completed the swap amount will be removed from your gift card.

      • It looks like cards have a larger range of places they can redeem from which don't necessarily show in the logos. If you go to the "How to Use" section, you can see that "The Him Card" can get you the same stuff, just in higher denominations. e.g. 6 month Xbox Live Gold Membership and $50 and $100 gift cards

  • NOTE: some retailers are online purchases only, instore purchases only, or accept both. Best to check first on the TCN website.

    • Was going to get the active card and use it when there's an extra sale but the in-store use limits this…

  • Wow! Does anyone have any experience with these guys? How quickly do you receive your card? Also, assuming it's an egift card, and not a physical?

  • Just a heads up in the T&Cs:

    • … The card cannot be used after expiry. At expiry, the remaining available balance will be forfeited. We will not give you any notice before this happens.
    • At any time we may add or remove participating retailers and/or where the Card may be redeemed and/or add or remove goods or services which may be purchased with the Card.
    • We do not charge any fees for using the Card. However, some merchants may charge you for using the Card and such fees may be deducted from the balance of your Card at the time of the transaction.
  • Do Adidas outlets stores accept this card?

  • Last month I purchased the Baby gift card via the Qantas store. The next day I got an email from the Card Network to choose either the physical or digital gift card. I chose the digital gift card and received a link to activate the card. I was able to add the gift card to my Apple wallet and paid via PayPass at Baby bunting.

    • The catch is remaining balance. Either people forget about it or store cashiers wont budge on split payments (also impossible for split payments online).

  • A few reviews here if anyone is interested.

    I've taken the plunge and bought a $100 Active card and now to figure out what to buy 🤭

  • Why is H&M listed under HER card but not HIM card?

  • Wow sounds pretty good.

    I really want to buy some home appliances (kettle, toaster). Any way to use this deal to buy them?

  • Guys I didn't see any e-gift card?

    Did you find any e-gift card? I will be happy if let me know.

    Thanks 😊

  • Ugh.. The selection of stores = pretty useless unless you want fashion

    Needs a proper games or music retailer in there!

  • Thanks OP! Took the plunge for 2 kids cards. From what I can see I only want to use them for ASOS and H&M and they both take either physical or egift card.

  • Does it work with JB Hifi instore purchase?
    Update: just reg for shopback and it’s not :)
    And thx for the neg whoever that was :)

  • Anybody bought a digital card from them recently for instant delivery? How long it takes until you receive the card? Thank you.

  • its a shame i dont shop at any of those stores listed. has anyone tried using a psychical card as an efptos card at a store not listed and did it work>?

  • TCN is horrible. I bought a card, wouldn't activate and took me 4 months to get a refund. PayPal helped me.

  • Some shill is downvoting any critical comments, but here we go:

    The store selection IS pretty lame, most of the retailers listed don't have decent prices or sales.
    You can't use it online for the majority of stores I've seen.
    You can't do split payments, so if you want to buy something over $100 with only giftcards you're fresh out of luck.
    There is an expiry date on the cards but it's not listed anywhere on the website that I can find.

    I wouldn't buy one of these cards unless I already had something picked out that I needed to purchase that meets all the conditions.

    • For split payments, it's probably dependant on store - I bought a great car seat on sale at Baby Bunting (Britax Millenia+). They had no issues using the multiple gift cards I purchased on this deal to pay for it. Ended up paying $404 (after discount and cashback) for it, which I was really happy with.

      • Yeah I may be wrong about that, saw it posted somewhere else.
        This is a good deal if you're ready to purchase something at one of the listed stores anyway.

        • Yep, I definitely took a risk. But I figured there was plenty of baby stuff I could buy over 3 years if they didn't let me use all of them at once :)

      • Was planning to do exactly the same. Did you purchase physical, or digital giftcards? A little paranoid buying $500.

        • Digital, they all activated successfully, and then added them to Samsung Pay. They're basically a restricted MasterCard it seems. The Baby Bunting staff member we were served by was more than happy to split the purchase into $100 amounts.

  • Just bought a digital card, followed the instruction on using the digital card with their app, never received the verification code, anyone has the same problem?

  • Hi can someone please advise expiry dates of these cards? cheers

    • 36 months

      "Gift cards have a 36 month expiry, which can be calculated 36 months from the date of issue, or you can see the expiry within the Check Balance section of our site."

  • I'm curious about h&m too, it's not listed under him?

    Would diesel work with a sale item? So it's 10% discount gift plus 10% cashback? I wouldn't mind a hoody from Diesel


  • Just got a For Him digital card. As per instruction on in store use, downloaded the TCN app to use in store. The app is meant to request a verification code by SMS. Have not received anything for a good hour now. Support team only open M-F.

    Not looking good so far.

    • I got a for her gift card - to be used online. Activated it, swapped it over for adore beauty. Tested it and it works. Haven't redeemed it though. I think it should be ok.

  • You can't pay for one item with multiple gift cards??

  • How long does it take to receive the eGift cards? I bought some in midday and have received no email at all - not even an order confirmation.

  • Ive been waiting three hours for my digital cards to come through and that's after dealing with an anti-fraud email about 20 minutes after the transaction.

    Not a great first impression.

  • Is there a limit on the amount on gift card you can buy? Or a limit on the shopback offer?

  • ASOS has 20% off sale when using App with code: ASOSSALEAPPPLZ (Ends Monday 4pm AEST). Not much I am intersted in there but I still gave this gift card thing a go.

    Purchased $100 gift card that can be swapped to ASOS voucher. Came through within 5 minutes and then selected $100 ASOS, which again came through in 5 mins. There was a link to PDF which has the ASOS voucher (had to view email in browser). Purchased $125ish items applied coupon code, applied voucher code (note, there is a tab for the coupon and another tab for the voucher). I only purchased items I do not plan on returning, as don't want to deal with partial voucher/credit.

    Note, as per some comments above there is risk you may run into a problem/delay (although I was okay). Tracking of the 10% from shopback not yet come through (but will give it some time).

  • I placed an order yesterday, but still not get any tracking from shopback.
    today, I placed another order, get a tracking from shopback in 3 hours.

  • Placed an order Saturday afternoon for 5 x $100 baby cards and still waiting for them to come through. I did receive an email with An order number at least. Anyone else still waiting.

  • Bought a card yesterday I haven't received a confirmation email… hope is not a scam

  • You should follow it up, delivery should be instant

  • Hi, I bought 4 cards via shopback two days ago, I received sms from tcn to confirm my orders instantly. Shopback also track my cashback fairly quick. But I did not receive my digital cards so far. I send a email to TCN support team and got a reply back hours ago, it stated they need a copy of my driver licence or passport and my credit card copy to prove its not fraud before they can issue me the cards. It's unbelievable.. It's a really dodgy.. Has anyone encounter this? Will call my credit card company now..

    • I didn’t see anywhere in the terms and conditions about providing ID for high value purchases. If correct I won’t be sending that through. Hopefully they come through today if not I’ll contact bank to cancel transaction.

    • They just told me the same thing. Will see how it plays out.

  • I haven't received anything yet since ordered 2 days ago.

  • Im glad I dodged this one.

  • Purchased $500 yesterday but nothing came through. No receipt or emails, other than 1 sms stating the order is being processed. 2 phone calls later, I was assured it was getting looked into by 'the admin team'. Starting to think this wasn't worth the effort.

    • I still have not recevied any call from them yet.
      I'm just wondering if we can request to cancel the order.
      I missed the deal because of the delay.

    • I just emailed them and got my gc. Be aware, even though you purchased $100, you will get 2x $50 instead

  • 7% shopback now. Not 10% anymore.

  • edit: actually gift card is for physical nike store only so I would not be able to stack with my coupon for the online store :(

  • order physical cards - order confirmation came through saying sent via express post

    10 days later nothing ….

    • Have they sent an email stating it has been sent?

      I purchased mine a week ago and my order is still sitting as "confirmed". I was hoping to use the cards during the current sales but that might not happen any more.

  • Called them up today, and they said it should only be 3-5 days from purchase and were surprised it had been over a week and still not shipped.

    They didn't give any new ETA though, just said to call back in a few more days if the status hasn't changed…

  • Just used my two $50 kids gift cards at H & M without issues.

    Pretty happy saved $19 plus store discounts.

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